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10 Fastest Growing Pharma Companies 2016

Values Driven by Fundamentals of Quality and Innovation: MOREPEN Laboratories


"Water, air and cleanness are the chief articles in my pharmacy”. – Napoleon Bonaparte

Some things will always remain unfettered. Like sunshine and air, like suffering and joy, like sharing and caring. Some things will never recognize the confines of space and time. Like human endeavour and enterprise, like the desire to touch life. At Morepen, they are taking the expertise and experience in Wellness to new countries and new people with an increasing focus on global exports. And in doing so, their spirit of caring is crossing boundaries.

Morepen’s state-of-art manufacturing facility in the picturesque environs of Baddi comprises a scientifically integrated complex of 10 plants, each with a specific product profile. The company’s extensive R&D facilities and factories are manned by a dedicated team of professionals who ensure stringent quality standards. Today Morepen is exporting products to several countries round the global.

The first Morepen manufacturing plant was set up on the foothills of the Himalayas in the idyllic surroundings of Parwanoo. The large and spread out facility is USFDA approved for manufacture of Loratadine, an anti-allergy drug – internationally known as Claritin. Today, its benchmark standards make it the perfect setting for producing advances molecules.

Busy lifestyles and increasing work pressures in everyday urban life have made it imperative to make self-monitoring diagnostic equipment a part of every household. Morepen has tied up with international majors in this category and has brought to India a range of products that help people monitor their health on a day-today basis and thereby seek remedies well in time.

The brand name of Dr. Morepen has a front-ranking presence in the Wellness category. Its spectrum of popular OTC products, amongst which Burnol, Lemolate, Sat Isabgol and many more are undisputably household names, have spread relief and cheer in many homes and lives. Morepen Laboratories Ltd. is 31 years old company, it went public in 1993.

Working on its motto “Help, Healing, Happiness”
Morepen is a well-known pharma company having well equipped Research & Development Centre and is all set to seize the Generic revolution in pharma industry, by filing multiple DMFs and COS for new APIs. This is a highly focused and dynamic business model that allows Morepen to optimize its core competencies and also allows focus on products that have synergies with respect to the Company’s current chemistry skills. The R&D center at Masulkhana, Parwanoo and Baddi is well equipped and hi-technology based with over 20 scientists working on various projects primarily for new innovative non-infringing processes and development of cost effective proprietary technologies. The company has filed 72 patents/patents Applications and more than 23 DMFs/ COS. Morepen has been granted an international patent on process for amorphous form of the cholesterol-reducing world’s largest selling drug Lipitor (Atorvastatin Calcium) in US & Canada. Morepen has USDMF, COS & TDMF for Atorvastatin Calcium Crystalline Trihydrate.

The year 1995 saw the establishment of the Medicus (Latin for doctor or physician) division. The dynamic and the rapidly growing pharmaceutical company Morepen Laboratories Limited has been marching ahead with the constant endeavor to provide a better quality of life and thus a better and healthier world. Medicus has always strived to provide highest quality products at an affordable price to the common man. The energetic, professionally qualified field force, with its diligent working has established Morepen in the hearts of the doctors, retailers and stockiest.

Morepen has the resources of international standards USFDA approval manufacturing facilities adhering to the most stringent standards of quality excellence. USFDA approval facilities and low cost manufacturing base gives Morepen a strong standing worldwide. Using the highest quality of raw material viz dedicated working of Morepenians, they are committed to develop new and effective health care soltions state of art manufacturing facilities mixing it well with the years of experience and encapsulating it in the form of a capsule of a True Morepenians.

Keeping pace with bigger dreams!
Dr. Morepen is a Forward Looking, Futuristic, lifestyle driven brand that empowers the modern customers to be in charge of their own health and live life without any stops. The brand is positioned on a simple philosophy of “health in your hands” – a mantra for contemporary life, full of hectic schedules, impending deadlines and tough competition. In line with Morepen’s commitment to a healthier future, Dr. Morepen provides everyday solutions for health ailments affecting the consumer’s lifestyle.

The growing list of Dr. Morepen self health FMHG products includes Burnol (for burns and cuts), Lemolate Gold (for Cold Relief), Fibre-X Sat-Isabgol (Natural Laxative), Fever-X (Fever Reducer), Option72 (Emergency contraceptive), Dabgel (Antacid), MoreVital+ (Dietary Supplement), Exygra (Sildenafil Citrate), QuickChek (Pregnancy Card) and many more. They serve as everyday health solutions and are marketed through a vast sales & marketing network to over 2 lakh retail outlets.

Meet the Morepen Man

Sushil Suri, Chairman and MD: Sushil is a science graduate and qualified Chartered Accountant joined Morepen’s Board of Directors around ten years ago. Sushil Suri has been the cornerstone in the success story of the Morepen Laboratories. At Morepen he is also involved in the day-to-day activities of production, product planning and operations etc. At 36, Suri has now taken over as CMD of Morepen after the demise of his brother K.B. Suri.

“To provide High Quality pharmaceutical products of International Standards to generic markets and to promote Innovative health products in India for consumers at large with commitment to quality and service”