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Walking Tree: A Specialist in Delivering World-Class Technology Solutions

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Albert Einstein

Founded in 2008, Walking Tree is an IT software and service provider recognized for its passion for technology. The company work closely with technology innovators and ensure that the team creates “Effective Software” based on thorough understanding of underlying technologies. They act as a product development team or backend engineering team for the customers across the globe and deliver end-to-end products and solutions to ensure “Great Experience”.

Walking Trees specialize in technology solutions from designing, development, quality assurance, maintenance and support, consulting, training and skill augmentation services around ExtJS, Sencha Touch, AngularJS, Xamarin, Native Android, Native iOS, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop, Pentaho etc. The company owns an excellent developers’ team, working on diversified technologies and they are specially trained with latest coding trends to make sure all implementations meet designs criteria and high usability standards. Walking Trees’s excellent processes and technical resources can help you to realize on-time delivery and quality deliverables with a saving significant total cost of ownership.

People at Walking Tree are constantly developing new technology products, services and solutions to help their clients:

  • Create habit forming products.
  • Use leading HTML5 framework capabilities to create hybrid, intuitive and responsive Mobile / Web Applications.
  • Analyze, Curate, Capture, Search, Share, Store, Transfer and Visualize their data to derive actionable insights.
  • Connect with the new generation of Internet-enabled devices in the cloud to transform their existing business processes and customer experience.

Headquartered at Hyderabad, Walking Tree work with customers’ spread across US/UK/South Africa /Australia and India on an onsite/offshore model.

Unique Product Portfolio
EagleVMS – Voucher Management System (VMS) is the heart of payment system especially, in telecom and retail industry. Operators have the compelling need to provide stable and reliable service to enhance customer satisfaction as well as enterprise competitive abilities. The EagleVMS allows you to meet all your voucher needs. It allows you setting up of any number of voucher types (top-up, recharge, re-redeemable) and their corresponding transition (life-cycle) rule. In addition to be a substitute of payments, it allows operators to provide various types of promotions for different type of services to their end customers. Also, it offers many convenient recharge methods to customers. The system provides a flexible fraud management and audit mechanism to minimize revenue leakage and optimise operational efficiency.

Ezfy– helps you to collaborate with friends and families by creating and sharing lists to get things done. Creating lists with Ezfy has become super easy! You can create a list and add/ remove your required item from the lists. Ezfy provides the simplest solution for keeping track of your list. The list can be anything, a checklists or to-do-list. It works extremely smooth and offers a simplistic interface and robust features. This application allows sharing your lists with any users registered with Ezfy.

Key Benefits

  • Stay organized on your next Shopping run
  • Real time lists sharing with anyone
  • Create different checklists and to do list
  • Flexible and customizable app
  • Simple and Robust Features

Sencha Tutorials– Walking Tree has been associated with Sencha as its official partner in India and APAC region, providing consulting and support services to Sencha practitioners and adopters. To strengthen the relationship, Walking Tree has taken a step ahead by introducing SenchaTutorials – Your one stop shop for all that you want to know and learn on Sencha Ext JS/Touch. Moving from Web 1.0 to 2.0 or from desktop to the browser had got everyone excited and Sencha ExtJS being the forerunner framework with well-defined APIs, nicely crafted features and made for building rich application, it was obvious for developers across the world to get excited about it, try to explore its realms and get a better understanding of the same. SenchaTutorials enables you to do it all.

SenchaTutorials provide you with the best tutorial guides with easy to learn examples which make the entire learning experience an enlightening one. The topics are listed in the order that they introduce the fundamentals first and build on the previous tutorials to ensure that you can follow them sequentially without worrying about the order and their dependencies. You don’t have to figure out the starting point. In case you want to start from middle, we have indicated the dependent tutorials or the prerequisites. A simplified tutorial interface makes sure that you can jump to and fro from one step to another without a hitch which helps you to study even the most complex applications with ease.

The step wise tutorials pattern helps to guide you through the different features where it starts with a small code and builds on top of it. The tutorials demonstrate of the processes with the help of examples to exhibit how the workflow is achieved. It enables to bridge the gap in between the theory and its practical application.

Meet the Key Leaders

Alok Ranjan, COO, Co-Founder & MD– A dreamer, Alok is a great listener and an action oriented person. Led by the belief that “a winning customer helps you win as well”, he has been involved in defining and shaping technology products which have had a meaningful and measurable impact. Before Co-founding Walking Tree, he worked with NewGen, Virtusa, Convergys and Enterprise Glue. He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT, Delhi.

Ajit Kumar, CTO, Co-Founder– Ajit Kumar has over 16 years of experience in technology areas ranging from embedded systems to large enterprise applications. He worked with various multinational corporations such as Honeywell, Hughes, Virtusa, and Convergys, before starting his own company — Walking Tree — which helps its customers build habit-forming product.Ajit has authored books on open source frameworks, including Sencha and ADempiere, which he considers his way of thanking the awesome open source community! If he is not coding, training, mentoring, and writing, he invests his time into traveling and observational learning.

Pradeep Lavania, CFO, Co-Founder– Pradeep Lavania is a master of all business venture life cycle, including conceptualization, design, development, leadership, resource management, milestones, business development, market penetration and expansion. Core strategist to the heart and has attained great capabilities to think out of box.

“We work closely with technology innovators and ensure that the team creates “Effective Software””