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Want to Make a Difference With Your Fiber Optics Network? Come to Integra Optics, the Smartest and Fastest Solution Providers

Fiber Optics are leading the way in the world’s ever-increasing demand for high-speed communication. Why you ask? Fiber Optics are hair-like strands of pure glass that can carry a vast amount of information from one location to another at the speed of light. Fiber optic strands are not affected by the many disturbances that can afflict electrical wires, and they are also known to be more cost effective. All of these factors enable fiber optics to play a key role in the era of world-wide telecommunication growth.

As the demand for fiber optics technology steadily increases, the industry continues to become more competitive amongst fiber optic distributors. But Integra Optics distinguishes itself in the market by focusing on the continuous development of its solutions, and by ensuring that customers are their number one priority.

Founded by cable and telecom veteran David Prescott in 2007, Integra Optics started its journey with a mission of providing highly cost-effective network solutions with an unsurpassed level of quality, reliability, and responsiveness.

Since then, Integra Optics has proven their commitment to their mission by achieving tremendous success, and is now the nation’s fastest-growing fiber optics networking components provider. Not only that, the company has also experienced a 30% sales growth every year to date. By focusing on providing high-quality fiber optic solutions and outstanding customer service, Integra Optics is making their way to the top of the industry.

Knowing the products and the services they are providing
Integra Optics is a global provider of carrier-grade fiber-optic components and custom-engineered networking solutions including: optical transceivers, passive optical components, fiber jumpers, and fiber optic network tools and accessories. The company domestically stocks one of the industry’s largest inventories of 100% OEM compatible components.

In addition, Integra Optics offers real-time delivery with same-day shipping to domestic and international customers.

The company not only offers solutions for the telecommunication industry, but also for other industries like Healthcare, Education, Carrier Backhaul, Service Providers, and the government.

“Our quality, rapid delivery, and unrivaled support have made us one of the fastest growing fiber optics providers in the U.S. according to INC 5000 list”.

Integra Optics prides itself on their customer intimacy model, and has achieved a solid reputation for ease of doing business while providing world-class customer service and support.

“Our customers love working with us. Since our focus is on the customer experience, everything we do is a filter to make the customer experience more enjoyable”.

Today, Integra Optics is focused on growing within their core market space as well as expanding into the Enterprise and International markets.

Giving Back
Integra Optics is deeply committed to giving back to the community. They provide sponsorship and support to both local and national not-for-profit organizations. They also encourage their employees to volunteer time to important causes, and they frequently participate in events that benefit organizations they support, such as Toys For Tots and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Northeastern New York.

Why Integra Optics
Though there are many competitors in the market providing similar services, Integra Optics stands apart through their unique emphasis on:

  • Same-day Shipping:
    Integra Optics stocks their inventory at the company’s headquarters in the U.S., enabling them to deliver the product on the same day it’s ordered. While other providers often take weeks to deliver.
  • Quality and Reliability:
    Integra Optics’in-house engineering team can customize the optics to almost any network platform and will test each optic to ensure the highest quality and reliability.
  • Customer intimacy model:
    Integra Optics’ has built a reputation in the industry for providing outstanding customer service. The company is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and has earned the trust and loyalty of their clients.

Integra Optics’ main priority is to keep their customers satisfied by providing solutions that fit their specific needs, and by giving them the customer service experience which they cannot get anywhere else.

There is no doubt that Integra Optics is an emerging power in the growing fiber optics market.

With a focus on expanding into new markets and new countries, as well as enlarging their product line, Integra Optics is positioned for double-digit growth this year and into the foreseeable future. The company strives to continuously build its product offerings based on customer feedback and customer needs