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50 Fastest Growing Companies of The Year 2017

“We are a leading cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology company with an open platform that combines powerful applications with orchestrated cognitive computing”: Veritone, Inc.

thesiliconreview-chad-steelberg-ceo-veritone-inc-17Artificial intelligence (AI) is the type of technology with the potential to not only improve the existing cloud platform incumbents but also power a new generation of cloud computing technologies. Cloud computing has already permeated every facet of online activity. However, recent developments in AI and the increasing sophistication of programmers, presages a new age of cloud computing. One such epitome is Veritone, which leads innovation in artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

The Veritone platform’s proprietary platform, Conductor, unlocks the power of AI-based cognitive computing so that unstructured audio and video data can be processed, transformed, correlated and analyzed in a seamless, automated manner to generate actionable intelligence.

Founded in 2014, Veritone has been recognized by some of the industry’s most prestigious forums, including the Red Herring Top 100 Award, the Edison Awards, and the SIIA Business Technology CODiE Award for Best Native Advertising Platform or Service.

CEO’s words on company

“Veritone believes that for AI to reach its full potential, cognitive computing technology must be open to all businesses,institutions, and individuals. Our company growth depends on open-source innovation, but more importantly, the growth of the industry depends on it.”

Why choose Veritone?

This platform solves critical and systematic issues which affect those industries, institutions and individuals by leveraging best-in-breed cognitive engines, powerful applications, large hyper-scale databases, and proprietary data feeds. Veritone has introduced an ecosystem which crosses more than 60 cognitive engines in lieu of building just one cognitive engine. The Veritone Platform uses Conductor, its proprietary technology, to orchestrate the best cognitive engines available, empowering industries like legal, law enforcement, and broadcast media to understand and analyze critical business insights from audio, video and text files.

CEO’s statement on “The Veritone Platform”

“The Veritone Platform is our flagship offering and first iteration of the platform using a wealth of AI cognitive engines. The goal is to create an easy, intuitive way to manage content and data in a searchable way to provide media, legal, public safety and compliance verticals insights that enable them to do their jobs faster and more efficiently,” says Chad Steelberg, CEO.

Organization strength

  1. An ever-growing wealth of data, The need for AI solutions like

 A.Veritone’s can partially be attributed to the constantly growing mass of structured and unstructured data being created every day. Veritone believes that the extraction of insights from both private and public data is required for enhanced business decision making. 

  1. An extensible platform with an exclusive developer platform

 A.Veritone offers a robust suite of tools and resources that ensure they’re meeting the needs of its customers. The Veritone Platform includes powerful native applications, and is deploying tool sets to give customers and third-party providers the ability to develop market-specific AI applications and cognitive engines for use in the platform.

  1. Artificial intelligence is making headlines but is rife with incomplete and single-point offerings.

A.There is a swell of information and interest surrounding AI and what it means for the future. However, the AI market today is a ball of confusion, populated by a multiplying horde of algorithms, each with a different purpose, capability and specialty. Veritone makes sense of all the best in available technology, harnessing cognitive engines to work together and solve complex business problems.


“We’re looking forward to the future of AI, but continually educating the public about its benefits is important to our success. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the field, but we want to promote that AI will be creating an opportunity for employees to focus on critical projects,” says Chad Steelberg, CEO.

Veritone’s unique offering

While other industry leading AI companies offer single-point solutions that perform one need well, such as transcription or natural language processing, Veritone users can access the best in AI cognitive engines available, running multiple engines on a single piece of content.

For example, if a police department purchased a single-point solution to apply to its body and dash cam footage, that engine would be able to transcribe the audio into text. With Veritone, police departments can transcribe, recognize voices, faces and objects, as well as identify spikes in emotional language using NLP.

Product vignette

Safariland/VIEVU joined with Veritone so that VIEVU’s customers can upload mass amounts of video and audio recordings into the Veritone Platform. This permits law enforcement personnel to rapidly extract information to use in monitoring and training, investigations and respond swiftly to public record requests.

Veritone has collaborated with Quantum to launch aiWARE, an AI platform that enables corporations, government agencies, and other large institutions to deploy cognitive AI services and applications in a hybrid cloud / on-premise deployment model that brings the power of AI processing from the cloud to customer data behind the corporate firewall for extraction of actionable intelligence hidden within enterprise data stores.

 Veritone has announced the integration of the Veritone Platform with Relativity, kCura’s e-discovery software. The Relativity Ecosystem includes integrations and highly customized products that were built by Relativity developer partners and the kCura team. This suite enables users to select the solutions that best accommodate their specialized workflows, ensuring easy and efficient transfer of data between software packages that serve different stages of the eDiscovery process.

Embrace the ace: Chad Steelberg, Chairman and CEO

A visionary serial entrepreneur who has co-founded several highly successful internet software companies, Chad serves as the Chairman and CEO of Veritone. Chad has brought innovation and thought leadership to Artificial Intelligence, transforming businesses worldwide and solving human problems on a vast scale. With his brother, Ryan Steelberg, he has created tremendous shareholder and industry value by establishing AdForce, the world’s largest publicly traded, centralized, independent ad-serving solution, which received the Smithsonian Award for the Best Technology in 2000 before being sold to CMGI; 2CAN Media, the third-largest internet advertising sales organization, also sold to CMGI; and dMarc Broadcasting, the largest centralized radio advertising network company, sold to Google in 2006.

“We allow you to efficiently and cost-effectively search, organize, correlate, share, and extend your media.”