50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2017

We are for a world with more experts: Experticity

“An expert’s mission is to fuel knowledge, passion and experience — the very characteristics that make them such trusted sources of advice and inspiration to everyone around them” 

Experience is the most valuable thing that you can offer. In this digital era where marketing across social media is continuing to gain more attention, experience and influence are the two factors that can be interlinked to gain an ultimate success. The customers don’t always trust brands, despite all the work you do to make your brand authentic. To the customer, your company is just another business trying to sell them something. One of the most effective ways to build trust and drive new business is to implement a brand advocacy program. Advocates are those individuals who are satisfied customers and who promote a product with a core reason of wanting to help others. Experticity is a group of passionate experts whose mission is fueling knowledge and passion into others with the same mindset. 

Experience the expertise

“I like being part of Experticity because you can tap into a network of folks who are as obsessed with products as you are.” The above word from someone who has experienced the expertise of Experticity is just an example how important the world of influence marketing is. Founded in 2004, Experticity plays a leading role in marketing and advertising to helps brands and retailers influence the conversations that help people decide what people buy — leading to increased sales and happier, more loyal customers. It is a community of experienced influencers who want to create a new buying experience that can improve the customer satisfaction. A group comprising of industry professionals, category opinion leaders and influential retail sales associates, Experticity can be the best platform to seek advice on the purchase of products. With a mission to recognize, empower and reward all the people who are trusted for advice and inspiration, they educate and provide access to products for first-hand experience that leads to advocacy and provide valuable insights to brands. 

Transforming the buying experience

Experticity started as a retail training platform to enhance the conversations retail sales associates were having regarding product from its brand clients. Over the past several years they’ve evolved and transformed the marketing and advertising industry with zeal to impart passion and knowledge. The company has a diverse human resource of more than 1 million experts ranging from mountain bikers, pet whisperers, makeup artists, runners and musicians. Together these experts provide important category and product insights for brands. The authentic information and inspiring content they provide are important pieces the brands use to engage with their audience. The solutions they provide are helping to transform the consumer’s buying experience. 

If you are a self-starter, Experticity is all yours

The company has an open door atmosphere that supports an autonomous culture. Two way communication is a must-have attribute for any organization that hopes to grow. Experticity offers a platform where the employees have a voice and are expected to add to the larger conversations being had at the company. If you’re a self-starter, it can offer the best environment for taking initiatives, working independently and finding problems and solutions. The continuous updates on projects help the employees track the progress of the work and recognizes the initiatives taken by any of its members. The company gives opportunities for its employees to shift positions, even to other departments if they’re appropriate for the job. With hard work, big goals, open communication, great culture and inventive solutions Experticity is building a workplace people are clamoring to be a part of. And with offices in Salt Lake City, Oakland and Seattle, they provide plenty of opportunities for employees to take part in their own passions.

Experience matters

“We’ve seen and learned about the impact of influencer marketing and realize that Experticity has been an untapped resource for us.”- Annette Garaghty, Wüsthof, VP Sales & Marketing 

Wüsthof, a 200-year-old knife brand, wanted to share its story and product information with the influential people who impact buying conversations on the retail floor, closest to the point-of-sale. The company wanted industry professionals to engage the audience so that the marketing of the product can be improved. In order to do this, influencers spent an average of 34 minutes engaging with Wüsthof content on Experticity, learning about what the brand has to offer. It has resulted in 5,510 product conversations from just 145 experts, engaging with the Wüsthof campaign on Experticity.

In store where retail associates engaged with Wüsthof content on Experticity sales were 3.5x higher than in store without Experticity engagement. 

The customer’s point of view

“As a marketer, I personally place a high value on the ability to offer our consumers useful information on the benefits of our products from a trusted source.”- Derek Steiner, Skullcandy, Digital Marketing eCom Specialist 

“Experticity has been huge for my team. I get a knowledgeable staff and they get an incentive… Please keep this coming.”

- Jordan Frost, PetSmart, Manager 

Greetings to the cynosure 

Tom Stockham, CEO: Over his 25 years as a technology entrepreneur, Tom has built and led several highly profitable, industry-defining companies. Always a passionate champion of disruptive technologies, Tom began his career as an associate at BCG, where he was immersed in the shift to “big box” retail. He later served as president of (LYV), where he helped lead the transition to online ticketing. Then, as CEO of, he built one of the Internet’s first and largest online content subscription businesses. Today, as CEO of Experticity, Tom leads in pioneering a new influencer-marketing category that’s transforming retail commerce. He’s devoted to the mission of creating a better buying experience for brands, retailers and consumers through a large network of authentic influential experts who make trusted recommendations.

"Our mission is to recognize, empower and reward the people trusted for their advice and inspiration"