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We are Outcome Selling Oriented: SalesChoice

“SalesChoice helps clients See More to Win More making the World of Sales Smarter! ”

The explosion of Big Data globally has given rise to The Age of Distraction for Sales professionals. With information overload, 51% of Sales Leaders do not proactively identify sales reps’ coaching needs, 57% of companies need improvement in consistently hiring sales reps who succeed. The Sales Rep Turnover in the High Tech Industry has increased by over 20% (Accenture, 2016). The confidence of Chief Revenue Officers in achieving their sales quotas or giving accurate sales forecasts has also been rapidly declining. In addition, sales professionals take over 6 months to onboard and take over 9 months to reach proficiency levels. There is a better way to run sales and be able to See More to Win More in the Age of Distraction.

It is time to pivot from Productivity Action Selling to Outcome Insight Selling. The new way of selling will be driven by Predictive Analytics to connect customer insights, seller insights, and recommendation insights to achieve desired outcomes. SalesChoice is the New Friendly Sales GPS, like a 24×7 coach – advising you if you are on ramp or off ramp on your sales KPIs, Recommending to you what’s blooming or on the edge, and they even tell you the communication patterns to optimize your win rates. Connecting the data gems guiding in real-time is where this company shines.

SalesChoice Inc. has developed unique IP that is uncannily smart, hitting prediction accuracy rates over 90% on future sales outcomes. Today, CRMs use static sales gates that are mathematically flawed; hence sales leaders current forecasting or sales opportunity prioritization methods are most reliant on human intuition or experience versus advanced data science methods. The reality is the world is moving too fast, for humans to operate efficiently without guided machine learning approaches.

SalesChoice uses the most advanced methods in: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Bayesian Statistics, and Sentiment Analytics to mine the hidden gems in a company’s data, creating unique predictive models for each client. What used to take many months to engineer is automatically generated in days.

The company specializes in Predictive and Prescriptive Sales Outcome Analytics. SalesChoice’s Insight Engine™ analyzes mid to large enterprise data sets in SalesForce’s B2B accounts to predict future outcomes. The company’s goals are to help customers increase their profitability through greater visibility, and increase the yield efficiencies of revenue attainment by focusing on the best opportunities to increase conversion rates. This focus drives top line revenue growth by over 5-10X. As 30-60% of the middle tier sales professionals often do not make their sales plans, SalesChoice changes this rapidly, with proven ROI client testimonials ranging from 250% to over 1000%.

The company is a certified ISV Partner of SalesForce, and its solution is profiled on their App Exchange. SalesChoice brings smarter, simpler, and more secure solutions to the B2B market solving real pain points: increasing revenue and win rates and predicting forecasts accurately to manage risk.

SalesChoice’s Analytic Insight Services

Predictive Analytics: A unique Predictive Analytics Platform – SalesChoice’s Insight Engine™ integrates with SalesForce Sales Cloud to prioritize sales pipelines, predict sales forecasts to increase win rates, and hence, increase top line revenue growth. This product is also integrated with SalesForce Wave Analytics to enable increased security and collaboration, and supports richer visualizations to create high impact dashboards. The company also has an Open API for agile data connectivity.

Prescriptive Analytics: An overlay SaaS product on the base Predictive Platform: Insight Engine™ that provides deeper insights on the reasons for wins and losses, and statistical indicators to alter future outcomes (ie: Predictive Pricing, Predictive Discounting, etc). Propensity to Purchase: An overlay SaaS product on the base Predictive Platform Insight Engine that analyzes over 11,000 external B2B databases to provide insights on patterns on the external web that are surging relevance to what a company sells resulting in: micro-segmentation intelligence, new lead prospects, and territory coverage insights to focus resources where value is visible and also enables upselling and cross-selling.

The Differentiating Factors

  • SalesChoice’s User Interface is simple and unified /consistent across all user experiences and devices.
  • The company analyzes all the signals inside the SalesForce CRM and increasingly outside the CRM.
  • SalesChoice filed an early Patent in 2012, ahead of the industry dynamics in Predictive Insight driven sales.
  • SalesChoice’s products provide predictive simulation, predictive pricing and prescriptive insights on reasons for wins and losses with guidance on relevant actions to alter future outcomes.
  • Its products are tightly integrated with SalesForce Analytics Wave to enable deeper BI solutions to service clients across all industry sectors.
  • The company is going to market with Professional Service leaders such as Accenture, and selective mid market SFDC SI Channel partners, such as RelationEdge, and Applied Cloud Technology.

SalesChoice’s approach in understanding sales is very deep given it’s founder’s experiences from Xerox, Accenture and other marquis sales driven cultures. The company’s roots started from a Sales Centric Design View vs. a Technology View.

Customer Testimonials

Relation Edge: Professional Services – ISV Partner SalesForce (HQ: San Francisco).

“SalesChoice delivered a simplified, predictive, and accurate sales pipeline that has improved our opportunity win rate, reduced cycle time, and enhanced our ability to provide meaningful coaching and input to the sales organization during the deal cycle when it is needed most,” said Matt Stoyka, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of RelationEdge.

“I independently validated the SalesChoice predictive results against what I thought forecast results would be,” he continued. “I was pleased to discover that SalesChoice predicted results above 90% accuracy over a 3 month time frame. I can now focus less time on forecast reviews and more time on situational coaching and growing the business.
SalesChoice has a compelling vision and is tightly integrated with Wave Analytics. We are delighted to bring this solution to our RelationEdge clients,” said Matt Stoyka.

Digiday: Media Company (HQ: NY)

“We decided to implement SalesChoice to help us solve a number of challenges in tracking our sales funnel; one was to assist our sales executives on focusing their efforts towards opportunities that were “most likely” to close, based on SalesChoice predictive modeling technology. SalesChoice helps segment sales opportunities into A’s B’s and C’s type-rating, thus guiding a sales team to keep the appropriate attention on the best opportunities to meet a company sales targets. As an inventory business in multi-media with display and native advertising, along with event sponsorships, SalesChoice team worked to help Digiday implement an effective solution to keep track of our ever changing funnel. Their team understands our unique service offerings and helped customized our experience. SalesChoice has been a fantastic partner with a great product and a customer centric staff.“ says Chief Revenue Officer, Paul Borselli.

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Meet the Founder of SalesChoice

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO: Cindy is an expert in SaaS, business innovation, early-stage commercialization and sales. She has held senior roles at: Accenture, Xerox, and Citicorp. With entrepreneur, VC, and Angel experiences, Cindy has been immersed in numerous global SaaS start-ups. Eloqua was an early seed investment sold to Oracle for over $1B. Other SaaS companies she is involved in include: Corent Technology, CoursePeer, Kula, and TouchTown TV. Cindy has executive experience from Accenture (Partner), Citicorp (VP), Nortel Networks (Global Director), Xerox (GM & Senior Director), and Venture Firm (XDL) (Partner). Prior to founding SalesChoice, she founded Helix Commerce International, a Strategy Innovation firm servicing global companies such as IBM, ING, Microsoft, and LGS Electronics. Internationally, she is recognized for her thought leadership in: SaaS and Big Data, with over 14 books in the market. She is also a recipient of the Governor’s General Award for Innovation. In addition, she is also a Board Director of CATA and is an industry spokesperson for Equity Crowdfunding & Women in Technology.

We specialize in predictive and prescriptive advanced analytics to improve sales performance by 10X.