50 Most Valuable Brands Of The Year 2018

“We are poised to change the way automotive dealers create and manage digital marketing”: Dealer Teamwork


Every day more and more people become reliant on the Internet and mobile devices, which means the importance of digital marketing continues to rise. The rapid evolution of digital media is creating tremendous marketing opportunities. With more players and more advanced advertising options, reaching and engaging with potential customers has become extremely competitive.

Driven by a mission to solve the biggest digital marketing problems with solutions that help car dealers market their inventory, Dealer Teamwork was formed and has been an unstoppable force in the industry ever since. Having come from the automotive industry, the founders started the company with car dealers in mind which has led to their continued success.

The founding team consisted of Sean Stapleton, Katie Donovan, Eric Miltsch, Dan Mondello, Patrick Walker and Brendan Duane. These members were responsible for the initial direction and invention of Dealer Teamwork’s patented MPOP™ solution. The MPOP™ is a Merchandising, Personalization and Optimization Platform that allows users to create and manage content from a centralized tool. Once the content is created, the MPOP™ automatically pushes that content to linked marketing channels in real-time. The service creates a significant competitive advantage for dealers by distributing their inventory and service offers to more in-market shoppers effectively and efficiently.

Marketing Made Easy with the MPOP™

The MPOP™ makes executing effective digital marketing easy to understand and use because of the automation that this tool brings to dealer marketing processes. Without a centralized tool to manage and distribute offers, dealers spend hours, days and even weeks updating their marketing across channels.

By linking marketing channels to the MPOP™, such as websites, paid search, social media and email campaigns, dealers can eliminate the need for agencies and multiple third-party vendors. An update in the MPOP™ pushes to all linked channels in real-time.

In the Q2 of 2018, Dealer Teamwork is rolling out an arsenal of features with two new additions to the MPOP™ ecosystem. The company is set to go a step further in automation. The new features of the MPOP™ include:

Cruise Control Pro

Cruise Control Pro will give dealers the ability to automatically generate specials based on specific criteria without compromising a go-to-market strategy. Criteria include sales price, mileage, monthly payments, etc. Cruise Control Pro can also incorporate dealer specific OEM/manufacturer incentives and rebates into their offers. Like all MPOP™ features, this will automatically push those offers to model-specific landing pages and dynamic paid search campaigns that are built and maintained by Google certified professionals.

Google Data Studio

Dealer Teamwork has also begun utilizing the Google Data Studio.  Google Data Studio is a tool that consolidates all of your reporting (i.e. AdWords, Google Analytics, Conversion Metrics, etc.) into one platform. This new dashboard provides a simplified overview of reporting and is fully customizable to display any relevant information you wish to see in an easy to consume format. With Google Data Studio, dealers can easily find historical performance metrics, learn how much traffic is coming from certain devices, the location of where clicks are coming from and much more!

Today, The MPOP™ is one of the most successful products in the market because of the uniqueness of the platform and how well it solves dealer problems. The people at Dealer Teamwork are always focused on improving and adapting their product to best serve the user and encourage feedback from their clients on a regular basis.

The Melody of Success

Founded in 2016, Dealer Teamwork is still a young company. But where the company is now, is drastically different than where it was less than a year ago. Dealer Teamwork went from only a dozen people to well over 60 by the end of 2017. The increase in size and rapid revenue growth has allowed the firm to identify new verticals that it is excited to pursue in 2018.

For a new-born company, identifying its strengths and weaknesses is one of the most difficult phases. Developing positions and moving existing employees into new positions as a company grows is always a challenge for a startup. This is a challenge that Dealer Teamwork has faced, but they found the best solution is to encourage a culture of great attitude, effort and ethics. An open culture such as this puts role development and changes in a positive light, rather than making it a pain point.

Today, Dealer Teamwork is one of the best digital marketing providers in the industry. Relationships, such as becoming a Google Premier Partner, have been a huge asset to their rapid success. Learning directly from Google about SEM and SEO best practices has helped them further develop their products and services. Furthermore, the enthusiasm that the Dealer Teamwork’s staff bring every day is what makes the culture at the company so inviting. The clients know they can come to Dealer Teamwork whenever they have issues, and they know that their satisfaction is Dealer Teamwork’s top priority.

Happy Client

“Nothing compares to the MPOP™! I like how simple it is to fill in the offer information in a professional and attractive manner. It looks like I spent hours on something that took minutes. I also like that I can see Dealer Teamwork expanding and progressing every day. I know that if I ever ran into an issue, someone would be answering my call to fix it.”

- Thomas Eggers, Internet Director, Nyle Maxwell Supercenter

Giving Employees the Freedom to Be Awesome

Today, Dealer Teamwork has 80+ employees and counting in just over a year’s time. They are constantly hiring more team members in all areas of the company to keep up with the rapid growth. They believe that everyone has a voice and the company tries not to dwell too much on titles.

With a great work environment, the leadership team treats everyone in the company like family, which has built great relationships amongst the team members. Everyone at Dealer Teamwork is greeted with ‘hellos’ and a ‘how are you’ throughout the day. Since the company is still growing, the work is fast-paced which always keeps things interesting. Dealer Teamwork is excited to continue their growth and gain the opportunity to grow their family of digital marketing rock stars!


Knowing the Key Executive

CEO and Co-Founder, Sean Stapleton, is no stranger to leading a young company. He first entered the automotive software industry by co-founding IMS. IMS was later acquired by Who’s Calling, where he became VP of Automotive Sales and National Accounts. In 2010, Sean joined VinSolutions as Executive Vice President of Sales. Later that year, he was named Chief Sales Officer and joined the VinSolutions’ Board.

VinSolutions saw tremendous growth under Stapleton which lead to its purchase by AutoTrader.com in 2011, while he was CSO. Before leaving the company in 2014, Sean held the role of Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Sean has been on the bleeding edge of the automotive industry since he began his career. Amongst his many successes, he helped define market expectations during the early years of call measurement and monitoring. He has built a company to rank 33rd in the INC. 500 fastest growing software companies list. And, Sean has a reputation as a highly regarded sales leader. He has also written in many automotive trade magazines and consistently draws huge crowds at his many speaking engagements. Stapleton’s colleagues describe him as a brilliant strategic mind with a great eye for potential. He would tell you that his greatest joy in his profession is the opportunity to seal a deal and the opportunity to work with such a great group of people.

“We listened to hundreds of dealers and heard their struggles. Creating effective digital marketing is confusing. With that in mind, we combined our storied experience in automotive with a fierce determination to solve digital marketing problems. This drives us to continue creating the best solutions for our clients.”