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50 Most Admired Companies of The Year 2017

“We are revolutionizing how brands, trademarks, and domain names are searched, cleared for registration, monitored and enforced against counterfeiters and infringers.” IPWatch Systems Corporation

thesiliconreview sean collin ceo ipwatch systems corporation 17“Our goal is to provide the highest quality of intellectual property asset management solutions for innovative companies.”

Big Data Analytics (BDA) is increasingly becoming a trending practice that many organizations are adopting with the purpose of constructing valuable information from Big Data. The analytics process, including the deployment and use of BDA tools, is seen by organizations as a tool to improve operational efficiency though it has strategic potential, drive new revenue streams and gain competitive advantages over business rivals.

One such SaaS Big Data platform of Brand and Intellectual Property asset management solutions is IPWatch Systems Corporation established in the year 2007.  The firm provides unprecedented access to Big Data unlike any other regarding the strength of brands, use of names, marks and domain names across the globe. The company is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes build stronger, more valuable brands through a comprehensive platform of user-friendly, cost effective Intellectual Property and Brand solutions. IPWatch was founded by an Intellectual Property attorney for brand managers and marketing executives, in-house general counsels, and Intellectual Property attorneys and firms.


IPWatch listens to the needs of our clients and helps them live easier when it comes to searching large volumes of data from a variety of sources. “We have acquired more data sources to further fill the gap in missing data for comprehensive trademark and brand clearance searches.  We modify the product features so that the products are easier to use, more intuitive, efficient and effective.  Our solutions will continue to evolve based on our clients’ feedback and changing needs,” says IPWatch Founder and CEO, Sean Collin.


From the beginning, Sean knew what products were needed in the intellectual property space based on his own clients’ needs from his law practice.  IPWatch started with searching “clearance” products and have evolved to including products that monitor on an ongoing monthly basis the trademarks, brand names, domain URLs and other intellectual property assets. The firm has automated watch programs that provide monthly reviews of what has changed in the market regarding specified search trademarks, brand names, slogans and domain names.


The firm stayed away from venture capital funds and other investment offers because, it was adamant on investing on its own.“We focused on ensuring data acquisition was of paramount importance and that our programming logic and algorithms were 100% accurate. We have not focused on marketing and sales at this point and have only recently begun to focus on launching our products out into the world,” says CEO.


People– The firm has top talent in its Software Engineer Team, Accounting and Marketing departments that are all from the regional university, The University of North Alabama.  The company hand selects the top of the class graduates to join our team. 

Clients – “We have great clients! We work hand in hand with many of them managing their global intellectual property portfolios and they continually provide us with feedback so we can constantly improve our products and services. Our ongoing client service has paid the way for all of the software design, programming, data acquisition, and other costs with creating and launching a software firm.  Without our clients, none of this would be possible.”

Big Data– without the ability to harness Big Data and all its applications, we would not be able to turnaround these billions of records of data and provide valuable insight into that data almost instantaneously. It really is amazing the data the firm provides from such vast resources within seconds.

Connections– Through using our extensive network of contacts within client organizations, local, state and national government, and other contacts, we have truly been able to grow and continue to evolve our company and product offering. 


  • Domain Name Guardian - The product is a policing system takes advantage of automation to help alert the user via email if their given marks have been registered by a third party in a domain name. This allows one to monitor potential online infringers in real-time.
  • Trademark Guardian - The product allows a user to receive email alerts of any mark cited in an office action by a USPTO Examiner the day it happens. This policing system takes advantage of automation to help alert the user if their given marks have been cited in an office action.
  • Office Action Genie - The product allows a user to search across all 130 types of outgoing office actions at the USPTO by Examiner, Mark, date range or other relevant information, fully linked to other prosecution records.
  • Brand Management System - Gives the user a concise IP portfolio asset management software system featuring secure communication, document management, docketing, policing and search IP system all in one place. This system allows the user to manage an entire IP portfolio by taking advantage of Big Data concepts and automations. This system allows one to identify mistakes from the USPTO or other users by checking the entire portfolio nightly for deficiencies and alerting the appropriate parties. Also, the system creates the opportunity for all users to use the system in a secure environment thereby promoting greater collaboration between employees, marketers, in-house counsel, and outside counsel.


Sean Collin has been practicing intellectual property law and brand consulting for 30 years. He has worked as partner for a number of law firms as well as in-house general counsel for a number of large multi-national organizations over his career.  Sean is also an Associate Professor in the College of Business at the University of North Alabama. 

"IPWatch provides revolutionary, disruptive solutions for comprehensive brand and trademark search, enforcement, managing, and tracking."