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SILICON100 2017

“We are the world leader in high-performance, in-memory computing, streaming analytics and operational intelligence”: Kx Systems

thesiliconreview-kx-systems-logo-17“Our focus is on delivering the best possible performance and flexibility for high-volume, data-intensive analytics and applications.”

Kx was founded in 1993 by Arthur Whitney and Janet Lustgarten to address a simple problem: the inability of traditional relational database technology to keep up with escalating volumes of data. This problem is even more acute today, as data records already number in the trillions and are escalating exponentially. Businesses however, need immediate access to real-time and historical data for a whole range of applications. From research through trading, smart meter data analysis, web site analytics, customer behaviours and a plethora of other applications, all need a high-velocity analytics platform.

Since the company’s inception, Kx’s singular goal has been to provide its customers with the fastest, most efficient, and most flexible tools for processing real-time and historical data. This focus has enabled us to become the worldwide leader in high-volume, high-performance databases.

How does Kx help?

Kx offers a 32-bit version of kdb+ for free so you can try it for yourself and see how powerful and fast it is. This download has all the compatibility and functionality of the full 64-bit version, and is for non-commercial use only. A Raspberry Pi version is also available.

Kx labs

At Kx Labs, we’re passionate about discovering new ideas and transforming them into innovative software products that build on the Kx technologies. We’re seeking leading-edge technologies to solve tomorrow's business challenges. Kx Labs works with Kx's global product teams and our strategic partners to support solutions, training, sales and consulting.

Right now, we’re exploring key emerging areas such as:

  • Cyber Security
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Self Service Analytics
  • IoT and Embedded Software
  • Edge Computing
  • Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics
  • Data Visualization and Visual Languages



Kx Technology is limitless in its applications, proven by developers around the world who are constantly finding new uses for it. Some focus on its streaming analytics capabilities and others simply use its historical database to give order to their large scale data problems. Kx extends the legacy of vector programming languages and listens to developers as we constantly expand its functionality. MORE who are constantly finding new uses large scale data expand its functionality.


Kx technology is widely adopted through the global financial community, at banks, hedge funds, trading houses and exchanges. It is employed across the entire range of data intensive arenas, from high frequency trading to market data storage and analysis, as well as in risk management activities and throughout the back office.


Pharmaceutical companies are using Kx in large-scale epidemiological studies for drug research as well as in sales tools. Easy to use dashboards for business users incorporate sophisticated analytics on massive prescription and pharmaceutical data. Further applications are being developed for manufacturing quality assurance.

Utilities & IoT

Kx helps organizations harness all of their real-time and historical sensor and related data for improved operations, enhanced customer engagement and sale of new products and services, while augmenting existing investments in technologies and infrastructure.


The Kx for DaaS software platform brings together all of the hard-won experience and battle-hardened technology developed by Kx for financial markets into a platform that can be used for real-time and historical data capture and analytics across any business vertical. Kx is no longer just about financial markets.


Kx solutions are world-renowned for their ultra-fast speed and extreme performance in building Big Data warehouses, analytic tools and rich visualizations. Kx for Retail offers a compelling blend of software and solutions, advanced analytics and expert retail consultancy.


Kx for Manufacturing provides a high-performance, cost-effective sensor data historian and analytics platform. It is a platform for ingesting, processing, and analyzing real-time, streaming and historical data from industrial equipment sensors and enterprise systems.


Kx systems has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for use of its kdb+ software in supporting its ongoing IT objectives.

Kx wins Market Surveillance of the year award. 

The MiFIDII Countdown: Systematic Internalizers and Kx Technology

The concept of a Systematic Internalizer is not new. The framers of MiFID saw great potential in the regime—but it never appeared. As of this writing, eleven investment firms are currently registered as Systematic Internalizers under MiFID I. By January 3, 2018, this number will shoot through the roof, as many, many more firms will find themselves within the new Systematic Internalizer thresholds in equities and, with MiFID II’s expansion, non-equities.

Numbers won’t be the only change. The regime will become more complex and place additional regulatory responsibilities on Systematic Internalizers, particularly in trade transparency. Those responsibilities in turn will create implementation challenges, particularly when it comes to IT change.

Armed with impact assessments and business requirements, firms are now delving into the systems changes necessary, and the types of different datasets included. A ‘look under the bonnet’ has shocked many firms, which didn’t realize the level of IT changes and the new categories of data they will need to collect and analyze. As the ‘go-live’ date approaches, it’s time to convert that shock into action.

Welcome the legend: Janet Lustgarten, Founder and Chairwoman

Janet founded Kx in 1993 with Arthur Whitney and led the company as CEO through 2015. Prior to forming Kx she worked as a corporate consultant and in the artificial intelligence industry. Janet received a BA in Computer Science and Mathematical Logic from Mount Holyoke College and in MS in Computer Science from Columbia Science from Columbia University.

“The world’s largest banks, brokers, hedge funds and regulators rely on Kx technology”