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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2017

“We are transforming enterprise data and analytics in the cloud by using intelligence and automation”: Cazena

thesiliconreview-prat-moghe-ceo-cazena-17“We are leading a new category of cloud platforms, inspired by our customer advisors and founders' experiences developing the legendary Netezza data warehouse appliance”


Companies demand more from data and analytics, but lack the infrastructure, people and resources they need to deliver meaningful results. At the same time, many want to take advantage of diverse new data sources, as well as leverage the latest analytics, open source and cloud technologies. Now there's a solution. 

Cazena makes it easy to access data and analytics the cloud in just a few clicks, automating an otherwise long and difficult process. Cazena bundles cloud databases, analytics engines, data movers, security and a variety of tools in the first fully-managed Big Data Platform as a Service, available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Instead of learning and managing many different technologies, companies use Cazena to collect, store and analyze data.

The platform combines best-of-breed software with automation, open source, custom components, security and additional services. That makes Cazena the fastest path to production-grade cloud deployments on Microsoft Azure and AWS of: Cloudera EDH for Spark, Hadoop and Impala workloads; AWS Redshift and MPP SQL databases (Greenplum, etc); and, RStudio Server Pro.  

 The Cazena Difference

  • Fast deployments, secure cloud environments ready in hours, with complete datacenter-connected deployments in 4 weeks or less. Cazena gives you everything you need in one service, with one bill and one number to call for support.
  • Simple,with only “three clicks” required to move, store and analyze data in the cloud. Easily connect to data in Cazena with any analytics or business intelligence tools (Tableau, Qlik, etc.).
  • Cost-effective, using automation and intelligence to collapse complex tasks into a few easy clicks in a browser, and automatically optimizing to deliver the best price-performance. Everything is included in one subscription, with predictable pricing for expansion. 
  • Fully-managed, means 24 x 7 premium monitoring and support, with high-touch expert support (not just email). We handle everything else: operations, upgrades, patching…

It is the Cazena team, customers and partners that perhaps make the biggest difference.  Cazena is transforming enterprise data and analytics in the cloud by using intelligence and automation.

Accelerating Results From Analytics And Data Science

Learn more about how different companies use Cazena:

Companies rely on Cazena for data science, advanced analytics, data warehousing and new big data projects. It’s a powerful platform with intuitive web interfaces, so it’s ideal for analytics and business professionals in marketing analytics, customer insights, product discovery, behavior analytics, operations or research analytics.

Cazena can support new analytics programs, augment existing business intelligence architectures, or alleviate capacity demands on other data warehouses or data systems. Cazena makes it easier to share or monetize data with partners, customers or companies all around the world.

Abstracting The Complexity Of The Cloud

Cazena's Big Data Platform as a Service makes it simple to collect, store and analyze data in the cloud with SQL, R, Python or any analytical tool. The included Cazena Gateway software and security architecture makes it easy for Cazena to drop into enterprise environments. Cazena can easily connect with data warehouses, ETL and other enterprise systems to augment existing processes. 

Cazena's solutions include functions for data loading, moving, storage and analysis, typically accessed via a web browser, APIs or analytics tools (Tableau, Spotfire, etc.). ​The platform is powered by a variety of open-source, custom and best-of-breed technologies -- all integrated, optimized and automated to deliver the best functionality and price-performance for different workloads. 

Intuitive Interfaces For The Cloud

Simple "3 Click" Web Interface

Use the Cazena web interface for secure cloud data loads and data management. A few clicks encrypt, compress and move datasets into Cazena from cloud or enterprise sources.

Connect analytical tools like Tableau, Qlik, Microstrategy and others for visualization and SQL analytics on data stored in Cazena data marts.

 Best Of Breed Optimized With Workload Intelligence

We use intelligent provisioning and multiple processing engines to recommend and automatically configure the best database solution for your workload. Cazena does this with Workload Intelligence, which includes regularly benchmarking the performance of many different databases across many different cloud infrastructure configurations. When you give us your price-performance requirements, you can be confident that we’ve analyzed all the options to deliver the most cost-effective solution.

Depending on your workload, Cazena may recommend a solution based on Cloudera EDH (Spark, Hadoop, Impala and related ecosystem components) or suggest optimized MPP SQL databases such as Amazon Redshift and Pivotal Greenplum. We work closely with our tech partners to optimize their databases for best performance on Microsoft Azure or AWS, and we support them seamlessly.

We started with MPP SQL, but were quick to support Spark, and quick to add RStudio Server Pro, notebooks and other analytic functions, embedded and optimized for performance.

Cloud Security, Compliance And Encryption

Cazena is built, managed and supported by enterprise experts and security is a core foundation of our company and service. We have industry-leading compliance certifications, specialized software and expertise to deliver a secure data platform in the cloud.

All services include the Cazena Gateway software which manages access to the cloud. The gateway is powerful enough to run in enterprise datacenters – and regularly passes muster with tough network and security guidelines.

Greet the ace: Prat Moghe, Founder and CEO

Prat is a successful big data entrepreneur with more than 18 years of experience inventing next-generation technology products and building strong teams in the technology sector. As senior vice president of strategy, products and marketing at IBM Netezza, he led a worldwide 400-person team that launched the latest Netezza data warehouse appliance, which became a market leader in price and performance, as well as IBM’s first big data appliance. Following Netezza’s sale to IBM for $1.7 billion in 2010.

“We also leverage multiple storage options in the cloud to best fit your analytic workload.”