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We Build Consumer Focused Brands for the Web, Driving Targeted Traffic to Highly Relevant and Engaging Content Spanning Diverse Verticals: Restoration Media

“Our Work ethic, inspiration and determination are driven by passion. We love what we do and that’s how we do it successfully.”

Considering the innumerous ways to interact with customers offered by the internet these days, be it through social media, face-to-face, or other channels, it is easy to overlook email marketing. If a business is not actively building a database of customer emails, the probability of the Company heading towards digital failure is very high. Email marketing is more than a regurgitation of your latest blog post(s). With proper email marketing tools and techniques, Enterprises can get the right message delivered at the right time to the right audience. Relevant, complete, accurate, timely, consistent, meaningful and usable data will surely help in the growth of the organization. If not, it can prove to be a useless and even harmful asset; hence managing data is also paramount for a successful business.

Restoration Media is pioneering email marketing and data management firm that helps businesses reap benefits by integrating the right strategies and tools. Founded in 2001, RM is consistently ranked as one of the fastest growing private companies in Orange County and the United States. Having been in the forefront of this unique landscape since its inception, the Company continues to innovate in order to yield the highest quality of engagement; driving significant volumes of targeted traffic to highly relevant and engaging content spanning diverse verticals.

Restoration Media offerings, at a glance
Restoration Media offers a supplemental source of two highly sought after commodities in the internet space; revenue and traffic. They go hand in hand and ultimately, every business needs the duo to succeed. RM provides both solutions to clients. By outsourcing Customer’s data management needs through RM, the Company drives a substantial stream of incremental revenue to clients to use however they see fit. With regards to traffic, RM generates significant volumes of quality, targeted traffic to client’s content that they otherwise are unable to fulfill. Here is an overview of the Company’s offerings-

Email Marketing – With over a decade of expertise in email marketing, Restoration Media has proven that its quality over quantity approach drives growth and creates long-term value for the Company’s brands.

Data Management – RM’s data management practice is founded on two principles: creating long-term value in data and developing strong partnerships.

Lead Generation – Through engagement analytics and behavioral analysis, Restoration Media drives qualified leads to partners and internal brands across diverse verticals.

The gap between job seekers and employers is closing up
Currently one of Restoration Media’s focuses has been in the job seeking vertical. The Company has a Network dedicated to the job space which is a powerful global portfolio of branded job search engines and career portals delivering millions of targeted job alerts to subscribers each day. With industry-leading deliverability and by utilizing its vast database of past and present job seekers, Restoration Media drives millions of candidates to employers each month.

Amalgamating the right techniques
By using behavioral analytics, Restoration Media crafts the, who, what, when, where and why of marketing communications to connect with online consumers and build valuable long-term relationships. Founded on the notion that knowledge sparks response, the company uses targeted email marketing to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time.

RM is marked by its zealous effort to stay ahead
Restoration Media’s rich history of innovation sets them apart from its competitors. The Company is always forging ahead to create strategic opportunities and partnerships where none existed before. The Company is constantly striving to increase the value of its service to clients, which in turn means building proprietary products that will further increase traffic or revenue in a quality manner or benefit the client’s own internal business practices by giving them more insight into their own data. RM will continue to drive value in unique ways for its partners and strive to build reciprocal relationships as the Company rightly understands client’s success brings their own. The biggest challenge for Restoration Media is to stay ahead of the curve; the Company achieves it by not loosing focus on what is important. RM is not afraid of failure but rather embraces it since it considers it as just another barrier to success.

Meticulous service leaves customers elated
The company operates in US, UK, and other European Countries, as well as Australia. The target areas of RM vary from client to client, based on their needs and specific verticals. The company’s unique approach and proprietary algorithms enable them to identify how to fulfill customer needs from every aspect. The clients of Restoration Media are nothing but content and happy with its service. Although some minor work is required from the customers during the on boarding process, later the company takes care of everything else. In exchange, RM sends them healthy returns each month.

Meet the Key Executives

Sammy Sayago, CEO and Co-Founder – Sammy is a true visionary in the strategic digital marketing industry; he has made an ever lasting impression on the creative and tech industries over the years through his ongoing entrepreneurial endeavors, which challenge traditional business models.

Nicholas Pardon, President and Co-Founder – Nicholas is one of the most exciting entrepreneurs in Southern California who’s innovative and creative ability to merge abstract ideas into reality is par to none.