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50 Best Workplaces of the year 2016

We Build transparent and Seamless Infrastructure and Solutions that Maximize IT Performance: Powertek Corporation


“Making the impossible possible.”

The founders of Powertek Corporation had already been executives at other companies that provided professional and technical services to Federal Government clients. They decided to establish their own company to provide similar services, but with strong emphasis on ensuring customer satisfaction with the services and serving in a more collaborative, trusted partner role to the clients.

The company has successfully grown over the years grounded in its philosophy of “if we take care of the customer, we will never lack customers.” This approach is based on several core tenets:

  1. understand what the customer wants, and meet or exceed their expectations;
  2.  listen to the customer and where they are going, so we can be prepared to go with them; and
  3.  never lose sight of why we’re there – to help the customer be successful. From this philosophy, we have developed integrated management and technical services that shifted from standard, commoditized capabilities to higher value-add solutions for our customers.

In Conversation with the Executives; Nancy Scott and Samar Ghadry

‘It is difficult to start a venture. But far more difficult to maintain it’ How would you interpret this saying?
There’s a saying that “vision without action is a daydream; action without a vision is a nightmare” – this is similar to your question. The founders had a great vision when they started the company to build upon their customer-focused philosophy to develop and deliver solutions and services for our target clients. They have not only maintained it, but have grown the business by staying with this vision but making the strategic investments in recruiting talent, business infrastructure, and processes. They had the discipline to stay focused on their overall business strategy, and not chase opportunities that did not add to the success of that strategy. At the same time, while staying true to the business strategy, they were astute in understanding changes in the marketplace and adjusting operational tactics – and, a lot of that is from listening to the customers.

How big is your organization today?
We have several hundred employees across the country, including in the metro Washington DC area, Colorado, and Missouri. The organizational structure is compact, with typically only 3-4 levels between the staff and the company founders – each of our employees have direct access to the company founders if they want to take advantage of that access. We have two main “operating units” – one that includes client-facing program operations, business development, and solutions engineering, and the second one focused on internal business operations that also ensures oversight and compliance with the company’s financial, quality, and employee well-being objectives.

Can you briefly explain about your services?
Information technology is the lifeblood of every modern organization. Users depend on IT to communicate and collaborate with each other; to analyze information and make impactful decisions; and to collect, integrate, and process data. Organizations require timely, reliable, and secure IT access and demand that solutions be delivered by cost-effective, efficient, and responsive service providers. Powertek’s solutions span the entire systems lifecycle, from design and development to integration and operation, all within defined, comprehensive program management and security frameworks. We use industry best practices tailored to our customers’ unique requirements and environment to deliver efficient business solutions.

How do you and your company contribute to the global IT platform and society at large?
Through some of our programs supporting the Federal government, we are contributing to society at large by helping government serve our citizens more effectively. As part of our solutions and services, we help Government clients identify and benefit from more efficient technologies, or help them streamline and secure IT services and platforms that protect the privacy of our citizens.

Are there any events that have played key roles in shaping your organization’s road map?
The Company has been around since 2001. As the company grew, and as the market conditions changed, the founders constantly made adjustments to the road map while maintaining the core business strategy and corporate philosophy. We provide technical solutions and services to our Federal Government clients; in the technology world, many things have changed since 2001 and what our customers require has also changed. While there’s no single or specific set of trigger events per se, there have been multiple changes that have shaped our evolving roadmap.

Where do you see you and your company a couple of years from now?
Bigger, in terms of revenues, staff and market presence. More focused and established as a leader in specific solution and service areas. We are in the process of transforming our capabilities from being a solid competitor to being a recognized leader in certain of our market segments.

Meet the Executive Duo

Nancy Scott, President and CEO: Nancy has 27 years of leadership and Federal IT experience. She held positions in various marketing and management roles prior to establishing Powertek. She is credited with building a customer-centric company focused on providing tailored, innovative approaches to Federal agencies. Her focus has also included cultivating a company devoted to professional development and employee success.

Samar Ghadry, Executive Vice President: With 27 years of business experience as a proven leader, Samar brings the creative energy that has guided Powertek’s steady growth. She has held key executive positions with industry-leading companies, including Chief Operating Officer and Sr. Vice President of Marketing. Samar has overseen Powertek’s achievement of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 20000-1 certifications and our CMMI ML2 and 3 registration.

“Powertek is committed to providing service excellence by applying industry best practices, resulting in reliable, predictable, and consistent results to our customers.”