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We can help you transform your data into a powerful strategic asset: Commvault


“Highest ability to execute. Furthest in completeness of vision.”

Commvault was formed in 1988 as a development group within Bell Labs, and later designated as a strategic business unit of AT&T Network Systems. In 1996, it was incorporated as an independent company. In the 20 years since, Commvault has experienced tremendous growth, pioneered numerous industry-shaping innovations and established itself as a respected data and information management leader.

Commvault Services

Technology Consulting: Implementing, optimizing, and maintaining the Commvault software is as important as developing the strategic foundation. Its technology consultants ensure that the Commvault software environment is designed for optimal results and will continue to deliver over the long term. This same team of experts can install, configure, personalize and validate that environment so you can achieve a better return on investment, faster and with more confidence

Helping you get the outcome you expect: The company can support the Commvault software implementation in the way that best fits clients’ needs, whether that means a couple of hours of remote consultation by video conference or a comprehensive, hands-on engagement to deploy a solution across multiple sites and regions. Its technology consulting services include:

Architecture design: Get practical advice and concrete recommendations for building a modern and efficient backup, recovery and archive environment, no matter if that is on-premise, outsourced, in the cloud or a combination.

Implementation: Accelerate the time-to-value of your Commvault® data management environment with proven methodologies and global team of seasoned technologists that reduce the time, effort and risk of any implementation.

Personalization: Customize important capabilities of your Commvault solution to meet the information and data management needs of your business.

Health assessment: Maximize the value of your current Commvault environment with comprehensive system remediation and optimization plans.

Residency services: Putting the skills and knowledge of a Commvault resident support engineer onsite at clients’ disposal.

Data migration: Simplify the migration of your data from isolated, legacy silos into a single Commvault environment

Business Consulting: Exponential data growth and changing technologies have unlimited potential to inform and drive business profitability, innovation and market expansion. However, most companies need more effective data governance and data management policies, and the integration to realize this potential. Commvault can help. Its experienced business consultants will reveal new ways to make the data a powerful strategic asset. It provides transformational insights that align to the specific business and how you gather, retain and employ data. The results are improved efficiency, cost optimization, and more importantly, maximizing the value of the data.

Chart Your Curriculum: Commvault Education Services offers flexible course format options (Instructor-led classroom, Virtual Instructor-led classroom, eLearning, and Onsite) to meet time and budget requirements. Through an initial online assessment, Customers can gauge how their role-based knowledge compares to other IT Professionals and see a recommended curriculum path. After course completion, Customers can achieve industry certification to further personal and professional growth.

Success story of a happy customer: Rackspace Rackspace delivers fanatical support and growth in managed backup with Commvault.

Challenge: Rackspace needed infrastructure and functionality that could continue to manage explosive growth. Backup operations were taking days, rather than hours to complete and its legacy system was attempting to run all backup jobs at the same time, rather than in queue. A modern data protection solution that would accommodate integration with all leading storage platforms was needed.

Solution: With its ability to work on all the leading storage platforms, Commvault software provided the flexibility that Rackspace needed to protect customer data no matter where it resides.

Benefits: Rackspace has benefited with cost savings in the millions of dollars by avoiding the need for more storage capex. Further, staff productivity has soared so that it can support rapid customer growth without the need to hire additional staff. Finally, Commvault’s ability to deliver faster restores has led to customer satisfaction levels that were previously unattainable, without having to face a “rip and replace” scenario.

Meet the Master

N. Robert Hammer, Chairman, President and CEO: Bob Hammer has served as our chairman, president and chief executive officer since March 1998. He was also a venture partner of the Sprout Group, an internal division of Credit Suisse First Boston Private Equity, Inc., from 1997 until December 2003. Before joining the Sprout Group, Bob served as the chairman, president and chief executive officer of Norand Corporation, a portable computer systems manufacturer, from 1988 until its acquisition by Western Atlas, Inc. in 1997. He led Norand following its leveraged buy-out from Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., and through its initial public offering in 1993. Previously, he spent a year as chairman, president and chief executive officer of publicly held Telequest Corporation, and five years in the same capacity with privately held Material Progress Corporation. Before joining Material Progress, Bob spent 15 years in various sales, marketing and management positions with Celanese Corporation, rising to the level of vice president and general manager of the structural composites materials business. He obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration from Columbia University.

“Commvault can help you make your data work for you.”