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“We deliver intelligent enterprise business planning and performance management solutions that link strategic planning, financial planning and supply chain planning”: Adexa, Inc.

thesiliconreview-dr-cyrus-hadavi-ceo-adexa-2017“Our solutions combine Sales and Operations planning, supply chain planning, plant planning and sequencing, ATP/CTP, Net­work optimization, demand planning and Multi Echelon Inventory Optimization, all in a unified data model.”

Adexa has the most comprehensive planning solutions in the industry. Its unique approach has the intelligence to detect supply chain risks and the ability to self-repair and self-improve. Adexa is the only supply chain company that has Attribute-Based Planning capability.

Founded in 1994 by Dr. Cyrus Hadavi, who continues to serve the company as CEO and Chairman of the Board. It is Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Adexa has international offices across Canada, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The solutions are designed to identify the strategic objectives, plan the supply chain to meet such objectives, execute against the plan, and then monitor and measure progress using hundreds of key performance indicators. Inherent event management capabilities enable managers to proactively deal with issues before they grow into problems through the use of KPI alerts and messages.

A handshake with an innovator: Dr. Cyrus Hadavi, founder

Why did you stem this organization? What is the reason behind you picking this segment?

As far back as in the early 1990’s, we recognized the need for combining AI techniques with Operations Research in order to tackle the very complex problem of supply chain planning. Our findings were published in the Journal of AI as the first practical solution to the problems faced by enterprise planners and supply chain professionals in every manufacturing industry. The seminal paper showed that Operations Research algorithms were necessary but not sufficient to handle the complexity of the problem and offered a solution that was practical and yet optimal. Later we worked closely with our customers in order to refine and develop the solution further to address not just the optimization part but also the collaboration aspect of planning as well as the ease of use for the end-users.

Name the initial product launched

We launched our first product in 1995 collaborating with some of our key customers in a number of different industries. We were delighted that Adexa helped one of its clients to enhance their service level from around 67% to 100% for 3 continuous years. Similar results were obtained in terms of inventory reduction and improvement in on-time delivery with many others.

What made you grow your organization?

There is only one way to grow a company, and that is, focusing on delivering great solutions. That comes only from hiring great people and providing the right environment for them to use their creativity and hard work to innovate. Innovation is really the key to our success. Adexa has always been the first in combining financial planning to supply chain planning, first in Attribute-Based Planning, and first in application of AI to supply chain planning.

Could you let us know the tribulation faced in your primary years?

There is pain with every birth! We started up Adexa with no venture funding to begin with but as we expanded into different regions, we decided to raise capital in order to speed up our growth. However, we wanted to make sure that we remained focused on customer satisfaction while experiencing a tremendous growth of 300% per year in our early years. That was quite challenging but we managed to capture a significant share of the market not just in North America but also in Asia Pacific.

Can you acknowledge five aspects that is a forte to your organization and why do you feel so?

  • Highly dedicated and knowledgeable employees, our core group of R&D has been with the company an average of 20 years
  • Referenceability of the products and clients who are willing to stand behind you
  • Innovation and change, constantly
  • Don’t give up, the highs are very high and the lows are very low, stay focused
  • Get a great CFO and spend wisely

What do you feel are the reasons behind?

  • Your product popularity

Scalability and fast, easy to use, flexible (it adapts to any industry and environment because of attribute based planning capability), Intelligent (our modules improve over time by learning), low cost of ownership because of Attribute based planning technology which makes it easy to implement.

  • Your consistent growth as an organization

This was explained earlier. Primarily because of our superior technology, great customer service and innovation in addition to having the best people in the industry.

What is your contribution towards worldwide IT platform and society extensively?

Supply chain planning is one of the most important aspects of any organization. Show me a great company and I show you a great supply chain strategy. To this end, our technology is key to the survival of our customers. It is the brain of the operations as opposed to the transaction systems such as ERP, MES and WMS.

What persuades you to outclass in your field?

Our customers are the main pillars for our success and save tens of millions of dollars every year if not every month just because of the way they use our solutions. We feel dignified to be a part of this journey and extending our operations in five continents. It is just a dream come true!

Do you have any upcoming products? If yes, then we would be pleased if you pass the word to us

Yes, we do. Our up-to-the-minute enhancement is self- improving supply chains and risk management software. Through the use of AI techniques and pattern recognition, we automatically identify the weaknesses and inefficiencies in the supply chain and correct them accordingly. Businesses change over time and the supply chains need to keep up with such changes. We have developed tech­niques that allow us to identify what changes are happening over time and how it can impact the supply chain and whether there is a need to make adjustments. Some simple examples are identifying key supplies and suppliers which are increasingly in demand and if there is enough inventory, or back up supplier or substitute material available. If not, then that may pose a risk in deliveries as new products come in and/or demand changes occur.

If we tell you to foreshadow your company’s growth in couple of years, what would it be?

What I can tell is that we shall continue to innovate and grow with profitability! This can only come by taking care of our customers, our employees and our partners. Then, everything else will be taken care of!

For additional information:

Tel: (888) 300-7692


Concise information about the founder

Dr. Cyrus Hadavi, founder and CEO has contributed to the growth of many fortune 2000 companies around the globe by building and operating highly developed supply chain strategies. He has performed research with a number of business schools and organization in North America and Europe on the subject of supply chain and inventory optimization methodologies which has resulted in many publications and books, as well as being an Adjunct professor at Columbia University.

“The impact of Adexa solutions can be measured with financial indicators such as expanded market share, higher profitability and much improved on-time delivery.”