Silicon100 2017

“We deliver responsive services for Federal civilian, intelligence, and defense communities”: Powertek Corporation


“We partner with our customers and challenge and reward our employees for creating inspired, cost-saving solutions that measurably enhance our customers’ business performance.” 

Information Technology (IT) is revolutionizing how business operates. Advanced information technology is becoming the single-most powerful force shaping the structure and functioning of work organizations, plants, offices, and executive suites. However, this revolution has not been without casualties, such as systems not running as they were supposed to, millions of dollars lost in downtime and missed opportunities, as well as computer systems that intended to expand creativity productivity instead turned around and made unwanted organizational responses and remained sluggish. This past year, the forces affecting cyber have only grown in sophistication, scope and frequency. Not a week goes by in the news cycle where we don’t hear about another high-profile cyber attack. Perhaps, we’ve even become accustomed to such incidents.

“Making the impossible possible.”  Having kept this vision in mind Powertek was established in the year 2001. The company provides support in four core business areas: 

  • Systems Architecture and Application Engineering
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Services
  • Cyber Security and Information Assurance
  • Program and Performance Management 

What CEO has to say…

“Looking back at Powertek’s success, I’m humbled by the opportunities that I’ve been given to take a dream and make it into a reality” 

Firm’s emergence

The company’s founders already have prior experience as executives at other firms which provided professional and technical services to Federal Government clients. The reason behind building this company was  firstly, to deliver similar services but strongly concentrating on customer satisfaction by providing them satisfactory service and secondly, serving in a more collaborative, trusted partner role to the clients. 

Zeal towards growth

The company continued to listen to its clients and concentrated on developing technology solutions and services and made a flawless move with the changing needs of the customers. Although, the firm focuses on selected business areas they have taken a more holistic approach to make sure customer satisfaction. 

“We heard from our customers they wanted solutions that addressed their business and mission requirements, not just point solutions. We implemented management and engineering processes to ensure that the offerings we developed have clear interfaces to ensure compatibility with other services in the customer environment,” says Nancy Scott, CEO. 

Approaches to accomplishment

The company has successfully grown over the years grounded in its philosophy of “if we take care of the customer, we will never lack customers.” This approach is based on several core tenets: 1) understand what the customer wants, and meet or exceed their expectations; 2) listen to the customer and where they are going, so we can be prepared to go with them; and 3) never lose sight of why we’re there – to help the customer be successful. From this philosophy, we have developed integrated management and technical services that shifted from standard, commoditized capabilities to higher value-add solutions for our customers.

Initial obstacle

At the beginning, the major hurdle was maintaining the business strategy along with assuring sufficient revenues to invest in the strategy. “It’s very easy to get distracted from executing the strategy and focusing on chasing tactical revenue. We had to make sure we had the discipline to stay focused on the strategy – including making adjustments when needed even if that meant deferring some aspects of the plan but not discarding them completely,” says CEO 

Assets of the company 

Developing and nurturing the right relationships with the customers – Starting from the company founders down to each individual who interacts with customers in the course of performing their work 

Hiring the right people – this is more than just people with the right skills. The company emphasized getting people who also had similar philosophy to customer satisfaction and quality commitment.

Making strategic investments in the business infrastructure – As the company grew, our business/back office needs changed. We made investments where and when needed and not spending prematurely before we really needed them, and not when it was too late and when we were under pressure and in a rush to implement correctly. 

Good financial and risk management – this was critical to allow us to balance strategic investments, shorter term growth capital needs, and ensure financial stability and growth to further attract the right talent into the company. 

Powertek balances employees’ personal goals and career objective

Powertek is committed to offering employees an outstanding benefits package. This generous Employee Care Package is part of the commitment of the company’s core value to our employees. “We foster a learning culture, and we provide opportunities for all employees to become experts in their field and future industry leaders. Tuition reimbursement, certification courses, mentoring, and on-the-job skills training are a few of the many benefits provided through PowertekU.”

Master plan to success

“We provide technical solutions and services to our Federal Government clients; in the technology world, many things have changed since 2001 and what our customers require has also changed. While there’s no single or specific set of trigger events per se, there have been multiple changes that have shaped our evolving roadmap.”

The firm was established in 2001 and as the company developed and market conditions changed, there were constant adjustments on the roadmap while maintaining the core business strategy and corporate philosophy.

Greet Nancy Scott, CEO & Founder, and Samar Ghadry, Executive Vice President 

Nancy has 27 years of leadership and Federal IT experience. She held positions in various marketing and management roles prior to establishing Powertek. She is credited with building a customer-centric company focused on providing tailored, innovative approaches to Federal agencies. Her focus has also included cultivating a company devoted to professional development and employee success. 

With 27 years of business experience as a proven leader, Samar brings the creative energy that has guided Powertek’s steady growth. She has held key executive positions with industry-leading companies, including Chief Operating Officer and Sr. Vice President of Marketing. Samar has overseen Powertek’s achievement of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 20000-1 certifications and our CMMI ML2 and 3 registration

“We are contributing to society at large by helping government serve our citizens more effectively.”