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50 Most Admired Companies of The Year 2017

“We deliver world-class solutions that deepen customer relationships, improve corporate profitability and provide in-depth business performance analysis easily and efficiently”: SoftClouds

thesiliconreview balaji ramachandran ceo softclouds 17“Our methodology is responsive to business expectations, whether it is department-driven or a comprehensive strategy.”

Customer satisfaction is the key to success in any business. In order for a business to consistently succeed, it needs to satisfy its customers by providing high quality products or services on time at the right price. That’s why businesses need to constantly interact with customers in order to understand their true needs. However, interaction alone isn’t good enough. The requirements need to be tracked and analyzed in a systematic and organized fashion to build lasting high quality customer relationships that translate to long-term success. We found that Customization of CRM software/solutions was of utmost importance and the reason behind establishing SoftClouds. SoftClouds was set up to capitalize on the need for customization of CRM software/solutions and businesses wanting to engage with their customers in a personalized fashion. Larger organizations buy off-the-shelf CRM products/solutions, but they don’t know or do not have the expertise needed to implement the right CRM capabilities for their needs. SoftClouds brings in an expert team with a core focus on CRM, and exceptional skills to help blend CRM with business needs. SoftClouds was established to bring valuable CRM expertise to companies seeking to enhance their customer interactions and experience.

CEO’s statement

“Being a Customer focused Company – we were natural experts in CRM and had the right skills to blend CRM to business requirements. We thought we had niche expertise to help a lot of companies in CRM solutions as we were passionate in enhancing customer experience. We saw a great need for such customer focused solutions/services in the market and SoftClouds was established to capitalize on that need.”


SoftClouds helped an International Automotive OEM based in Southern California in integrating a Knowledge Management System with their CRM. This helped them provide enhanced customer support, reduce costs and better ROI. This was provided as a turnkey solution, and helped the company in their customer experience and brand value.

Inceptive confrontations

Initial hurdles faced by the company were human capital, hiring the right experts for the right job and expansion. This field of work demands high specialization and expertise that is not generally available in the industry, and hence it was necessary to train the employees once they joined the company.


Our Employees and Partners have been the major reason for SoftClouds to survive the slump between 2005- 2010. The company leadership is set with strategic thinkers with longer term views about the future, and also believe in continuous improvement that keeps the team vibrant with the needs of the industry.

Customer satisfaction

SoftClouds strives to deliver exceptional service and quality solutions to its customers. The result is happy customers. The firm is strategically investing in new technologies like IoT, Analytics and cloud based solutions that are fueling future growth.

Qupplet conception

The company developed a Natural Language Processing Engine for Siebel called Qupplet. This product saves our customers a great deal of time and money as they search for information out of Siebel databases by allowing them to use search in a natural way.

What is CX?

SoftClouds knows that CX is more than any specific application, any sales transaction, marketing campaign, online service chat, or in-store visit. Rather it is an accumulation of customer experiences across multiple touch points with your business processes. Each of these touch points involves an interaction and is an opportunity for your sales, service, marketing and commerce departments to put their best foot forward to build positive brand image and customer sentiment. SoftClouds specializes in implementing the latest technology and software as well as enabling legacy systems to automate and optimize these business processes.

SoftClouds knows that CX is a strategy. Our CX solutions not only help build positive brand image they also help yield better ROI.

Balaji Ramachandran (Bala) – Founder & CEO, SoftClouds

Bala has over 20 years of Entrepreneurial & Innovation leadership that has helped shape today’s CX software industry.Bala is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SoftClouds, a leading CX solutions provider with expertise in Hybrid Cloud and IoT, based in San Diego, California.

Bala has a demonstrated history of leading cross functional organizations to achieve healthy growth and margins. He is a strong entrepreneur, skilled in Product Lifecycle Management, CX Technologies, Solutions & Services, Go-to-market Strategy, and Sales & Marketing.

Bala has hands-on experience leading startup companies in CX, Cloud and Mobile technology. A consummate team-builder and promoter of innovation through collaboration, Bala has focused on CX Solutions, research and strategy around various hybrid implementations. Bala is an experienced multidisciplinary startup team builder. At SoftClouds, Bala leads the development of the strategic vision, recruits and develops new talent, and translates the vision of SoftClouds into tactical execution.

Prior to SoftClouds, Bala was Director at eRiva Systems where he directed corporate strategy and development by leading the company’s engineering, product management, and technology groups. Prior to that, he was a principal consultant at iGATE that provided full-spectrum consulting, technology and business process outsourcing.

Bala also serves on the Board of Directors of a number of startups. Bala can be best described as Humanitarian. Tenacious. Dreamer.

Bala received a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Madurai Kamaraj University, India.

"Our expertise, global alliances, and end-to-end services have helped redefine business models of our client with our innovative custom solutions."