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30 Most Trustworthy Companies of the year 2017

“We have moved from providing design tools, to putting our focus on helping our clients to take full advantage of the technology throughout their organization”: Eagle Point Software Corporation

thesiliconreview-john-biver-president-ceo-eagle-point-software-corporation-2017“We set out to solve problems for clients in the AEC market and to take advantage of technology.”

With Autodesk design software, you can manage, search and track all of your design data quickly, and collaborate securely in real time. Locating the information you need, when you need it can be tedious at times. Eagle Point Software’s Pinnacle Series will take your Autodesk productivity to new heights. We understand that if employees are trained effectively and have easy access to your company standards and procedures, they can efficiently execute their projects better. Pinnacle Series uniquely brings together Autodesk training materials and your company’s best practices into one platform with the goal to accelerate your entire design process.

Start the ball rolling

Starting in 1983 with its founders’ roots in Engineering and Architecture, Eagle Point’s vision has always been to make employees better at their jobs. Through its evolution of 33 years, “we have moved from providing design tools, to putting our focus on helping our clients to take full advantage of the technology throughout their organization.” The company is not just trainers or book authors but Engineers and Architects with over 100 years of combined experience who have helped thousands of people use their Autodesk software better. Eagle Point is a founding member of the Autodesk Developer Network, which allows us to stay on the leading edge of Autodesk technology and provide our users with the most comprehensive and effective productivity tools on the market.

The thought of establishing Eagle Point Software came after recognizing civil engineering organizations required software to help in their design processes. The overall AEC Market was selected due to the two founders’ background and experiences.

Hit It Big

The initial product rollout was extremely successful. As with any startup, the initial product rollout was crucial to the company’s long term survival and success. One of the things the company learned early was the importance of listening to customer feedback and the importance of delivering on its promises.

Growing Market / Evolving Solution

After roughly 27 years, the life of our initial solutions needed to be advanced for our growing markets. Following customer input, we created a new product and launched the Pinnacle Series under a new business model. Whereas the firm’s old business model was based on perpetual licensing, we now operate under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. SaaS allows us to quickly release new training content and software enhancements to our users without having to wait every year for a new deployment.

Sticking point

“Cash flow was our biggest challenge in our early years. Our company was bootstrapped with no outside funding. Due to this, we became very adept at understanding the importance of bringing value to our customers.”

Clientele testimony

“Pinnacle Series gives our users access to that information right at their desktops when they need it.

Instead of holding classes where you quickly lose the audience when the material doesn’t relate to them, Pinnacle Series gives you a training solution that your users can access when they need it. Pinnacle Series is something that you can reinforce over-and-over. You aren’t just telling someone how to do something, and then they forget it. They find the information in Pinnacle Series, use it and retain it.

It’s just a better way of learning.”

- Mark Nyland, CAD Manager MSA Professional Services

“Pinnacle Series has brought three key main contributions to our business. It has enhanced our ability to deliver even more relevant, reliable and “on-demand” training; reinforced our ability to achieve greater productivity; and supplemented our delivery of consistent quality training across a national network of locations to a growing workforce. Pinnacle Series has become an essential support tool in our rapid business expansion programme. When people need answers, they can get them fast.”

- Veronica Ruby, Lead BIM and PLM Consultant, Waldeck Consulting

“The bottlenecks in support have been reduced” and Tracy has seen a decrease of 90% in employees who require follow-up assistance on their support requests. Because of the Pinnacle Series available to his employees, Tracy gained an extra 2-4 hours per day to work on higher-end initiatives for the company.

- Tracy Matteson, Design Technology Manager, Mazzetti, Inc.

X factor

Great people- Many businesses say that their biggest asset is their people. For us, having people that believe in our vision and work hard every day to reach that vision is paramount to our success.

Listening to our customers- Customers will tell you what they want, you just have to listen.

Being goal oriented- Resting on prior achievements causes stagnation. We should always be thinking of what is the next objective that will make our product better and make our clients love our product even more.

Meet the Leader: John Biver, President and CEO

John Biver is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Additionally, he was one of the original founders of the company in 1983. Early in his career, John was a professionally registered civil engineer. Today, John’s role at Eagle Point involves working with the Management Team to define the overall vision for the organization. Additionally, John works directly with strategic partners and key customers to make sure Eagle Point’s products and services bring them true value.

“We specialize in AEC Software Development, Autodesk Software Training, Autodesk Software Implementation, Autodesk Software Support, Bluebeam Training, Platform Software.”