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50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2017

We have the knowhow to deliver payment technology “end to end”: SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc.

thesiliconreview-massimo-barone-chairman-ceo-smartcard-marketing-systems-inc-2017Digitization is moving rapidly towards a new milestone; information now travels almost at the speed of light. Use of mobile phones for transaction and interaction digitally through social media and e-commerce websites is reaching the highest level. The payments scenario is no exception and is witnessing dynamic growth and evolution. Customers demand new digital-age payments and settlements. Today retail and Enterprise companies work with highly fragmented payment system running multiple applications for different types of payments across different lines of business. Demand for enterprise-wide approach to payments is increasing with each passing day rather than an isolated view. Standardization, visibility, processing speed and accuracy are the need of the hour. Increased compliance reporting has also placed auxiliary demands on the payments infrastructure.

In 2006, two brilliant personalities, Massimo Barone and Paolo Continelli established Smartcard Marketing Systems Inc. (OTC: SMKG) to enter the payments arena as a new player. The company was set up to deliver expert payment architecture for Retail & Enterprise companies with a global footprint. They believe that Retail and Enterprise continue to grow and evolve with a constant need to adopt the best available technology to service customers.

The journey of SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc. so far

Smartcard Marketing Systems Inc. is a Fintech Accelerator and develops EMV MPOS, Ecommerce payment and incentive solution for Banks, Telecom & Global Enterprise with retail and enterprise merchant portfolios. Smartcard is creating a new channel of business offering up an ecosystem of SaaS solutions that solves Interpretability, Security, Scalability and KYC standards through business process applications. The company’s proprietary platforms include,,, and

The challenges during the company’s initial days were primarily acceptance by Acquirer, Issuers or processors that could not meet new trending technologies, in addition how to evaluate the risk and delivery to merchants without disrupting resources. The company expanded its ISV partner services to capitalize on Fintech Startups. It believed that working with the industry segment, the company can grow exponentially while building a world class portfolio of tech customers within the payment industry. Payment solutions development, certification, security, underwriting and commercialization of product for merchants have always been the company’s forte.

Smartcard Marketing Systems Inc. has built the team to be advisors to the ISV customers. It combines account executives with social-media content strategists to deliver an enriched understanding to the customers of today’s markets.

The company’s first product was; an RDC solution for Banks, Credit Unions & Enterprises with high volume check processing needs. The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check 21) was signed into law on October 28, 2003, and became effective on October 28, 2004. Check 21 is designed to foster innovation in the payments system and to enhance its efficiency by reducing some of the legal impediments to check truncation. being the company’s first project roll on, it has worked with their partner, Contact Innovation & their Bank client ICICI Bank of India to service their Branch operations & Treasury customers in Canada with a turn-key solution.

The company have also developed,, and which will expand the go to market offering for ISV Customers.

Current company scenario and future road map

There has to be a great mix of passion, integrity and expertise, and a shared team vision to achieve the greater heights of success. The Smartcard Marketing Systems Inc. team is a small group but have extensive experience in startups and go-to-market strategies. A large part of their roadmap always includes a big focus on industry events.

The company’s main focus is with payments and delivering solutions to the masses is the key, while eliminated capex is fundamental. A passion to see product acceptance always inspires the company to excel in the field of business. The customer expects the company to continue to be innovative and deliver market ready solutions to keep with trends and continue to perform with legacy systems. The customers that the company acquired have been great and that continue to share business ideas to evolve their market presence. The products delivered by Smartcard Marketing are gaining immense popularity as they have developed a brand for their products so customers can truly understand and evaluate. Working with many Fintech startups and focusing on emerging markets including, Philippines, India, LATAM are some of the key reasons for the consistence growth of the organization.

The company believes that it can be the largest or amongst the top 5 globally with a tech portfolio of innovate startups in the mobile market. Every single day the organization evaluates new startups and develops a roadmap to commercialize their products. It delivers a global offering, so their products and solutions must encompass a global strategy with key partners that will underwrite their objectives.

Knowing the leader behind the success

Massimo Barone is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Smartcard Marketing Systems Inc. He studied the Canadian Securities Course, Business/Commerce, General at St Lambert College, Quebec, Canada. He enjoys conceptualizing new technology and bringing innovative concepts to market in the Payment Industry. In the past 25 years he has successfully founded and commercialized globally over 160 projects in online payments, MPOS & Alternative payment globally for both credit & debit.

Barone also founded Hybrid PayTech World, Inc. and was previously employed as the Chairman and Chief Operating Officer and now recently launched TechStarterInc.

“Our strategy is built on compounded years of expertise & successes both developing and deploying payment solutions globally to individual customers as well as major Banks & Telecom clients.”