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50 Best Companies to Watch 2017

“We help businesses and organizations build capabilities in the field of Data Science” ORTEC Data Science


Data Science provides deep analysis of large data that can help your business to gain competitive edge over others. To grab upcoming market opportunities before competitors do you must leverage predictive analytics report. It offers an end solution to the data analytics problems which your IoT business is facing. Not only will Data Science helps you with analytics, but it will also help you create innovative ideas to lead your IoT business.

ORTEC Data Science was established in 2016. Since then, we have enabled businesses to discover and optimize their data. From the boardroom to the time of implementation, ORTEC Data Science helps you add overall value to your business.

The dilemma that lies ahead for most businesses is whether to disrupt or be disrupted? Big Data, Analytics, AI, and Deep Learning – to name a few – are new and emerging technologies that are already changing industry trends at a fast pace. Data Science creates an average profit increase of 4 percent to 8 percent, by lowering costs substantially, creating new products and services, and adjusting the operation based on predictions. With over 37 years of data science experience in 50 countries and 900 motivated employees, we are positive that we have the knowledge to help you become data-driven. We can work with you on data science projects aimed towards implementing necessary organizational changes and by transforming your workforce with our Analytics Academy.

Capsulization of the syndicate

ORTEC is one of the world’s leaders in optimization software and analytics solutions. Our priorities are to create a more efficient, more predictable and more effective business– therefore, turning complex challenges into user-friendly solutions. The ORTEC brand is widely known for it’s software products and consulting services. These result in huge revenue increases, cost benefits and sustainability benefits, through optimized fleet routing and dispatch, vehicle and pallet loading, workforce scheduling, delivery forecasting, logistics network planning, and warehouse control, but also in optimized price setting and targeted marketing efforts. They offer custom-made SAP®-certified and embedded solutions that are supported by strategic partnerships. These solutions serve clients in almost every industry. We deliver solutions to the global community, with 15 offices located across 4 continents.

Sui generis- ORTEC Data Science

thesiliconreview-lex-knape-cdo-ortec-data-science-17ORTEC Data Science is a new company within the ORTEC brand. It has been practicing data science for four decades. They believe that the value of data is a necessity but that it is not a quick fix, and that success is contingent on a number of key elements: sponsorship from the top management, identification of data as an asset, development of an infrastructure for analytics, and finding the right people or even changing the organization as a whole. “We can help you with our experience to become a data driven organization and to stay ahead of your competition,” says Albert Bogaard, Founder & CEO.



Divergent thinkers

thesiliconreview-patrick-hennen-coo-ortec-data-science-17We pride ourselves on having a creative working environment. We encourage our employees to think out-of-the box and discover innovative ways in which to save costs, to increase revenues, and to make predictions based on the data collected. “One of our first customers we offered the full line of services. From creating a technical backbone, setting up a Data Lake, realizing Data Science opportunities and manage change on board level and organization culture,” adds Albert Bogaard.

Saving grace

  • 85 percent of our employees have an MSc or PhD in Data Science
  • Program and Change Management capabilities
  • Our mathematical and technological expertise
  • Market and business knowledge
  • Our Analytics Academy and cooperation with Amsterdam Business School

Rationale behind:

Your product popularity

We are a company that goes the extra mile. We value the partnerships we have with our customers and work closely with them to help them realize their goals.

Your consistence growth as an organization

The growing trend within companies to become more data-driven.

Why did you choose this arena as your business?

We are passionate about mathematics, and the role it can play within companies. Instead of using niche applications, data science uses the power of mathematics within corporations. Being amongst the first in this movement, it inspires us to continue to maximize the output for our customers.

ORTEC’s beneficence

The firm always focuses on the three “P”s: People, Planet and Profit. All our projects and products aim to help our clients make better decisions that impact their bottom line, that decrease their footprint, and that educate their employees to secure future careers.

Being optimistic

ORTEC’s ambition is to become the world’s leader in building data-driven organizations with our expertise in data science and with our Analytics Academy.

“We can help you with our experience to become a data driven organization and to stay ahead of your competition.”