Silicon100 2017

“We help clients reduce call center costs and increase revenue streams while improving their overall customer experience”: ethosIQ

thesiliconreview-scott-walker-ceo-ethosiq-17“Our vision is to help businesses of any size; deliver the best possible customer experience.”

Since 2009, businesses spanning multiple industries and from around the world have trusted ethosIQ. The company combines the customer engagement products and services with market-leading software products to provide end-to-end solutions. The company carefully chooses its partners to ensure seamless integration, robust functionality and exceptional cost of ownership. 

ethosIQ excels at addressing customers’ needs by listening, evaluating and then providing recommendations. By doing so, its team enables companies to turn their call center operations into heroic centers of excellence by optimizing their systems and providing strategic roadmaps for attaining a next generation contact center solution. ethosIQ helps businesses assess their needs and determine a strategic path to achieve corporate goals. 

Most Reliable Business Analytics Platform 

A Veteran-Owned business analytics software platform focused on the support efforts of large multinational corporations and governments.

  • ethosIQ’s License Resource Manager helps eliminate the possibility of audits by enabling your organization to be more proactive with its compliance strategy. License Resource Manager enables organizations to save money and time, and also helps businesses that need to allocate costs of their call center solution across different business units.
  • Keeping critical IT tasks in mind, it helps in reducing operating cost, having the ability to fix problems before they occur to maximize day-to-day operations. Both operations and financial efficiency are enhanced.
  • It helps organizations address the growing global compliance around do-not-call lists, prior written consent, abandoned calls and reduced regulatory risk. 

In dialogue with the legends

Can you brief us about the history of your company?

In July of 2009, ethosIQ was launched and we received our first contract within thirty days by an American multinational banking firm that engages in global investment banking, investment management, securities, and other financial services, primarily with institutional clients. In 2010, ethosIQ launched the core product called “Customer Engagement Platform” (CEP) which allows for the collection of disparate data in real-time. This includes email, chat, Kiosk, time clocks, voice calls, mobility applications, backend solutions and Social Media applications. In 2011, ethosIQ released its analytics tool, ethosAnalytics. In 2015, the Customer Engagement Platform breaks the 100,000 agent that are monitored while processing billions of events daily.

Can you provide brief information on your service/Product offerings and how does it benefit your clients?

ethosIQ is a business analytics software platform focused on the customer support efforts of large multimedia contact centers, which are operated by virtually every Fortune 1000 company. Our company’s solution portfolio includes unique “cradle to grave” customer journey data capturing and reporting capabilities – all attributable to the company’s unique source-agnostic Customer Engagement Platform (CEP). Our unique core product, the Customer Engagement Platform™ (CEP), allows our customers to enhance and better understand their customer’s experience by gaining insight into the customer journey in real-time.

Complacent emptors

  • Genesys Environment : Installation of a Single Collector
  • Avaya Environments : Correlation of agent interaction from all sources into a single agent ID
  • Liveperson : Provided single real-time state of agent
  • Symposium : Single Historical Feed
  • Login IDs per Agent : Single Enterprise View
  • Multiple Routing Engines : Reduce Costs

Can you tell us about how your company is positioned in the recent Market scenario?

ethosIQ has identified a unique niche of collecting data from disparate systems within customer services throughout the world and has been recognized as the market leader. CEP is a solution that truly enables “Do it more with less and do it faster.” 

With our data collection and correlation we enable real speed decisions at virtually every level within the enterprise. We provide the data that enables decisions in minutes, not days or weeks. 

What are your present and future focus areas?

ethosIQ is constantly adding sources to our data collection. Today, we have over 90 plus sources defined. We are looking to continue to grow these libraries as the market demands.  

How do you position yourself in the current domain? How do you amalgamate latest technology with business objectives? 

ethosIQ has the ability to offer a proven solution to assist with:

  • Remove disparate data parameters across the global organization as well as within unique business groups that may exist based on acquisitions/mergers and even related to technology discrepancies between divisions
  • Mitigate the challenges with multiple agent logins such as those related to email, chat, voice, etc. across multiple systems (automatic correlation of agent across multiple platforms and contact technologies)
  • Provide, REAL TIME, the customer journey from point of entry to the environment through transfers and customer closure, END TO END, at the single contact perspective with a click of the button
  • Think of trying to find the one customer who escalated a 20 minute hold time to the CEO line, instantly
  • Identifying not only a single customer transfer end to end journey, but who transferred and who received
  • Lends to real time identification of Fraud detection by linking with fraud databases, known fraudulent accounts, agent logins, and/or agent activity, both internal and fraudsters contacting the bank as well as easy identification of malicious callers
  • Limit for losses can be lowered as the cost/time to identify has been reduced to seconds as part of the full package with CEP 

We introduce you to the Aspirants: 

Scott Walker, CEO: Scott founded ethosIQ from his garage and boot strapped his way to a global organization in less than five years. Mr. Walker is a problem solver on a grand scale. His abilities to see opportunities, overcome barriers and develop solutions to both client-specific and industry-wide challenges have propelled him to where he is today – The Market Leader in the collecting and correlation of disparate data. 

Shellie Plymale, SVP: Shellie has a vast background in contact center technology, metrics and operational best practices providing solutions to meet or exceed client business goals. Ms. Plymale “thinks of out the box” and sees every challenge as an opportunity in pursuit of enabling the best customer experience possible in conjunction with value add measurements.

“The ability to provide end to end data relative to the customer journey from disparate systems in real time is a dream come true.”