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50 Fastest Growing Companies of The Year 2017

“We help your community run smoothly and efficiently through community-focused services built on integrity, experience and professionalism”: Ontario Property Management Group Inc.


“We will do what it takes to help you realize your full potential through mentoring, skills training and financial support.”

Property Management (PM) is a complicated field; in part because PM requires numerous skills to handle a wide range of tasks. Every property has its own peculiarities, meaning that each property along with its tenants will pose their own unique challenges and difficulties to the PM professional. Difficulties depend on the firm’s size, property type, and level of staff experience. No matter the size of the challenge, management is tasked with allocating resources appropriately to ensure operations run seamlessly and smoothly.

Property management is an extremely customer-focused business; the more time you allocate in dealing with your tenants, your staff and your vendors in order to enhance their experience, the better. Oftentimes this tends to pose a challenge as your true concern remains keeping your bottom line. This is where technology can step in to help you, as it has proved to be a tremendous aid for Ontario Property Management Group (OPMG). OPMG’s cutting edge technology allows the organization to provide community, financial and property management services to co-operative and non-profit housing communities, Boards and residents.

OPMG helps your community run smoothly and efficiently through community-focused services built on integrity, experience and professionalism. OPMG never compromises its principles. This philosophy along with a committed group of employees has allowed OPMG to grow rapidly in the past 10 years. The firm is now the largest management provider of services in the social housing sector. OPMG has achieved so much in so little time, and it will continue to grow and be successful in the future. A big reason for its growth is that OPMG considers its employees as family members and as such, treats them with the same respect and care. If employees show initiative and the willingness to grow, OPMG will do what it takes to help them realize their full potential through mentoring, skills training and financial support. The company is proud of its employees’ dedication to their community. This attribute really differentiates OPMG employees from the rest. OPMG appreciates all the hard work their employees have put forth these past years and are confident that they will continue to strive for excellence in the future. OPMG understands the need to be transparent and forward thinking. We take great pride in our company and those that make it what it is - a company that never compromises its principles.

OPMG fosters…

The Ontario Property Management Group Inc. (OPMG) provides community, financial and property management services to private landlords, co-operative and non-profit housing communities, Boards and residents.

The company helps your community run smoothly and efficiently through community-focused services built on integrity, experience and professionalism.

Capsulization of Services rendered

Building Maintenance:

Planned, timely maintenance of structural and mechanical building components to reduce costly breakdowns and improve living standards. To that end, the company has developed practical “ planned preventative maintenance” programs tailored to incorporate the uniqueness of each client.


Effective financial solutions that manage your buildings with an efficient use of your money. In cooperation with its sector partners, the company has introduced program and cost-saving measures that maximize the value of the services received by housing providers.


Administrative solutions to elevate your communications and ensure rules, bylaws and regulations are followed. Its solutions ensure that stakeholders are kept informed and up-to-date.

Project Management:

Capital management and process planning to help you run your building at its greatest potential. OPMG has various ways to help your community thrive.

A report on OPMG’s triumphs

In November of 2015 OPMG successfully negotiated a $1 Million dollar deal with the City of Toronto on behalf of clients with regard to the Sustainable Energy Plan. This is the first brokered energy deal of its kind that was made between the city of Toronto and a co-op managed.

In early Nov 2016, the federal government in conjunction with the Province of Ontario announced funding availability for Social Housing Providers under 4 separate programs, The Social Housing Energy Efficient Program (SHEEP), Social Housing Innovation Program & Social Housing Apartment Retrofit Program. On behalf of 38 Social Housing Clients managed by OPMG we successfully applied and obtained over $5.514 Million for various projects.

CEO says kudos to…

The executive team – all started at entry levels been with me 13 years truly understanding every job in the business

The Senior Property Managers-also most have been with me for over 13 year; they are out there in the field supervising the staff and the buildings

Executive Assistant (Lovelyn Valdez) - who celebrated her 8th year with me; she allows me the time I need to do my work – extremely organized

Network of friends, mentor for 30 years (Scott Boyle) and the advisory board

Credit cards (that’s how I funded the start)Kids and family for their support

Greet this virtuoso with a smile: Kim B. Overbye,  President/CEO

Kim offers over 25 years of experience in Administration, Capital Project Management &Accounting. He leads the Executive Team and OPMG with a clear and defined sense of business direction and purpose. Kim effectively communicates OPMG’s vision and principles and fosters a culture of integrity through the organization.

At the age of 16, Kim started his career in the laundry room of a busy hotel. He spent most of his summers, evenings and any free time learning the ins and outs of the business through playing various roles from night auditor to front desk representative.

In 1992, he started a fresh career path leaving the hotel industry and dove head first to a growing property management company with his close friend. When the pair finally parted ways a few years later, Kim took the next plunge in opening his own management company and launched OPMG in 2003.

“Fostering trust means providing fulling transparent service in all areas of business. OPMG’s hands-on senior management, in-house support staff and customized financial packages will ensure that your community receives customized services that meet your needs.”