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“We know the ins and outs of channel management and what makes partner programs work to increase return on channel investment.”: Relayware supercharges channel partner programs

Founded in 1995 with the expressed purpose of revolutionizing Partner Relationship Management (PRM), Relayware has seen phenomenal growth and recently announced its one-millionth channel partner on its Partner Cloud platform following a sustained period of strong international growth.

Relayware’s strength and success lie in its ability to automate channel program management.

As a result, vendors see an increase their channel program performance and revenue growth. Customers, such as Lenovo, Kaspersky Lab and Adaptive Insights, rely on Relayware to drive productivity and return on channel investment.

Currently under the direction of Chairman and CEO Robert Mann, Relayware offers a comprehensive selection of bundled channel partner applications and a platform that connects all channel-related applications together to intelligently power partner programs.

Getting into the Products
Partner Portal Pack: The partner portal is the base of every strong partner program. Relayware offers vendors a flexible and context-aware partner portal that provides their partners with a tailored experience. By delivering the right content to the right partner professional every time, vendors increase their channel partners’ engagement.

Partner Sales Pack: The goal of any partner program is to increase reach, sales and revenue for a vendor. Yet, managing channel partner sales is complex and multi-faceted. Relayware’s Partner Sales Pack creates a direct link between the vendor, the customer and the partner, so vendors and partners are always on the same page about leads and opportunities.

Relayware also seamlessly integrates with leading CRMs, like, so vendors can manage all of their relationships in one place.

Partner Marketing Pack: With Relayware, vendors effectively align corporate marketing initiatives with their channel partners as well as boost partner motivation with robust MDF, co-op, rebate, loyalty program and individual incentive management tools. These powerful tools empower channel partners to fuel a vendor’s business.

Partner Training Pack: Relayware automates channel partner training, eliminating manual offline processes and boosting the quality of training delivery, partner participation and channel understanding. This ensures that indirect channels are better trained, more skilled and more knowledgeable.

Partner Cloud: Unifying all of the applications that a channel program depends on, Relayware’s Partner Cloud provides the valuable insight a vendor needs to run a partner program, so they can see what’s working and what’s not. This includes a partner system-of-record that combines all of partner-centric data, apps and processes around a single, shared data repository. Reports, dashboards and business intelligence enable channel managers to steer their programs in the right direction. Partner Cloud’s powerful business rules engine gives vendors total control over the flow of information across their entire program. This kind of control keeps all engines moving forward and in the same direction.

“Partner Cloud gives our customers access to a huge repository of rich data, so they can see how their partners are performing and analyze the data. Then, the business rules engine enables a company to affect positive behavior to drive more sales. No other company provides this kind of sophisticated technology where companies see an increase in channel revenue,” Mann reports.

The Clientele Outline
Relayware’s particular strength is working with vendors who have developed channel partner networks and who sell relatively complex products. These include customers in a range of industries from hi-tech, manufacturing, telecommunications, energy and insurance companies around the world, and Relayware helps companies in these areas automate their complex partner processes.

Recently, the company has seen considerable interest and uptake from high-growth, VC-backed companies. These companies are striving to grow quickly through channel partners and need the dynamic tools that Relayware offers to recruit, onboard, train and grow their partner programs. Example Relayware customers include ThinkingPhones, Arbor Networks and eFolder.

Additionally, Relayware has always succeeded with large enterprises that have established channel partner programs, such as Lenovo, GE Oil & Gas, and Kaspersky. These companies rely on Relayware to help refine their programs and get more out of their programs. For example, new Lenovo partners who have been on-boarded with Relayware delivered 50 percent more revenue than those who were not.

The Future of Partner Relationship Management
Today, companies are looking for more visibility into their channel partners’ day-to-day operations, and it is very expensive to recruit and on-board news partners.

“Every day, we hear from our customers and prospects that PRM is more important than ever. They know that they can no longer ignore the channel. In order to guarantee revenue growth and channel performance, they are looking for the right tools to propel channel growth. We’ll be extending our Partner Performance Management by working with our customers to review their partner trends and then provide a dashboard of actionable steps to take to improve partner performance and drive revenue growth,” Mann said.

Partner Performance Management offers vendors visibility into their partners’ day-to-day operations the ability to measure what’s working and what’s not. Led by a team of channel partner management experts with a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of the evolving channel, Relayware has proven its ability to drive greater engagement, productivity and revenue growth for companies of all sizes across all sectors with channel partners. Relayware’s technology is the answer for innovative channel professionals who are committed to taking their channel partners to new heights through the power of data analytics, business intelligence and automation.

“We know the ins and outs of channel management and what makes partner programs work to increase return on channel investment. Our promise is simple: supercharge channel performance. It’s what we were born to do,” Mann adds.

Clients’ Speak
“Relayware allows Lenovo to be a better partner to its partners.” – Robin Marley, Director,
Worldwide Channel Marketing, Lenovo

“By deploying Relayware we are demonstrating a solid commitment to improving and maintaining the competency, motivation and collaborative selling power of our intermediaries.”
– Shane Buckley, CEO of Xirrus

“We looked at a number of different solutions to tackle our partner program needs. We selected Relayware because of its holistically connected approach and integration with our CRM system,”
– Paula Sullivan, GENBAND director of channel marketing.