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“We know what to say and do to have decision makers agree that clearing their calendars to meet with our clients would be time well spent.” Caryn Kopp

thesiliconreview-caryn-kopp-managing-director-kopp-consulting-17Helping Clients Find New Clients! 

Growing companies face a big challenge when it comes to sales. They must get in more doors if they want to close more sales. Landing these initial meetings, especially with busy, high-level decision makers has become increasingly more difficult. Sellers either don’t have the right skills to get in the door, don’t know what to say to make an impact or they’re too busy closing sales to make time for effective prospecting. Further, the kinds of sellers who can (and will) consistently get the right door opened are the most difficult kind of sellers to hire. Companies who have not yet found the right answer to this challenge are often faced with empty pipelines, missed opportunities and lower than desired sales growth…not to mention frustrated management.

Outsourcing High Level Prospecting Is an Effective Way for Companies to Grow Sales

The Door Opener® Service

Kopp Consulting is best known for their highly professional Door Opener Service – the gold standard of outsourced business development solutions. It solves the challenge of getting more doors open for companies which are serious about growth.In fact, Kopp Consulting has been named one of Inc’s 5000 fastest growing US companies two years in a row and received a Stevie award for Sales Outsourcing Provider of the Year. Kopp’s Door Openers have been making it easier for other companies to sell since 1999. Their clients have experienced accelerated sales without adding headcount, suffering through mis-hires, or spending time they don’t have managing the prospecting process.

Business leaders often say, “We can close a sale most the time when we’re in front of the right prospects. We just can’t get in front of enough of the right prospects.” The Door Opener Service by Kopp Consulting is a no-brainer for any business who wants to get in the door with more prospects. This service has helped thousands of business leaders and salespeople secure initial meetings with wish list executives in almost every Fortune 500 company.

Who Are the Door Openers®?

Caryn Kopp and her Door Opener team at Kopp Consulting are experienced professionals, each with a minimum of 10 years’ experience in business development. Most Door Openers have also held decision maker roles in corporations. “Experiencing the sale from both sides of the desk makes us very effective in starting conversations that lead to important initial meetings,” says Caryn Kopp, Chief Door Opener. “It also makes us very comfortable engaging senior executives in dialogue which gets outcomes many other sellers can’t get.”

For example, one Door Opener was told by a prospect that their RFP process had closed, and there was no opportunity. Most sellers would have hung up. Not Kopp’s Door Opener! What the Door Opener said in that split second caused the decision maker to re-evaluate his answer and he asked Kopp’s client to participate in the RFP (even though the RFP process had closed). The client won that business. And, that was business the client never would have known about had it not been for the Door Opener Service.

Kopp developed a business model that helps clients fill their pipelines, despite a challenging climate, and achieve the growth they want.

Hiring the Right Hunter

Many business leaders report that hiring the right hunter who can and will open doors is the most difficult of all sales hires. “There is a blind spot when it comes to hiring the right hunter.” says Caryn, “What most business leaders don’t know is that within the world of hunters, there are different kinds of hunters. Many hunters are great at going on the meetings and closing sales.We call them ‘closers’. Other hunters are intuitively great at starting new relationships where none existed before. It’s part of their DNA; they love this part of the job. These are the ‘openers’. We specialize in hiring openers and we’ve been doing this for 19 years. We’ve made a science of hiring the right hunter.” Someone once said, “Only 1% of all salespeople are truly gifted at opening prospect doors” and Caryn said, “I agree and they all work at Kopp Consulting!” It is easier and more successful for companies to outsource door opening to Kopp Consulting.

The Moment of Yes®

Decision makers are busy people. If they are going to clear time on their packed calendars for a conversation about something new they must believe that conversation will benefit them in a big way. The right words will convey that, the wrong words won’t. Kopp’s Moment of Yes Sales Messaging is strategically crafted sales language designed to capture the attention of the right prospects. The Moment of Yes process pinpoints the exact words and phrases which make strong emotional connections with key decision makers. Kopp clients often say the prospects they met were not only warm but also “half sold” before the meeting as a result of what the Door Opener said during the outreach.

Help Getting The Closed Sale

Because of the depth of the Door Openers’ experience in business development and because they are the initial points of contact with prospects, The Door Openers of Kopp are in a unique position to provide guidance to clients who may not always know or may not always do the right sales behaviors. Door Openers can step in and resurrect the conversation should prospects go “silent” before the close. The group also provides their clients insights into the market, the message and the sales process so that the close can happen faster.

How to Know If Door Opening Is Right for Your Company

  • You need more meetings and closed sales than you are getting with your current resources
  • You often say, “We close sales when we’re in front of the right decision makers, we just need to meet more of the right decision makers!”
  • You want to meet prospects before your competitors do.
  • You/your principal seller(s) don’t have time to effectively prospect and keep the pipeline full
  • You/your principal seller(s)’ time and talent is better spent closing deals than opening doors
  • You are tired of sales peaks and valleys associated with lack of consistent and effective prospecting
  • You do not want to manage the lead generation process; you just want it to work
  • You have suffered through mis-hires of sales professionals who say they can get the doors open and then can’t or don’t.
  • Large account selling is important to you, yet your internal team is better with smaller prospects
  • You want to increase your footprint within large clients faster than you can with your current resources
  • You have tried everything else to increase sales and now you need expert help

Meet the Chief Door Opener of Kopp Consulting

Caryn Kopp is the Managing Director and Chief Door Opener at Kopp Consulting. Caryn, is an expert in business development, a best-selling author and a nationally recognized speaker. Her webinars “Overcome More Objections, Close More Sales!” and “Biz Dev Done Right” can be seen on Verne Harnish’s Gazelle’s Growth Institute where she is a faculty member. Caryn is also the author of The Path to The Cash! The go-to book for getting in the door with prospects, and co-author of Biz Dev Done Right. Caryn has received numerous leadership awards including the Top 25 NJ Leading Women Entrepreneurs, Enterprising Women of the Year, NJ BIZ 50 Best Women in Business, and a Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year. 

"When clients have results like adding over $5 million dollars in new revenue to their businesses, increasing close ratios from 20% to 48% or being included in RFPs after the RFP process officially closed, we know we’re doing business development right!"