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10 Best Healthcare Companies 2017

We Make Change Happen: CIPHER Healthcare

ajay piramal chairman piramal

CIPHER Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. works on creating patient-centric models for healthcare which will reduce non-communicable disease related mortality in India. CIPHER works on identifying and creating innovative models of healthcare delivery to support the needs of millions of Indians across urban and rural India. CIPHER currently operates the Cancer Helpline which is a one stop disease management solution centre for those affected by cancer in India. Cancer Helpline provides information, guidance and services to all those who need it; patients, and family members. Cancer Helpline is your companion on your cancer journey.

Helping Patients through the Treatment Journey

Non-communicable disease treatment and management is often long drawn and patients and care givers find it a daunting process. Often care is divided into two stages; those spent at the hospital and those spent at home. While there is competent care provided at hospitals, patients and care givers struggle to provide the same quality of care at home. This is where CIPHER steps in.

We help patients transition through these tough stages by providing disease management services like coaching, nursing, counseling, physiotherapy, nutrition etc. at the comfort of their own home. These services are complementary to the treatment being received and improve treatment and recovery outcomes. We are available by your side through the course of your diagnosis and treatment and help you and your family manage the tough period of treatment better.

Helping You Connect Better with Your Patients

Hospitals often find it difficult to be closely in touch with patients and families owing to operational difficulties and priority emergencies. While it could be justified given the healthcare scenario in India, the connection between a hospital and patient grows if they are offered personalized support. Studies have shown that empathetic patient care leads to better treatment outcomes and effective communication is associated with higher patient satisfaction.

CIPHER can help you do that. Establishing a patient contact centre brings you closer to your present and prospective patients. Apart from providing patient counseling and support, we will also be involved in patient lifecycle management, service scoring and feedback and manage your hospital’s helpline service.

Create Programmes to Engage People

Outreach programmes have now become an integral part of a hospital’s responsibility, since it contributes to improving the overall wellbeing of patients and the community. Such programmes are far more imperative for non-communicable diseases. With innovative outreach programmes, hospitals have improved goodwill and better connection with patients.

CIPHER has been involved in the space of outreach programmes and has actively worked with the community for prevention and screening of non-communicable diseases. We recommend and help hospitals create a customized programmes based on their needs and train appropriate staff for implementing such outreach programmes.

Enter the Market with Complete Information

We understand patients and we know what they want. We use this knowledge to help other providers understand patient-centricity when they enter the market. We use patient surveys, competitor analysis, and industry analysis to provide recommendations for the right entry strategy.

We have worked with healthcare providers in the space of neurology and oncology and provided actionable recommendations. We deliver strategy and solutions focused on improving patient satisfaction, improving quality and enhancing therapeutic outcome.

Creating Healthier Communities

At CIPHER, we strive towards building awareness in the community at large about non-communicable disease management. As part of that endeavour, we regularly work with schools, hospitals and organizations with customized engagement programmes. Additionally, we also bring communities closer by connecting donors with organizations to whom they can donate in kind.

Working To Build a Healthier Community

At CIPHER, our intention is to contribute to the process of building a healthier community. So, we have timely interventions with our community outreach programmes. Currently, we regularly execute outreach programmes for cancer prevention and screening and educating adolescents and young adults on healthy habits. Apart from our standardized programmes, we also develop customized workshops and training sessions based on your requirement.

Breast Cancer Awareness: In India, breast cancer is more prevalent among women in urban regions than rural areas. Over the last 5 years, we have been working with several multinational corporations to target women, to make them aware of the risks of breast cancer, screening requirements and why they should be worried.

Working with Young Adults: We believe that the adolescent years play a big role in shaping an individual. This is also the time when individuals are most susceptible to picking up habits that are harmful to their health. We work with them to assist them in making the right choices.

Reaching Out To Build a Healthcare Ecosystem

CIPHER actively works with healthcare providers and other partners to create a symbiotic network where everyone can help each other out. We work with schools and hospitals with the ultimate aim of working together to create a healthier community. One of our regular community initiatives includes engagement with children suffering from cancer with whom we celebrate Christmas every year. We also help bring the community closer by connecting donors with appropriate organizations to which they wish to donate.

Meet the healthcare expert

Sonali Srungaram, Managing Director : After spending 12 years at Accenture managing large transformational projects across Asia-Pacific, India and the UK, Sonali decided to dedicate her time to supporting the cause of non-communicable disease related prevention, detection and treatment. CIPHER Healthcare was born as a result of this dedication with an aim to serve all affected Indians.

“We empower individuals to take control of their own health by providing them services, information and most importantly companionship and empathy during their journey.”