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10 Fastest Growing SAAS Solution Providers 2017

We Make On-Call Suck Less: VictorOps

thesiliconreview-todd-vernon-ceo-victorops-17“With extensive out of the box integrations and a robust REST API, VictorOps gets you up and running quickly using your existing IT and DevOps toolset.”

Today every technology enabled business is 24/7. Keeping the machines running at this pace no longer affords the luxury of a nine to five workday. VictorOps was co-founded in 2012 by a team of passionate technologists that know what it’s like to be responsible for 24/7 uptime.

The VictorOps founders, Todd Vernon, Bryce Ambraziunas, and Dan Jones built the product they needed at their past companies – a better way to troubleshoot problems, get the team engaged faster and save the business money. Together they have over 30 years of DevOps experience working in the trenches to keep their companies always-on. The company is located in the heart of downtown Boulder.

Built for DevOps!

VictorOps is a hub for centralizing the flow of information throughout the incident lifecycle. Driven by IT and DevOps system data, VictorOps provides a unified platform for real-time alerting, collaboration, and documentation. Using VictorOps, teams resolve incidents faster to help minimize the impact of downtime and speed innovation.

IT and DevOps teams are now the backbone of a company’s ability to deliver on agile’s promise of providing working software to customers quickly. Ensuring these teams not only know when there’s a problem, but have the information and tools they need to quickly solve it are essential. VictorOps is the real-time incident management platform that combines the power of people and data to embolden DevOps pros to handle incidents as they occur. VictorOps does more than just alerting, it provides teams with a virtual environment where they can prepare for, react to and recover from each incident regardless of location or device. It’s both real-time and thoroughly agile incident management.

How it Works

VictorOps integrates with enterprise monitoring systems (i.e. Nagios, New Relic, Zabbix, Pingdom, and AppDynamics), and ingests information in order to intelligently route actionable incidents to the right team for real-time response (via SMS, email or phone call). During an incident, teams can collaboratively troubleshoot using native chat or bi-directional integrations with Slack and HipChat. Incoming alarms can be annotated with links to documentation from internal Wikis, runbooks, graphs (i.e. Boundary, Data Dog), or links to past retrospective reports. Reports, also easily created within VictorOps, ensure teams can adapt and learn from each incident.

Differentiating Factors

  • VictorOps increases situational awareness so that collaboration and problem solving can happen in real-time. As the Swiss Army Knife of DevOps, VictorOps combines data, alerting and remediation functionality to provide a complete and live view of your system – the good, bad and ugly.
  • VictorOps helps you sort through the noise and get to what’s important. With functionality specific to DevOps practices and agile incident management, you can annotate incoming alerts with potential solutions and intelligently route incidents to specific team members based on the content within the alert itself.
  • VictorOps better mobilizes people in a virtual environment where problems can be solved in real-time as a single collaborative team, regardless of role. Your data paired with your interactions flowing through VictorOps increases communication to ensure everyone has access to the right information at the right time.

Customer Testimonies

“The biggest draw for me was VictorOps’ native mobile app. If something goes wrong, you’re having a conversation in the app that is scoped to the issue at hand.”

- Michael D’Auria, Infrastructure Lead, CrowdTap

“With annotations available on desktop as well as mobile, the Transmogrifier has helped alleviate a lot of stress associated with our day-to-day on-call responsibilities.”

- David Palma, DevOps Engineer, Craftsy

“VictorOps is the Cadillac of alert management. The timeline and ‘social’ aspects of VO are what differentiate it from simple “beep this person at this time” offerings”

- Dave North, Director of DevOps, Signiant

The Founding Crew

Todd Vernon, CEO: Todd started his engineering career at NASA before he realized he liked software more than hardware. Since then, Todd’s been the co-founder / CTO of Raindance Communications, helping take the company public and lead its eventual acquisition by West Corporation in 2006. After that, he was co-founder / CEO of Lijit Networks (now sovrn), which has grown into one of the largest real-time ad exchange platforms on the internet. In addition to VictorOps, Todd spends time mentoring TechStars companies and writes a startup column for Inc.

Bryce Ambraziunas, COO: Bryce has spent over 17 years in the trenches developing and operating real-time communications services where “downtime just isn’t an option.” This has been Bryce’s mantra throughout his entire career, spanning various roles including Founder, COO and SVP of Operations. Most recently Bryce was the Founder and COO at Affinity VideoNet, a 24×7 videoconferencing company working with some of the most demanding customers on the planet.

Dan Jones, CTO: With almost 30 years in the software industry, Dan has spent the last 20 years architecting and building scalable 24×7 internet services designed to be “always on.” Having served as Chief Architect and VP of Engineering at two successful start-ups in this space (Raindance Communications and Lijit Networks), he is intimately familiar with what it takes to keep a business running when the slightest outage means lost revenue and unhappy customers.

"VictorOps provides teams with a virtual environment where they can prepare for, react to and recover from each incident regardless of location or device."