50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2017

“We make tech that works as hard as you do”: CTL Corporation

thesiliconreview-erik-stromquist-president-ctl--corporation-17Half a decade ago when Chromebook was launched only few people saw it coming. It couldn’t be the talk of the town because of its limited feature set, middling hardware specs and operation that required an always-on internet connection to work properly.

Chromebook was for the K-12 marketplace but initially, it wasn’t popular enough to be a critical part of it. But things changed eventually. In five years, the Chromebook category overtook MacBooks in the U.S for the first time ever. The number of Chromebooks sold was increasing with every passing day and it hit a massive number of two million units in Q1. And that victory has been largely ignited by the K-12 market space.

Compute. Tech. Learn: CTL

Founded in 1989, with a mission to provide innovative products and solutions, CTL was one of the players of Chromebook providers in the k-12 market. It’s been more than 20 years; CTL is providing products and solutions to education customers all over the world.  Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, CTL is one of the leading manufacturers of Chromebooks Laptops, Desktop PC’s, Monitors and Servers, with a strong focus towards the education, local and federal government sectors.

CTL has built a platform of unique, purpose built products for educations which has allowed the organization to meet customer needs around the globe. With ten Chromebook models designed specifically for education, CTL is quickly becoming recognized as the go-to source for Chromebook and Chrome related solutions.

The Chromebook leaders has been recognized as one of the top 500 solution providers in the US by CRN, One of Oregon’s fastest growing companies, and as one of Oregon’s fastest growing Companies by the Portland Business Journal.

CTL has also received notable accolades for its line of ruggedized Chromebooks for education from tech publications like PC Magazine and CNet. The company is proud to be one of a handful of system builders in the country that have been named both Microsoft OEM’s and Intel Technology Providers at the Platinum level.

Growing Through Tough Times

“Momentum can be your friend or foe.”

Getting started is always hard but going the long distance can be even harder. CTL’s business is a marathon and those are never easy. The company has walked through the vast jungles; the company has seen the sheer ups and downs but never took a step back.

Today, CTL is one of the undisputed technology leaders in the education market, making a difference in the lives of students and teachers worldwide. The Chromebook leader is making a difference in how kids are learning and interacting with technology. The company has made a big impact on the market. 

“In the tech world you have to continually reinvent yourselves.  CTL has demonstrated time and time again that we can keep up and thrive to the market demands as technology changes.”

Workplace That Feels Like Home

To have a healthy work environment two-way communication is a must. At CTL, employees are the most precious pearls. Every employee has an outlet for sharing his/her observations and ideas. The company follows a bi weekly survey that seeks feedback on various topics and how the company is performing. The platform allows for suggestions and feedback from each and every employee on how it can improve the organization. 

Every employee is on a journey with its employer. The experiences on its journey will strongly influence the attitudes and the attitudes in turn form the behaviors which ultimately drive outcomes. A poor employee experience naturally results in a poor outcome.

Employees at CTL know their role in contributing to the team’s and company’s success. The company always encourages and reminds its employees that how valuable they are to the organization and how important they are to the long term success.

CTL’s culture of listening to what its employees want to do and a commitment to help them do it is one of the employee centric assets that makes CTL the best place to work. Through company’s surveys and regular 1:1’s and all company meetings, employees know how the company is performing as well as their individual performance.

When we talk about conflicts, then it’s normal to have conflicts and it does happen at times. But CTL never lets any conflict to have a bad impact on the company’s outcomes. It encourages open communications, face to face meetings, and coaching to work through work related problems. Everyone at CTL works together as a team and always proves how well they perform when they do it as a team.

The Best Is Yet To Come

CTL has significantly changed the scenario of the Chromebook in the K-12 Market space. With its best-of-breed education based Chromebooks, CTL is touching the sheer heights of success and is not going to settle any sooner. The company is always rolling out new products and for CTL the best is always ‘yet to come’. 

CTL is definitely going to change the whole landscape in the industry with its top class and incredible technology of Chromebooks. For the coming years, the company promises to come up Bigger, better, and stronger!

Man behind the success

Erik Stromquist is the President at CTL. He is a growth-oriented leader with a proven track record of building partnerships with organizations including Google, Intel, and Microsoft. He is responsible for providing strategic leadership to its management team and executing long-range goals, business growth strategies, plans, and policies. Prior to becoming President, Erik served in key roles at CTL including Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Vice President of Sales and Business Development.

Erik holds degrees in Accounting and Finance from the University of Oregon and completed Cornell’s Executive Leadership Program in 2016.

“We Know EdTech Solutions and we’re dedicated to providing the most cost-effective solutions to meet classroom and 1:1 initiatives.”