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10 Fastest Growing Telecom Companies 2017

“We make telecom management easier”: BullsEye Telecom

thesiliconreview-william-h-oberlin-ceo-bullseye-telecom-17Managing telecom across all of your locations can be a real headache, and working with multiple carriers and processing countless invoices is an enormous undertaking. That’s why BullsEye provides customized, end-to-end managed telecom services—to help ease the burden of multi-location telecom management and ultimately save you time, money and overall hassle.

Imagine everything you could gain if you were able to consolidate all of your telecom invoices and points of contact—the cost savings and process efficiencies really stack up. When you partner with BullsEye, you won’t have to worry about juggling multiple carriers across all of your locations. BullsEye handles it all on your behalf.

The Single Easy-To-Use Platform

BullsEye will do more than just deliver the necessary connections, hardware, and software across your multi-location facilities. It makes telecom management easier. By consolidating invoices and points of contact, containing costs, optimizing performance and continually evolving your enterprise level communication systems, it is able to deliver the advanced technology, strategic processes and comprehensive support your telecom initiatives require.

Juggling multiple carriers, working with unfamiliar support staff and managing disparate invoices across your various business locations can be a drain on your time, money and resources. As your telecom partner, BullsEye minimizes that hassle by holistically consolidating all your multi-location telecom support needs and invoices into a single, easy-to-use platform.

Optimizing The Performances

BullsEye takes an in-depth look at the services and features you’re currently paying for and makes strategic recommendations for eliminating those that go unused. We’ll even customize a set of services for each of your individual business locations, aiming to deliver you the best possible performance and cost savings. If you’re not closely monitoring each of your telecom accounts, it’s easy to miss unforeseen shifts in services and pricing, which can lead to out-of-control costs. BullsEye protects against the unexpected by giving you complete visibility of all your accounts. With BullsEye acting as a force field over your accounts, you can be certain that no changes will be made without your knowledge and authorization.

If It Is Not VoIP Always

BullsEye will help you optimize a solution that’s customized to your company’s unique preferences, needs, and goals. The company’s extensive national carrier network enables it to deliver the reliability of traditional POTS phone service, as well as the latest VoIP capabilities — and through its integrated approach, it can deliver the best of both worlds, together. While more companies are opting to transition to VoIP, BullsEye understands it may not be right for every situation. Whether you have alarm or elevator lines or recently invested in a premise-based phone system, it can meet you where you are and provide a tailored communications strategy that meets your unique business requirements. BullsEye delivers exactly what you need, when you need it — whether it’s traditional POTS service, VoIP or a combination of both.

The Distinguished VoIP Service

Whether you’re a single location small business, multi-unit franchise or Fortune 500 enterprise, your company can benefit from the features and capabilities available with Voice over IP (VoIP). VoIP gives you the ability to make telephone calls over a broadband connection. By bringing your company’s voice and data together with a single provider, you’ll experience increased efficiency, reliability and scalability, all while reducing your overall telecom costs.

Unlike other providers who offer VoIP only, BullsEye is able to provide traditional analog phone lines as well. While the company’s VoIP offering ranks among the best available, there are many instances where companies aren’t ready to fully commit to moving their entire organization to a 100% VoIP solution. For some organizations, a phased approach from traditional analog lines to VoIP is preferred, and others simply like having analog redundancy. If you decide to work with a provider that offers only VoIP, you end up juggling multiple providers—your analog provider(s) and your VoIP provider. With BullsEye as your VoIP provider, you’ll achieve ultimate flexibility.

What’s Special?

BullsEye ONE is an all-in-one virtual phone system that will answer all of your incoming calls and route them to the phone number you choose such as your home, cell or office phone so your clients can reach you no matter where you are. BullsEye ONE provides your customers with a better way to connect and comes complete with auto-attendant, professionally-recorded greetings and dial-by-name directories. BullsEye ONE is a complete solution with two packages to choose from based on your requirements.

BullsEye’s SIP Trunking solution is available in a nationwide footprint and is a highly scalable solution as trunks can be added as your business grows. SIP Trunking makes your business’ voice and data work together to create a trusted, reliable and flexible business communications solution that delivers a dramatic increase in productivity and profitability.

Because Reviews Matter

“If you are looking for Business Phone Systems, BullsEye Telecom is an affordable and reliable choice.”

- Editors at VoIP Review

“After three years of providing local and long distance phone service for our locations, BullsEye helped us implement MPLS with a roadmap to VoIP. This helped us realize real bottom-line benefits from a single provider.”

- 201 Location Financial Services Company

Leading the Way

William H. Oberlin, Chairman, and CEO: Bill founded BullsEye Telecom in 1999 and has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since that time. Over the past 17 years, his vision and determination have led the company to celebrate significant accomplishments. Bill has been a leader in the telecommunications industry for more than 40 years. He was a pioneer from the onset of his career. As one of the first employees of the Southern Pacific Telecommunications Company (SPC, later known as Sprint), he established the first district sales office in New York City, the first regional office in Atlanta, Georgia, and went on to become the first President of a subsidiary company of SPC in Washington, D.C. selling facsimile equipment and services.

"We’ll keep your organization connected whether you have a single location or multiple locations across the continental United States, along with the know-how and support system to meet all of your needs.”