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50 Fastest Growing Companies of The Year 2017

“We now offer over 20,000 products, an extremely high level of customer service, and some of the finest home recreational goods brands in the world”: Dazadi, Inc.

thesiliconreview-jason-boyce-ceo-dazadi-inc-17“We help you find the sweetest stuff for your home at the greatest price. Then, we'll deliver it to your home for FREE.”

Dazadi, Inc. was founded by four brothers - Ari, Jason, Elan and Josh in May of 2002. The company began as a modest basketball hoop internet retailer. Born around the family dinner table and initially headquartered in Ari's small downtown L. A. apartment. As natives of Los Angeles, the boys loved playing outdoors almost year-round and shared some of their most memorable bonding experiences on the court. Quality family time often meant an afternoon shooting hoops or taking in a game together. So when Ari first conceived of selling hoops online, he envisioned a company that would reflect his passion for basketball. Jason, then completing his last months as a Marine, found himself immediately thrilled by the idea and was the first of the four to join Ari in his pursuit. They enlisted the help of talented youngest brother Josh. Josh, then only a junior in high school, designed and built the very first website, Shortly after the launch of, Elan left his position at Nike to join the family business and expanded the company's focus to include a Game Table category. With a widening selection, and the combined passion and expertise of its four founders, Dazadi took shape.

The Dazadi story continues to be about family. The company is still helmed by Jason, Elan and Josh. These days, Dazadi offers much more than just basketball hoops and game tables. It offers an incredible selection of expertly curated products from bicycles to swimming pools; from treadmills to jukeboxes. We've got you covered from the front yard to the back. As the official Home of Awesome, The company’s goal is to make your yard, game room or family dinner table the place where great memories are shared.

In convo with the impeccable personality: Jason Boyce, CEO 

Why was the company set up? How did you select the vertical and decide to be a part of the global platform?   

As kids every Friday night when the sun went down until sundown the following night, our parents made us unplug and be together. No phones, no electronics, and no TV. In that time we were forced to be with each other, eat with each other, talk and listen to each other and play games with one another.  There were plenty of times growing up when we were annoyed by these rules, but as we grew older, we realized that it helped make us who we are. That weekly unplug, reconnect, and recharge became hallowed time that brought us together in ways that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. It was at our dinner table where we founded to share this experience with the world. We wanted to create a company where we helped bring friends and family together. The products we sell are the same products we played growing up during those special weekly times. We are a digital company but we offer distinctly non-digital products. 

Tell us about your first product that was launched?

Our first product line was basketball hoops. We listed several hundred portable and in-ground basketball hoops for sale on the website and once they sold, we sent the PO to the manufacturer to ship the orders directly to our customer. We now inventory almost every item we sell and ship it from our own warehouses, but in the early days we had no inventory. It allowed us to grow quickly with very little cash up front. 

How big is your organization today? Briefly explain the organizational structure?

My two brothers and I own 51% of the company, and we completed a first round of funding in May of 2015. We’re very happy with our VC friends at Greenstead Capital in Calabasas, CA and they continue to help fund our growth.

What learnings helped you to set this company up?

 From a nuts and bolts perspective, I had a very good accountant who spent the time to not only set up our accounting and tax procedures well, but took the time to teach me which metrics I should keep my eye on. Maureen O’gara of Gish Seiden in L. A. really helped us get our feet underneath us. As a group we have a natural curiosity and no conscience when it comes to asking anyone anything to help us gain a better understanding of our business.

Where do you see you and your company a couple of years from now?

2020 will be a $100mm in sales year for us. We’ve mapped it out, and feel really good with both our progress and our strategy. We hit $22mm in revenue for 2017 and believe we can continue to push breakneck growth through 2020. We will also become more of a destination site for customers looking for something more than the latest phone app. Our site will become a home for friends and family who cherish that time with each other and want to find ways to continue to build closeness and relationships.  It will be really awesome.

About the exemplary

The company’s CEO, Jason Boyce, is a former Marine Corps Captain, with sales experience at Johnson & Johnson and military executive management experience. Josh Klaristenfeld is the Chief Operations Officer and is a computer engineer who received his degree from UC Berkeley. Elan Klaristenfeld is the Chief Revenue Officer, who gathered valuable sporting goods experience as an employee of Nike. The management team has guided Dazadi from a one bedroom apartment office in its first year, into a company grossing over $22 million in sales in its fifteenth year.

“We use the latest and most sophisticated security techniques on our site to make sure that your private data stays private.”