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10 Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Companies 2017

“We offer a wide range of niche digital marketing experiences, from content creation for social media channels to developing in-depth strategies for clients’ brand enhancement”: MEYVYN


“We help clients envision, and then exceed their short and long term goals with custom, contract-based services and solutions.”

Digital media changes in a blink of an eye. To fill the void in the digital marketing arena, MEYVYN was founded in 2014 in New York City. Digital marketing is a broad space, but MEYVYN has defined it to include: social media content creation, execution, and management, influencer outreach & brand partnerships, and online advertising. The company was set up to create a whole new digital experience.

The ability to look at past, current, and future trends allows MEYVYN to measure how the content produced performs against industry standards. In order to successfully measure a brand’s performance, MEYVYN utilizes the best of analytical tools in the digital landscape. Analytics are relayed internally as well as externally to the client to assure all parties are on the same page and there is open communication. 

The way MEYVYN is structured assures that each section of a brand’s digital marketing strategy is fulfilled to the highest quality standards. As all team members specialize in their specific area, they can best execute their tasks in a timely fashion. Also with the heavy integration of strategy and analytics, MEYVYN’s content creators can create media that will best perform knowing what worked well in the past and where the current industry is going.

In the words of Maxxie Goldstein, Co-Founder and CEO.

As a first time CEO, it was really important to me to build the best team from the top down. In January of 2015 I brought Michael Cunniff on board to serve as Chief Financial Officer of MEYVYN.

Michael brings more than twenty-five years of experience in finance, strategic operations and business development to early-stage and start-up ventures, including Skift, Zafesoft and Cognitive Networks. Prior to these engagements, Michael led several companies through fund raising and acquisition, including Waywire (acquired by magnify.net), Ludic Labs (acquired by Groupon), and Truveo, a video search company (acquired by AOL) and ContentNext Media, a digital media company (acquired by Guardian News and Media). Michael’s extensive knowledge of the start-up world and the ever changing digital landscape made me feel more confident in my ability to lead MEYVYN as CEO.

A factor that has positively impacted MEYVYN’s roadmap was working with Sally Hershberger in 2015.Creating and executing the digital strategy for sally’s haircare brands and beauty salons led to many new opportunities within the beauty world for the company. Today, I am proud to say we represent some of the biggest and best companies in the global beauty space.

“When it comes to digital marketing, you have to be fearless in order to succeed, but also always cautious and attentive to quality and deliverables. Because social media is evolving every day, if not every hour, we have to be able to adapt quickly and consistently innovate for our clients. Working in the social media space before starting MEYVYN taught me that flexibility is the most important quality I could contribute to the company as the founder, and instill that flexibility in our entire staff”, professed by  Maxxie Goldstein, Co-Founder and CEO

In discourse with Maxxie Goldstein

Can you help us know your tough times in the initial years of the company? What guidance would you offer to your peers?

It is a tough decision to add clients before gathering a supportive team. It’s never easy to leave anything on the table, but quality supersedes quantity. All start-ups should concentrate on setting up the best team which is crucial. Never hire B players to play an A game.

Can you give us an outline about your product’s success?

A MEYVYN Blueprint is one of the factors that has made MEYVYN successful. For any brand to be popular, it should build a strong foundation for not just itself, but also its’ clients. The company supports this strategy by conducting market and competitive research and through multiple work-sessions with the customer’s executive team to accurately convey the following for each brand: 1) Overall goals by platforms (all platforms that align with the brand and goals), 2) Monthly content strategy and plans by platform, 3) Influencer outreach program strategy and planning, 4) Online Advertising program strategy and planning, and 5) Key Performance Indicators (KPI) outline. 

What is your vision of the company in the forthcoming years?

I expect revenue growth and client acquisition growth to continue to double in the next two years, making MEYVYN more and more successful. The clients that we will attract in the next few years will represent luxury brands within their industries whether it be beauty brands, food and beverage brands, liquor brands, or anything in the lifestyle space. We will be known as the high-quality, complete provider of digital marketing services in the lifestyle space.

A thumbnail about the Co-Founder and CEO: Maxxie Goldstein

Maxxie Goldstein, Founder and CEO has expertise in digital media, marketing and startups. Her profession began with strategic marketing at General Electric where she concentrated on strategic and competitive analysis for GE’s Oil & Gas Global Service. Post GE she worked at Waywire, a video social networking startup in New York City. The CEO graduated from the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University where she is an active member of the alumni community, both mentoring students and guest lecturing about the digital marketing space.

“Our dream is to connect and collaborate with our clients to spark ideas and invent the solutions needed to achieve the results you never could have dreamed of.”