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“We pride ourselves in having Adaptability, Depth of Knowledge and excellent execution in the Analytics domain.” – Just Analytics

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis of Assisi

Year on year, market conditions differ. Technology advances
in leaps and bounds but Analytics rarely drops out of the Top 3 priorities for CXOs. Just Analytics pride themselves as being a niche SI in this space with deep expertise and focus. Founded in 2011 by ex-Oracle employees with a profound passion for data and a firm belief that analytics provides organizations with the insight of their past and enables them to chart the future growth for their success, Just Analytics has grown over the years from 5 employees to 35+ employees showing a steady growth in terms of their Customers, Projects, Technology Adoption, People and Revenue.

The Just Analytics team strives to enable organizations with key metrics to chart the growth and maximize the return of
investment on technology. A 100% Singapore-based company, Just Analytics has done many projects in SEA.

The Just Analytics team strives to enable organizations with key metrics to chart the growth and maximize the return of investment on technology. A 100% Singapore-based company, Just Analytics has done many projects in SEA.

Making a difference through cutting-edge solutions
People at Just Analytics find their strengths in Adaptability, Depth of Knowledge and Excellent Execution. The power of technology is realized only when it’s utilized to solve a business problem. At Just Analytics, they believe in solving customer business problems and deployment services etc. is incidental to the outcome which becomes apparent right from the first engagement a customer has with them.

Their new offering of JINI – a pre-built analytical solution is an apt example of how they are making a difference in the market by providing their customers not products or technology but actual business solutions that will help them in the long run.

Just Analytics’ Unique Offerings
Just Analytics is a Business Intelligence (BI) and Advanced Analytics solutions provider founded by highly skilled ex-Oracle Architects and certified consultants. Their primary focus is in the niche space of Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Planning Management (EPM).

Today, they have successfully delivered over 100 projects while working with industry giants. Their core expertise includes top-notch Oracle BI services & solutions, enterprise performance services with Oracle and Anaplan Technologies, geospatial analytics, mobile analytics, and agile data discovery technologies.

A true leader in ‘Analytics’
Analytics have seen a paradigm shift in the industry with analytics becoming increasingly commoditized and the decisions for BI and Planning are now made by Business and LOB (Line of Business) heads. To this, they are constantly striving by offering pre-built solutions, LOB or Industry specific Packages, Cloud enabled offering etc.

As a step in the direction, Just Analytics Lab has leveraged all the knowledge that they have garnered with their customer interactions and deployment over the years to create a pre-built application that includes data model, ETL and the reports and dashboards for specific LOB (HR/Finance) and Industry (Retail/Healthcare) called JINI. With JINI they have something truly magical that can help customers improve their business and process quickly and efficiently. In analytics ‘content’ is the king and by having it tailored specifically for LOB/Industry through JINI – they are taking away from the customer the anxiety of having to discover what they need.

…and they take pride in having an esteemed client base
Just Analytics pockets a plethora of customers spread across the SEA region along various industries like Financial Services, Shipping, Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing, Healthcare etc.

They feel extremely delighted of the fact that since their inception they have not lost a single customer they have worked with. Some of their successful customer examples would be:

  • With Spatial analytics they have helped one of the biggest telecom companies in the ASEAN region better optimize their distribution network – helping them understand the revenue by area and setting up stores and towers based on coverage.
  • They have also helped another FMCG company better augment their procurement process, understand their spend suppliers, again leading to cash benefits & competitive advantage.
  • They have delivered multiple projects in one of the leading shipping companies in Singapore spanning financial budgeting, planning, forecasting as well as Business Intelligence.
  • They have helped a leading hospital in Singapore with their planning to help them plan at the ward and bed level and cost allocation to 5 levels of Granularity.

For a blooming future ahead
For the near future, the management team at Just Analytics will continue to focus on to invest in building pre-built solutions for different LOB’s and industries, amalgamate the latest technologies without compromising on quality or success of their precious customers.

Just Analytics’ pre-built solutions- JINI profitability for Finance, JINI Spend for Procurement, and JINI Order Management for Supply Chain are already in the market. In the future, they will continue to see a sustained release of JINI for all LOB’s and more and more industries both in the Area of BI and planning.

Meet the Founder 
Hemanta Banerjee – Hemanta has over 20 years of diverse experience on BIDW and EPM spanning from R&D to consulting. Prior to founding Just Analytics, he was employed as the Technical Director at SAP managing the indirect presales organization for Business Intelligence and Performance Management applications across Asia Pacific. He has also worked as the consulting and pre-sales leader with Oracle helping global organizations to determine their strategy and deploy BI and performance management solutions across their organizations. Hemanta holds an MBA degree in Corporate Finance from Duke University (USA) and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from National Institute of Technology India. He is well recognized as a BI & Performance Management expert and has 2 patents in this domain. He was also one of the founding members of the XMLA council and is a regular speaker at industry sponsored events from Oracle.

“We are well recognized in the industry as Analytics experts with customer success as the fulcrum of all our activities.”