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We provide time-tested, proven and reliable solutions: SAFESURE Runflat Systems

“Our design assures maximum safety and highest performance.”

Security personnel are the most crucial element of the country as they are the ones who guarantee internal and external stability and security. For security personnel, however, mobility is the paramount. Hyderabad-based Sanathan Allied Industries is the company that is specialized in the manufacturing of SAFESURE Runflat Systems for the continuous mobility of bulletproof vehicles used by different agencies.

The company, which was founded in 2008, is acclaimed for its unique and innovative processes and products. SAFESURE Runflat Systems are time-tested, proven and reliable for the sort of bulletproof vehicles used by VIPs, police, paramilitary, military and combat/non-combat hardware, such as armed personal transportation, mine-protected vehicles, light armoured multipurpose vehicle (LAMV), custom-made armoured vehicles, cars, SUVs buses and so on. The ISO 9001-2008 certified company aims to supply world-class products and services that exceed customers’ expectations by employing state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality procedures.

SAFESURE differentiates itself from the peers by providing quality service within time to the clients and provides turnkey solutions for wheels assemblies for any type of armoured vehicles. It provides wheel rims in steel, and Forged Alunimum, Runflat Systems/Bead Locks, CTIS and choice of tyres assembled together and delivered to the clients according to their requirements.

The Product Range
Since inception, the main objective had been to provide cost-effective, high-performance products, and the firm caters to many different segments. Understanding the needs and potential applications of the clients are key for designing the product. For example, combat vehicles are heavy and need Runflat to provide high-performance over long distances, whereas ambulances and other security-related vehicles have to be fast and agile. So the Runflat design and choice of material combinations decide the sort of system that is used.

The company recommends two or three-piece Runflat systems for cars and SUVs that have steel or alloy single-piece DC wheel rims. For armoured trucks and buses, it recommends single-piece DC wheel rims to address weight issues, and special aluminium forged steel bolt-on wheels for robustness and ease of assembly and maintenance, and three-piece lock-ring wheel rims for cost efficiency. SAFESURE Runflat systems are designed and manufactured for any type of wheel and vehicle configuration.

SAFESURE Runflat and bead lock systems in detail
The Runflat and bead lock systems are used for continuous mobility of armoured transportation and can help enhance the performance of bulletproof vehicles. They extend mobility in case of tyre shootout or blasts that would otherwise result in overturning, loss of control or anything that might expose occupants to life-threatening risks. SAFESURE bead lock is a unique and innovative two-piece, mechanical device that secures the bead of a tyre to the wheel, ensuring that both rotate together. In situations where air pressure is insufficient to hold the bead in place, a bead lock does that job.

The SAFESURE Runflat system enables customers to continue the journey for extended distances up to 100 km despite one or more tyres getting deflated or damaged. It helps them withstand hits from semi-automatic rifles, armour-piercing rounds and even blasts from landmines. The mobility is accomplished by a device that supports treads at sufficient distances from the wheel, ensuring that sidewalls are not damaged by rims. The Runflat is mounted securely on the rim, which is not in contact with the tyre during the normal course of a journey, and so won’t cause it any damage.

SAFESURE Runflat Systems conducts stringent quality control procedures at every level of manufacturing to guarantee the quality of the final product. All new products are developed in-house by the company’s engineering and design department, equipped with solid modelling and finite element analysis (FEA), custom-developed design control, failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) and advanced product quality planning (APQP) processes. Products are designed, tested, validated and documented to meet the most stringent security requirements.

Ahead of the Competition
Director’s words: SAFESURE Runflat Systems is a young company compared with its competitors, but it offers a far superior range of products and services. Customers rate us better than our rivals because of our proven ability to deliver customised solutions to meet customer requirements, in a cost-effective, short development time within four weeks, and with assured product quality.

We want to position ourselves as a technology leader by developing innovative solutions, and by developing Runflats for any type of wheel rim, vehicle and configuration with assured continuous mobility. At SAFESURE Runflat Systems, we maintain ready stocks of standard sizes and we normally require just four weeks for fulfilling a new purchase order.

SAFESURE Runflat Systems is very active in India, the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. It plans to expand to Russia and South America soon. Clients range from small armouring companies to giant OEMs, government, police and the armed forces. Customers appreciate the firm’s cost-efficiency, technical support and the consistency of its products and services.

It complies with NATO and FINABEL (20.A.5) standards and is approved by the Ordnance Factory Board, the Indian Ministry of Defence, and major OEMs, after required ballistic and field trials. Its products have successfully passed tests against armour-piercing rounds B32 by HP White Laboratory, the US.

“We aim to be a global innovative technical leader for continuous mobility by inventing exceptional designs to cater civil, commercial, police and armoured defence vehicles.”

Meet the Master

Vishweshwar Rao Japala, Director: Vishweshwar Rao is polymer scientist by profession. He is the business head at SANATHAN ALLIED INDUSTRIES, which manufactures SAFESURE RUNFLAT SYSTEM. He has double masters in Polymers, M.Sc in Polymer Science and Engineering from University of North London in 2013, and European Master Degree in Polymer Processing and Product Manufacture from University Of Zaragoza Spain, 2011.

He worked as Research Associate in leading manufacturer in Specialty Nylons compounds between 2001-2003 in the UK, followed by 3 years as Products and Process development Manager in EMS Chemie Ltd Swiss Specialty high temperature Polyamide raw materials manufacturer in Taiwan.

Mr Vishweshwar Rao applied for five patents in Runflat technology and presented papers at ANTEC, USA, IOM UK MONORAILEX in South Korea. His specialties include product formulation, process set ups, online process monitoring, new product development, thermal analysis, techno commercial analysis, rotation molding, carbon filled compounding to name few. He is an astute business manager, advisor, Coacher and above all humanitarian.