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30 Most Trustworthy Companies of the year 2017

“We specialize in providing solutions for global project teams such as Application Hosting, Network security, Project Management software support, and Project Management in the Cloud. We empower innovation and improve project decision making for leaders in capital projects.” LoadSpring™ Solutions, Inc.

thesiliconreview-eric-leighton-founder-ceo-loadspring-solutions-inc-2017“Our LoadSpring Cloud Platform immediately improves adoption of your enterprise solution due to its ease of use, advanced support, and project intelligence tools.”

ROI-producing project management doesn’t simply stop with planning and resource allocations, but instead includes proper strategy and fast decision-making. On top of that, cost-effectiveness and team coordination are also major key players in project success. Luckily, there are next-gen business-centric tools like the Cloud-based solutions available today that translate into long-term savings versus doing it in-house.

Transformation is taking place in the project management field as a direct result of changes in business practices, requirements and expectations. It’s putting a sharper focus on the people, processes and technologies needed to successfully complete projects. It no longer makes sense for companies to use limited resources as has been done in the past.

Cloud computing and new software have been a game-changing innovation in recent years that has rapidly taken the headlines for displacing many established traditional methodologies. Cloud based applications can empower innovation and easily enable enterprise solutions due to its ease of access. It also reduces the burden on internal IT while providing an organization with flexibility, scalability and the ability to meet the needs of individual business units. LoadSpring Solutions brings the advantages of cloud project management solutions to their clients.

LoadSpring Solutions, originated in 1999, is the market leader in creating and supplying Cloud-based Project Management solutions that are fast and easy to execute through their proprietary LoadSpring Platform. With five Class A data centers strategically located in Boston, MA; San Diego, CA; London, UK; Toronto, CAN; and Singapore, LoadSpring provides services to over 4,000 companies and 100,000 users worldwide. They also serve 20 of the top 20 Engineering and Construction companies while cloud enabling over $250 Billion dollars in global projects. The company’s SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II security certification ensures they provide a highly secure infrastructure to host and support over 200 Project Management related applications. LoadSpring’s around-the-clock dedicated customer support has led to a 95% rate of repeat customers in all industries.

Beginnings of LoadSpring

When LoadSpring started, what we currently know as “the cloud” wasn’t called cloud yet, and the company was called ASP instead, among other things. “We saw that the challenge with global projects was to have an easy way to share project info. As LoadSpring President and CEO Eric Leighton states, “There was no easy way to do this when we started, so we built our cloud solution to enable global teams to have access to the info they need to efficiently do their job. LoadSpring was set up to easily provide secure global access to critical project team members and provide them with near real-time project information. We decided to be part of the global platform because companies in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, our main industry sectors, work all over the world and we needed to solve their challenges and meet their needs.”

LoadSpring Platform exultance

The LoadSpring CAM Console was the name of their first product and has now been rebranded to LoadSpring Platform. It has evolved to include critical functionalities that improve the user experience and provide critical management functionalities and a unified global support platform. The latest additions are ProjectMap, which serves as a photo repository to get a visual representation of where a project stands; and fast and easy reporting via LoadSpringInsight, which condenses information across multiple apps into a single customizable reporting dashboard. The platform also facilitates user license provisioning and LoadSpring Academy, which helps maximize software adoption by providing a single, easy to access source with short project software training videos and quizzes to evaluate progress.

Pitfalls encountered

Since LoadSpring was developing a brand new product that wasn’t available yet, the biggest challenge was identifying how to create it while also making it scalable. Over the years, LoadSpring has grown from 3 to 100+ global employees and there have been different challenges at each growth stage. As the company got bigger, identifying and adding the correct systems for its employees and customers to successfully grow and be able to do their jobs has continuously been its driving force.

Piece of good fortune

  • Innovation around product development
  • Ability to meet our customers’ needs
  • Adoption of Cloud services as a platform
  • Advances in security and infrastructure technology
  • Our passionate employees
  • Our decision to stay focused around a market niche: Cloud Project Management

Benefits of using the LoadSpring Cloud Platform

LoadSpring enables its customers’ global IT divisions to focus on innovation while leaving all the complex Cloud project management moving parts to the LoadSpring Cloud Platform. The firm’s ability to guide clients through a Cloud-first strategy, providing support during the transition and continually supporting their users helps make the daunting transition to the cloud fast and easy.

Society at large: “We offer a company-wide benefit called Culture Spring, which enables our team members to travel abroad by providing $4,000 USD and an additional vacation work-week. This enables our team members when working with global customers to understand them culturally and better understand their business needs.”

Tip one’s hat: Eric Leighton, Founder & CEO

Eric is the founding father. He established LoadSpring way back in the Twentieth Century (1999 to be exact) and in doing so created what we all know now as “The Cloud” for enterprise project management. His vision and strategy led to the LoadSpring Platform, our proprietary gateway to sophisticated, data-driven applications and IT infrastructure. Eric designed the platform as the ultimate, easy to use system for secure access to Project Management applications and data—from any device, anywhere on Earth.

For the past 18 years, he and LoadSpring have built trusted partnerships with many of the largest organizations in the world. Prior to LoadSpring, Eric was Director of Operations at New Technology Solutions, and Special Accounts Manager for Parametric Technology Corporation. He holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maine.

“The LoadSpring Cloud Platform immediately improves acceptance and adoption of your solution due to its easy to use and secure format. Imagine your Project Management solution this easy.”