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10 Fastest Growing Mobility Companies 2016

We Transform Your ideas into Exquisite Mobile Applications: Graylogic Technologies

silicon-review-srinivas-chaganty“Mobile phones are misnamed. They should be called gateways to human knowledge.” – Ray Kurzweil

Enterprise mobility improves productivity by providing the required information on the go. With more focus on customer responsiveness and employee productivity, it is necessary to take your business to the next generation of technology usage. Supporting enterprises with the same, Graylogic was founded in 2004 by creative entrepreneurs to become top tier Global solution provider in web technologies identified power of Mobility solutions in early 2011 and evolved into bleeding edge technology provider in Mobile, Cloud and IoT solutions.

It is a 21st Century application development company providing niche services on web, mobile, cloud, IoT and social media with more than 300+ mobile apps in last 3 years for national and international private sector clients, also working closely with UNICEF, UNDP, ASCI, Central Government and multiple State Governments departments.

Their R&D team constantly monitors global technology trends and identifies & verifies their integration into the client solutions. They have time tested and proven library of frame works to fit many industry requirements, continuously upgrade them with new technologies and make it ready for the customers. With these things, they deliver rapid & proven solutions to the customers. The company has quick go-to-market strategy, Strong library of proven frame works which will fit most of clients requirements and reduces development cycle and also regularly upgrades with new technology features to keep them on par with competition.

The company has strong presence & partnerships in North America, AMEA, Asia and Australia. In 2016, they are making inroads into Europe and other parts of the world.

Graylogic’s solutions
At Graylogic, they develop innovative and creative products and services that provide total communication and information solutions. Among a plethora of services, web designing and programming, shared and dedicated hosting, e-commerce solutions, customized software applications, network security and Hardware Services are a few that they offer. With their customized mobile data management and synchronization solutions, the customer’s executives have instant access to corporate databases on their smartphones or other mobile devices. By developing a secure, manageable mobile data platform, suppliers & employees will be more productive.

It provides a highly productive and efficient means of distributing and exposing mission-critical data from back-end enterprise systems to mobile front-ends. It empowers mobile users to perform many business tasks, such as securely accessing ERP, CRM, or HR systems, in real time and from any location, with the user-friendly experience of their smartphone or tablet.

Mobile Productivity believes that a revolution is underway in how people work, with business activities increasingly taking place outside traditional work locations. Although many businesses have very efficient systems inside their offices, doesn’t work similar way when access from outside. Numerous telephone calls, messages and Paper Mountains conspire to reduce the productivity of many otherwise excellent businesses. They aim to help the customers to identify how mobile technology can improve their business and they then support them in implementing the most appropriate systems.

Yes, there were some difficulties!
In early 2011, because of rapid technology developments in Mobile technologies it was kind of a roller coaster ride for leadership and employees, to keep competitive they molded themselves to be very lean, flexible and fast to understand new upcoming technologies and execute on their platform. Also it took some time to convince customers to move into these new mobile, cloud and IoT platforms. After initial hesitation, customers understood new technologies and quickly moved and took advantage.

Graylogic’s client portfolio
Since its inception, the company was able to gain the trust of many ace players of the market, including, VisTex, Chicago, ASCI, UNICEF, Telangana Education Department, Saboo, Unify Solutions, SAMIDirect, DNG, Bristol Academy, iNetworkhub, Mission Smart Ride, KudoosWall, eGaadi and Big Shopin Mall.

Meet The Key Executive

Srinivas Chaganty, CEO- Srinivas carries twenty plus years of diverse and hands on experience in software development, Enterprise mobility solutions, analysis, project management, onsite – offsite coordination, staffing, recruitment, people management, business development, client and contact management, relationship management and running a strategic business unit. He is very good at architecting and designing creative solutions for clients in plugging business gaps and increasing their bottom line. He is instrumental in creating a reusable code generation methodology to reduce development cycle in Cloud, Mobile, IoT areas and drastically improving delivery time, because of that most of development will be done in weeks instead of months. He is working very closely with ASCI, UNICEF, State and Central government agencies and designing disruptive solutions for their business needs.

Sri Bikkumanla, CIO- Carrying 20 years of excellent IT and Management experience in USA and India, Bikkumanla worked in USA as Infrastructure Director, SAP Basis Manager at NGA & Convergys Inc and managed Global teams in US, Brazil and India till 2010. He then moved to India and led Global Software Development Center at NGA HR in India and aggressively increased staff from under 100 to 300+ in SAP ERP and Web Technologies, also increased productivity and utilization of resources by implementing various Quality control processes, which improved bottom line of the center. He has extensive “hands-on” experience in Software, Hardware, Network and Project Blue printing process. He came up with Converged Media Platform concept in 2012 and got selected as part of Aegis Graham Bell Awards 2012. This solution can convert every TV to SMART TV.

Bhanu Prakash Varla, CMO- An alumnus of IIM, Bangalore, Bhanu holds two decades of experience in Information Technology, Global Consulting, Business Strategy and Operations, which complement his long years of working on hi-tech area, viz. Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), IOT( Internet Of Things), Cloud Computing , M /E Commerce and other emerging Technologies. He was the Co-Founder of Bartronics, which evangelized and is a pioneer of AIDC technologies in India. At Bartronics India, he was directly responsible for taking the company to an Initial Public Offering on both the National Stock Exchange of India and Bombay Stock Exchange, he was a thought leader in the technology space with many successes to his name. During his career, he helped many top companies in India and Fortune 500 MNCs to resolve their critical-to-business problems leveraging on the use of AIDC and RFID technologies or process-improvement.

Coming up with creative solution for location based advertisement platform with a passion towards the advertisement & Media and more in specific with the Location Based Services, he is IIMB Alumini President and in the board of IIM PACT.

Laurels in their hat

  • Finalist for Code of Honor, Microsoft’s Solution Excellence Awards
  • Won Cash Prize for 2 apps from Blackberry
  • Won Tokens from Microsoft for SAP Enterprise Apps in Windows Phone & Windows 8
  • Selected as Microsoft App Builder Club – Distinguished
  • Selected as Microsoft Developer Wall Of Fame
  • Selected as Spot Light Publisher of the Month from Microsoft June 2013
  • Selected in Top 100 Mobility Vendors by Silicon India
  • Their 10 Windows 8 Apps were selected as Best Windows 8 Apps as Editor’s Pick Award”

“Graylogic molding Business Practices through online at your competitive edge”