10 Fastest Growing Infrastructure Management Companies 2017

“We use a unique data-fusion analytic concept and provide a new level of management insights and visibility on all data center operations and services”: Correlata Solutions


“We are a single platform for ALL Your Business IT Operations Needs”

Correlata CorreAssess is the first Management of IT software designed to empower organizations to transform IT operations metrics into monetary business metrics, ensuring companies use their infrastructure investments efficiently coordinating to business objectives, regulations and compliance.

The company inspects for the first time the relations between the data center systems layer and the business layer and provides unique insights into the daily wellbeing of IT business operations, making sure that you’re not just up and running, but highly available.

Correlata provides a new Management of IT layer that transform IT operations metrics into business metrics giving the control back to senior management, ensuring companies use their infrastructure investments more efficiently, improve quality of service and up-time, while at the same time reducing risks, CapEx and OpEx.

Company chronicle

Why was the company set up? How did you select the vertical and decide to be a part of the global platform?

It all started with a need to resolve frustrations in the IT management space. The C-level was having trouble communicating with the Data center front-lines, vendor silo’d operations were preventing true operational and service efficiency, and a lack of analytics meant more reactive repair than proactive improvement.

The company started in 2010 as an unofficial team of highly experienced IT experts from major vendors, and created Correlata with a vision of building an innovative solution who recognized the challenges that today’s dynamic data centers require new management tools that will help IT leadership teams to take control, has turned into a growth company that delivers critical results to our customers and shareholders worldwide.

The company was founded with a vision of revolutionizing the Business IT domain by building the most effective and powerfull business-centric IT solution that will empower all personnel involved in the information technology process – from the data center to the boardroom, with best-in-class results, service, and accountability.

Tell us about your first product that was launched?

The first product we called IT Analyzer which reflect what we tried to do basically… to analyze the IT system deployment and daily based IT operations and to raise the flag once there is a miss configuration or mistake in the deployment. The results and the feedbacks to receive from our projects lead us to what we offer today, closing the management operations gap and developing  a unique business-centric approach for managing an entire IT infrastructure and services. Applying the company’s, analytics, automation and optimization capabilities allow IT to run as a business.

If you have to list five factors that have been/are the biggest asset to your organization, what would they be and why?

  • The Founders background and experience
  • Very committed team
  • Correlata community network
  • Correlata business partner strategy
  • Providing immediate results and customer satisfaction.

How do you and your company contribute to the global IT platform and society at large?

One of the WW initiatives is Cost savings, Quality of delivery and Green environments. Correlata solutions and the company strategy DNA are to influence and support in that areas. Correlata is a visionary company, and its unique ability to cross-silo hard-to-reach critical IT information from the entire Data Center infrastructure to provide proactive analytics operations and services insight, and allowing IT leaders to measure the impact of IT and services on key business goals and make educated decisions about how to optimize resource utilization, while improving the availability and performance of business services. Through cutting-edge Holistic Automated Analytics Platform, helps companies to gain the highest level of visibility and control on all IT Infrastructure environments. It helps customers to share real, accurate and up-to-date data across IT roles such as Executives, CIO and IT Managers with adaptive metrics specific to each role.

Correlata helps customers to anticipate IT infrastructure issues that may negatively impact the business. As applications are based on Multi-Vendor using various IT Resource types and tiers located in different IT Layers such as Storage, Network Servers, Virtualization platforms and protected by services such as redundancy, resiliency Data Protection and Disaster recovery in dynamic environments, It is imperative to measure the type of resource they allocate to Business Applications and the way they can rely on proper services to make sure that they can continue to provide Business services even they have a technical failure. The company focuses on a proactive approach, by changing the reactive mindset of managing problems with ticketing, notification, and remediation and alerting on IT infrastructure issues that should be fixed meanwhile the business is not suffering from an IT infrastructure failure.

In the Green environments initiatives, the logic is simple – by reducing power consumption and preventing unnecessary IT sprawl, IT departments can reduce environmental impact and encourage other business units to function sustainably and effectively.

Correlata, the first solution that help businesses achieve a positive net impact on the environment as well as the bottom line. Correlata is the only solution that intelligently analyzes all information technology assets, condensing the results into a single pane, and then making proactive suggestions for improvement.

Meet the iconic personality: Ofer Laksman, Founder/ CEO

Ofer Laksman; Ofer has 21 years of experience in the high-tech arena and more than 15 years of experience in senior management roles. With companies like HP, AMD, Compaq and SUN on his CV, Ofer leverages his technology and management experience to drive Correlata’s long term success. Ofer holds an MSm degree (Masters of Science in Management) from New York Polytechnic University and is the founder and first Chairman of Round Table 8 - a worldwide volunteer organization.

“All your IT management and operations information in one place.”