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10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics Companies 2017

“We were founded with the singular mission to connect business users to Hadoop”: Arcadia Data


“Our world-class team from Aster Data, Teradata, 3PAR and IBM has a history of developing stellar products in the big data, analytics, and BI spaces.”

The Arcadia Converged Analytics Platform™ unifies visual exploration and back-end data analytics in one integrated enterprise platform that runs natively on your Hadoop cluster. We converge the visual, analytics and data layers to provide accelerated access to all of the data stored within Hadoop, and support net-new analytics on granular datasets. Our world-class team from Aster Data, Teradata, 3PAR and IBM has a history of developing stellar products in the big data, analytics, and BI spaces.

How Arcadia Data Works

Arcadia Data runs visual analytics natively in-cluster, accelerating insights from Apache Hadoop and other big data platforms without moving data, bridging the gap between self-service data visualization and advanced analytics.

Put Your Analytics Where Your Data Is

Get deeper insights from modern data platforms with the simplicity and power of direct in-cluster distributed processing – without moving data. Administration and system costs are much lower because Arcadia runs on existing hardware nodes or cloud instances and inherits native security privileges and administration in Apache Hadoop and cloud platforms.

Build Visuals, Dashboards, and Apps with Point-and-click Ease

Use Arcadia’s web-based visual designer to easily create dashboards and applications with no coding required. Choose from a library of 25+ visual types which include advanced analytics for micro-segmentation, time-series, and correlation analyses. Connect directly to a wide variety relational, real-time, and NoSQL data stores including Apache Hadoop (HDFS), Amazon S3, Apache Spark, Apache Kudu, Apache Solr, MapR-FS, and more. You can also extend visuals from D3 and other libraries

Deploy to 100s or 1000s of Users Internally or Externally

User concurrency on big data platforms is a barrier to widespread adoption. Arcadia Smart Acceleration™ lets you break through that barrier and support hundreds to thousands of concurrent users with sub-second response time. By continuously monitoring and routing queries to optimized Analytical Views,  derived from data access and usage heuristics and recommendations.

Arcadia Data goes On-Air

Gartner Names Arcadia Data Cool Vendor in IoT Analytics

SAN MATEO, Calif., May 9, 2017 — Arcadia Data, provider of the first native visual analytics software for big data, today announced it has been included in the list of “Cool Vendors” in the Internet of Things Analytics report by Gartner Inc., published on April 27, 2017. The report “profiles innovative vendors in IoT analytics. They focus on some of the hottest areas of IoT — visibility into the manufacturing process, enabling new analytics users, and device diagnostics, repair and maintenance  to help data and analytics leaders increase the value of IoT projects.”

According to Gartner, “Analytics enables the most visible impact of the IoT. It drives new business scenarios and empowers individuals. The possibilities for analytics are limitless, and ever-growing data sources present more opportunities to innovate through holding novel insights.”

What do we think makes Arcadia Data cool? Arcadia Data provides the first native visual analytics software that runs within modern data platforms for the scale, flexibility, performance and security that users need to glean meaningful and real-time business insights and design data-centric applications in the era of big data and IoT. Arcadia Enterprise is purpose-built to analyze large volumes of data without moving it, unlike traditional business intelligence (BI) tools which can only analyze a subset of the data generated at IoT scale and require complex extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processing. This gives business analysts a more real-time and intuitive visual experience to get value quickly from data in use cases like connected devices in IoTcyber security and customer intelligence.

This announcement comes on the heels of the successful launch of Arcadia Enterprise 4.0 in March 2017, enabling enterprises to build, brand, share and embed data-centric applications, ultimately making Apache Hadoop and cloud-based data lakes more accessible and valuable to all users within and outside an organization.

Arcadia Data Accelerates Era of Data-Native Applications with Visual Analytics

Arcadia Data, provider of visual analytics software that solves the most complex big data problems, announced the launch of Arcadia Enterprise 4.0. The platform enhancements enable enterprises to build, brand, share and embed data-centric applications, ultimately making Apache Hadoop and cloud-based data lakes more accessible and valuable to all users within and outside an organization.

At PipelineRx, our mission is to advance pharmacy’s impact on patient care and improved outcomes through innovative telepharmacy solutions and technology,” said Ben Buxton, vice president of engineering at PipelineRx.

New significant capabilities of Arcadia Enterprise 4.0 that address enterprise needs include:

New Material Design based UI: Material Design — pioneered by Google Design in 2015 — provides a seamless workflow, and when paired with the Arcadia Data platform, enable a goal-oriented and uncluttered process. Users avoid context-switching with Arcadia-driven hints and suggested actions and next steps, without the need for extra tabs and pop-ups;

Point-and-click rapid application design: Expanding both the access and use of all data sources across the organization for historical and real-time, Arcadia Enterprise provides a new responsive visual designer for users to easily define workflows and customize applications to meet company brand standards. 

Meet the ingenious: Sushil Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO

Sushil Thomas co-founded Arcadia Data in 2012 with the vision of bringing business value to the big data platforms that customers are investing in. He’s seen data platforms evolve in the valley for 20 years, beginning with making data highly available with Solaris Clusters at Sun Microsystems, moving to big data utility storage with 3PAR (acquired by HPE), building large scale cubes using Amazon and Hadoop at Jovian Data (acquired by MarketShare), and building a next-generation data and analytics platform at Aster Data (acquired by Teradata).

“We unify data discovery, business intelligence, and real-time visualization in a single, integrated platform that runs natively on your Hadoop clusters.”