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We’re here to free contact centers from ever paying for software to manage their operations: Fenero Inc.

thesiliconreview-marlon-williams-ceo-fenero-inc-17The customer support service is the back bone of any company. No company can run without a fine and polished customer support service. Call centers are now the key players in the industry of customer support. Call centers of all sizes and types are moving their services to the ‘Cloud’. Call centers are not new to this business. For decades, call center executives have increased the productivity of their staff and ensured the call gets answered with widely-supported, fully-featured, on-site systems. These solutions become ensconced in the way the business operates. Replacing anyone of the systems can be a burdensome task.

When evaluating a new call center solution, agents and supervisors are very focused on features that make their jobs easier or their time more efficient. Every modern call center seeks for a solution which can reliably route a call to the appropriate person, and the business can report on the activity to make staffing decisions precisely. Customer service executives are moving to the cloud not because of features, but for the benefits. Any cloud solution, whether its telephony, email, or business application, brags the same primary benefits of lower TCO and predictable monthly costs, increased uptime, no upgrades or maintenance, and immediate access to features.

The Miami Dade College and Kaplan University graduate, Marlon Williams  saw a need in the market for more innovative and cost-effective ways to engage and support customers. In 2012, Marlon established Fenero Inc. which is a provider of web-based communications technology solutions for contact centers. The disruptive business model is based on usage with no software license cost or annual maintenance fees, and no contract required.

About the best cloud based contact center

Fenero is a provider of licensing-free, web-based communications technology solutions for mid-to-large sized contact centers. With the rising cost of software licensing, maintenance and support, combined with expensive infrastructure maintenance, the realm of traditional contact center technology is no more a happy hunting ground for organizations and Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs). Fenero aims to deliver the most affordable, agile, and secure solutions for streamlining customer and business interactions. Fenero Contact Center is a full-featured web-based contact center platform for multi-channel contact management and customer engagement. It is a single supplier solution with a single software stack based on highly reliable and proven open source technology. The platform includes inbound and outbound voice communications, robust dialer, call and screen recording, email support, live agent chat, dynamic scripting, integrated web phone, outbound SMS, real-time activity dashboard, call monitoring, QA and agent coaching, IVR and robust reporting. Fenero also has tailored customer support plans that meet varying budgets and service response time expectations.

The current scenario of the contact center software market is very competitive. With Fenero’s disruptive business model, it is now able to save clients on average 50% to 75% on their overall contact center technology costs. The pay-for-what-you-consume model is a true market differentiator. Fenero was created with a vision to fill the void in the market for more innovative and cost-effective solutions to boost customer engagement. The Fenero platform was built specifically for contact centers in mind and provides businesses the ability to manage their operations with a single solution provider from a single software stack. The robust and comprehensive contact center solution was built in the cloud from inception and now many of the competitors of Fenero are still scrabbling to deliver a cloud solution due to the scalable and redundant design.

Popularity and future growth of Fenero

Fenero continually looks to enhance and improve its platform. It always looks to its clients and the market for input and recommendations as to how to enhance the platform. The goal is to exceed the expectations of each client and provide a solution that meets the business requirements with an outstanding solution. Fenero’s client base is not the only source for platform enhancements. Each member of the Fenero team has worked for a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company and fully understands the demands of the contact center industry. Fenero has a combined experience level of over 50 years and have insight to market demand.

Within Fenero, everyone shares ideas during their daily huddle calls and they are continually striving to be the most innovative cloud based contact center platform in the market. The mission has always been about delivering the most affordable, agile and secure solution for streamlining customer and business interactions, and Fenero has been very successful in achieving these objectives. Fenero has a laundry list of clients across the financial, healthcare, technology and communications sectors who can attest to the value that Fenero brings to the table. Fenero does an outstanding job of listening to its valued clients. The platform has grown over the years due largely in part to customer suggestions and recommendations. The Fenero team has also crafted a robust and comprehensive product roadmap that is closely aligned with market demand which includes Workforce Management, Social Media Support, Inbound Messaging Support and a number of key and critical feature enhancements like bulk DNIS and User Management that supports our large enterprise clients. Fenero has been able to gain market share quickly and easily and has experienced exponential growth in North America as well as internationally with approximately 14,000 users in over 20+ countries, and 1.500 registered clients worldwide.

Sustainability is the key and with the right funding and leadership, Fenero will continue to grow and expand and will undoubtedly have greater market share and a continual stream of clients across diverse markets and industries.

The genius mind behind Fenero Inc.

Marlon Williams is the Founder & CEO of Fenero Inc. He started his career as a software developer, building healthcare applications for an Internet-based company in Sunrise, Florida, while simultaneously pursing his degree in Computer Information Systems from Miami Dade College.

His expertise in contact center technology began during his tenure as a Software Developer for a large contact center based out of Miami, FL, where he was eventually tapped to lead all of the organization’s technology initiatives. This included application development, network and systems administration, and telecommunications.

Marlon has served as Treasurer for the Miami-Dade County Public Schools S.T.E.M. Advisory Board; President of the South Florida Chapter of the Society for Information Management; and is a current Board Member for the South Florida Digital Alliance.

"Fenero’s technologies have proven to be one of the best in the market for its innovative customer services and remarkable transformation in the contact center arena."