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30 Fastest Growing Microsoft Solution Providers 2016

Whatever your SharePoint business requirement, Morgan & Wolfe delivers it quickly and efficiently


Our professional solutions are the keys to your SharePoint success.”

Morgan & Wolfe have been working at the leading edge of technology since early 1990 and have been working extensively with enterprise corporate, collaborative and document technologies since 1992. The history of Morgan & Wolfe and SharePoint dates back to the early 2000s with some of the earliest Microsoft worldwide case studies on major SharePoint deployments. Taking this together with the unique SALEM® business framework for SharePoint originating from its work in 2003, today, it is a truly original international company with over a decade of total SharePoint lifecycle business strategy & solution delivery.

Today, it primarily choose to specialise in the Engineering, Manufacturing and Public sectors as its extensive experience at board level and through its certified architect teams aligns perfectly with the challenges and solution requirements so often found within these business verticals. However, it also works in many other business verticals offering SharePoint solutions. Its modular, turnkey CBC®solution is perfectfor all industry sectors. Whether an organisation is a small, medium or international venture in these fields, it will empower businesses quickly and efficiently with its specialist SharePoint business solutions.

Where “Morgan & Wolfe” stands
Enterprise solutions were once the unique realm of large organisations which could contribute time, resources and substantial budgets to business programs and IT projects to deliver heavily customized, configured and integrated services for their business audiences.

Where SME organisations have begun by purchasing cloud licensing and delivering email services quickly, now find that they can be running on a complete enterprise-level intranet solution combining the very best in collaboration and communication services, fully integrated with the larger Microsoft Office suite almost immediately. This means that any organisation however small can ensure they are making the very best of their cloud license investment and consume as many services as possible to build and grow their businesses to become as successful as possible as quickly as possible.

The post-recession years are a boom time for SME organisations underpinned by the huge capabilities and possibilities that Microsoft cloud technologies offer. That combined with the speed of deployment of complete packaged solutions means that today’s small business capabilities are literally, extraordinary. Morgan & Wolfe and its CBC solution sit perfectly within this space catering to growing organisations from all sectors.

Specialist Services
CBC® (Collaborative Business Centres) is an entirely unique and highly successful product solution offering a complete collaborative SharePoint intranet/extranet solution in Office 365 or on-premise fully-installed in 15 business days. CBC® is a package of professionally-designed, built and tested, modular, fully-configurable, entirely scalable and customisable intranet service solutions that combine to provide organisation with a fully-structured, easily adoptable, professional business intranet. CBC® is installed and delivered as a licensed SaaS service.

A complete deployment of a full enterprise-class, branded, cohesive communication, publishing and EDRMS solution for an organisation of any size within 15 business days radically reduces, time, risk and costs. Knowing exactly what one
is going to be deployed in advance is a game changer in this sphere.

Once deployed, clients are able to scale, grow, change, modify and adapt their CBC® intranets in-house to meet business requirements unhindered. As a key principle, Morgan & Wolfe does not deploy server side code, hidden code or locked code. With CBC® client teams can focus on adding rich content and leveraging the many benefits that SharePoint offers, straight out of the box, but now professionally designed and business-ready. CBC® is designed to integrate fully with the wider Microsoft portfolio such as Office, Delve, Yammer, Power BI and CRM. CBC® is also of course fully mobile compatible.

It is all about customers anyway!
The company’s sweet spot is mid- size organisations that span 300-5000 users. They are keen to leverage the enterprise platform of SharePoint quickly and easily. Key sector is Manufacturing and Engineering which have a keen focus on business processes and efficiency. The company’s big clients include Merson Group, GPS Food Group, Novomatic Lottery Solutions, Turning Point and Robertson Group. Looking forward, its focus is in the further refinement of speed of delivery, already in terms of days together with the leveraging of the ever more expansive possibilities of the integrated Microsoft cloud.

“Amazing! A fully architected intranet solution in 15 days! We were delighted”-Padraig McCarthy, Founding Director, GPS Food Group

“CBC® by Morgan & Wolfe saved us months of risky development and accelerated us to a state of the art cloud-based intranet solution within weeks.”– Amarjit Dhillon, CIO, Turning Point

“We are evergreen; we constantly evolve with Microsoft’s ever expanding cloud services.”

Meet the Key Executive

Ian McNeice, Technology Director and Co-Founder

  • In 2004, Ian McNeice sponsored one of the earliest and largest SharePoint 2003 deployments in the UK -22,000 users
  • In 2005, he sponsored some of the earliest vendor case studies for SharePoint including K2 workflow and Unisys
  • In 2006, Ian sponsored early adoption of MOSS 2007 defined one of the first Microsoft worldwide case studies for the Office 2007 launch
  • In 2008, he led the first UK Government department case study for Microsoft UK
  • In 2009, he led one of the largest SharePoint 2007 multi country deployments -65,000 users