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What’s in your ERP toolbox? ERP Solutions without a Hammer!

thesiliconreview-sonia-haslam-managing-partner-encompass-solutions-inc-17Encompass Solutions, Inc. has extensive expertise in ERP and Business Application Solutions. Because of their diligence and commitment to see businesses succeed, Encompass consultants quickly discern the company’s requirements in order to leverage technology and develop solutions that organically grow into a fully integrated product that is both flexible and scalable.  No hammers required.

Encompass has many tools at their disposal. Epicor, Oracle + NetSuite, SigmaNEST, and Bezlio are a few of the partnerships they have developed. As an Epicor Platinum Partner, Encompass has a proven track record with their partners, and are continuously honing their skills and sharpening their tools for continued growth.

Founded in 2001, Encompass works with a variety of industries throughout manufacturing and distribution as well as with project and service-based organizations.  Their consultants provide support and leadership to companies world-wide who are looking to analyze and refine their operations.They offer a wide range of services from system selection to complete implementation of state-of-the-art ERP systems, to integration and renovation of existing systems, as well as analysis and solutions to corporate challenges. With an experienced, skilled team, they accompany the client through all stages of the project, from its initial phase to its successful completion to support the company’s vision and growth.

In Dialogue with Sonia Haslam, Managing Partner

Discuss your first successful project.

One of our first large projects was a multi-million dollar rollout of a multi-site wood processing plant where a cohesive team of employees and subcontractors was brought together and retained through a phased rollout cycle that spanned several years. This experience helped shape a company that now has a global footprint, and many of the initial team members of this first project are still with our organization over 15 years later.

Can you elaborate on your company’s mission statement?

Our mission is to provide services that are in harmony with our clients’ businesses while solving their problems and enhancing all aspects their enterprise with technology products that deliver exceptional value. To execute this mission, we have employed experienced, well-trained, highly certified self-starters whose first priority is to understand the needs of our clients.

We then combine our expertise with that of our vendor partners to create solutions that eliminate waste, create efficiencies, growth, and profit for our clients. Technology changes faster than most organizations can and that’s another advantage of what we offer. We facilitate and future-proof their business systems so they can take advantage of the gains for decades to come.

Can you talk about the expansion of the company? Were there challenges along the way?

We started as a virtual organization – only forming a physical office in the last few years. Being virtual had its challenges, but we learned to communicate well both verbally and written because we were not face-to-face. This has served us well as we work with customers from Seattle to Singapore. We have grown 50% over the last 5 years by working hard. Building a practice takes a toll, many times in your personal life. Everyone - my partner, our associates, and I are completely dedicated to building and sustaining relationships with clients. Even today we undertake every project with the same enthusiasm and professionalism we had at the start of the company.

How is your firm employee-centric?

People thrive in environments where goals and rewards are clearly drawn out and can be seen ahead. We value ideas and people’s initiative, but an organization also needs direction in order to grow and keep employees happy. We have an open forum for discussion and often talk about strategic or meaningful matters. Our company culture embraces the input of all our employees and sees it as valuable and constructive. We leverage company retreats, internal intranets, company calls, and informal outings to ensure everyone has time to know each other well and build up the trust that allows for open and honest communication.

Furthermore, we put our consultants and field experts in continuing education courses and certifications which endorse Encompass, and also adds to each employee’s professional portfolio and knowledge base.

Acknowledging the Brilliant Services!

“Your team has delivered excellent performance. I often have very technical and specific questions and Encompass always helps me with great professionalism and courtesy.”


“Encompass has done a great job at assessing our transition situation. Their BPR guidance systematically attacked and resolved pain points following implementation.”


“We increased our efficiency 21% in the first year after Encompass implemented our ERP. Increased efficiency means increased profits - well worth the investment.”


Applaud the Founding Duo

Jim Baggerly: In over 25 years’ time, Jim has amassed experience that is both broad and deep. He started out in industrial engineering, putting his skills to work in manufacturing. He established a pattern early on of mastering one discipline and then moving on to tackle the next. Over the years he developed expertise in manufacturing management; materials management; project scheduling; software engineering— and many other areas. Eventually Ross Systems spotted his talent and brought him on board. But Jim knew he’d eventually want to bring his own vision to life, and Encompass Solutions was born.


Sonia Haslam: Another Ross Systems alumni, Sonia has developed a multifaceted compendium of skills and expertise, acquired in more than a decade of taking on a breathtaking series of new challenges. She began in manufacturing, working on an ERP implementation. From there she became proficient in small business operations, including the development of a standard implementation methodology. As she has grown to take on ever more complex projects— including many for large, multinational companies—Sonia has (at last count) worked on over 30 implementations in a cross-section of process industries. She is particularly knowledgeable in enterprise-wide integration and the management and support of heavily customized applications.

“Establishing a partnership based upon understanding your goals, our professionals maximize the investment in your project.We bring the best resources to the project, always maintain focus on the goal and deliver success.”