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When no corporate need is out of bounds: Encompass Solutions

thesiliconreview-sonia-haslam-managing-partner-encompass-solutions-inc-17With more and more companies looking for integrated business applications, there is an increasing demand for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consulting. Now while there are a number of ERP solution providers mushrooming in the market today, those who have been in the market for decades surely deserve an edge. Among the experienced players, Encompass Solutions is one such firm that has been consistently committed to fulfilling its promises from the start.

Founded in 2001, Encompass Solutions focuses on providing technology solutions to manufacturers, distributors, project and service-based organizations. Implementing and customizing those solutions, today they are one of only four Epicor ERP Platinum partners in the United States. Paving the way for clients to grow and succeed in a competitive marketplace, Encompass Solutions is also a Net Suite solution provider.

A journey of growth

The firm’s initial project was a multi-million dollar rollout of a multi-site wood processing plant, where a cohesive team of employees and subcontractors were brought together and retained through a phased rollout cycle that spanned years. It was these experiences that shaped the company’s success story. Today, a decade and a half later, the firm has a global footprint. The fact that many of the initial team members of the first project are still with the organization speaks volumes of the firm’s values.

Over the years the number of projects kept on growing. Today the firm has over 120 active projects. Some of these are small projects where the company troubleshoots a problem whereas others are large projects with full implementations. The firm has a Managed Services offering as well, that is intended to cater to customers seeking continuous support.

Differential Advantage

The firm strongly believes that business requirements must be clearly defined and evaluated at the beginning of any software selection project. They have witnessed projects go off-track quickly when the focus is only on duplicating existing functionality. This approach stifles growth, creativity, teamwork, and success. It is then that teams end up working against the native features, functions, and benefits of the chosen solution. This is when Encompass Solutions’ skill and knowledge comes into play and widens the horizon to support customers with business growth, innovation, and enhanced customer experience. The company’s extensive experience in industry and software solutions enables it deliver excellence throughout the implementation and integrate value add products and e-commerce capabilities when applicable.

Encompass Solutions understands and supports their client’s vision which enables the firm to establish a long-lasting partnership. Using the best of resources, the firm’s focus is always on the goal, enabling them to deliver success time after time. 

Vision & Mission

Encompass’ mission is to provide services that are in harmony with our clients’ businesses while solving their problems and enhancing all aspects of their enterprise with technology products that deliver exceptional value. To execute this mission, Encompass employs experienced, well-trained, highly certified self-starters whose first priority is to understand the needs of our clients. The firm then combines that expertise with that of their vendor partners to create solutions that eliminate waste, create efficiencies, growth, and profit for our clients.

The high levels of customer service, industry expertise, and values on which the business solutions are based aims to revolutionize the North American Enterprise. With such strong technical and moral value system, it is not surprising to see the company making its way to one of the best Tech Companiesin the United States.

Read on to know how Encompass Solutions utilized customer feedback over the years to grow and reach the pinnacle of success.

What kind of mixed responses have you received from your consumers over the years?

Most Customers do not choose a new ERP system just for the fun of it. Putting in a new system can be painful and disruptive to their business, so I think that when companies decide to make that choice, there is a strong compelling event, business reasons and issues that force them to do it. I believe that is imperative during an implementation, and when we look at customizing to their needs, that we consider  the reasons why they made that decision. 

We have some customers that we have been working with since we began with Epicor, and we still provide services for them today. We are the people they call when they need support because they know that we stay current on the tool sets, and we can help them find the right resources to address whatever their need.

What were the driving factors to the company being one of the ‘Best Tech Companies’?

With all the tablets and tools and technology out there on the internet for people to use social media, etc., companies have started to look at their businesses differently. We become the agent in helping customers adopt collaborative tools, enterprise search engines and the internet of things. “Technology changes faster than most companies can” so we support IT solutions at their previous versions, but we really encourage upgrades.

The road ahead

The company is in partnership with state of the art business management IT products. The beauty of this industry is the fact that there is always innovation. Encompass Solutions’ product affiliates have the scalability and means to offer cutting-edge technology both on-premise and in the cloud. This is what has steered the firm towards success for over fifteen years now. Being ever committed to excellence, the firm believes that with the launch of NetSuite, the company will continue to make consistent growth as an organization even in the years to come.

About the founding duo

With over 25 years of experience, Jim Baggerly initially started out in industrial engineering. Over the years he developed expertise in manufacturing management, materials management, project scheduling and software engineering among others. It was from Jim’s own vision in life that Encompass Solutions was born.


Sonia Haslam has a multifaceted compendium of skills and expertise that were acquired as a result of taking on a breathtaking series of new challenges for more than a decade. She started off her career in manufacturing. She is particularly knowledgeable in enterprise-wide integration and the management and support of heavily customized applications.

“Encompass’ mission is to provide services that are in harmony with our clients’ businesses while solving their problems and enhancing all aspects their enterprise with technology products that deliverexceptional value.”