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Where Blockchain and Business Begin: The Vanbex Group


We combine deep business insight with a strong understanding of how Blockchain technology can impact existing business infrastructure and operations: Kevin Hobbs.

The big buzz in disruptive technology for the last few years has been Bitcoin. This new currency holds the promise of lower transaction fees, easy person-to-person payments and even anonymity in the payments space.

But the real quantum shift, from a technology perspective, is blockchain. Blockchain is the underlying technology that allows Bitcoin to exist. While some people are still struggling to grasp the potential of blockchain, others have wholeheartedly embraced what the technology could mean for businesses, both large and small.

In light of the above mentioned, we are thrilled to present The Vanbex Group. The Group specializes in consulting, communications and development for blockchain businesses. It takes a tailored approach to shaping the future for every client it manages.

The company was establishedin 2013 and is headquarteredin Vancouver, Canada.

In Conversation with the CEO of The Vanbex Group, Kevin Hobbs:

Elaborate more on Vanbex group.

Vanbex is a full stack professional services and development company that specializes in the Blockchain industry. We help companies in everything from grass root marketing to branding, strategy, documentation, and to helping them with legal guidance. We also develop things like tokens, crowd funding contracts, Blockchain along with a full suite of services. Right now, we are trying to do token generating event and refunds.

Brief us about your first project.

Etherparty is the first project that we have worked on. It is a user-friendly deployment platform that allows anyone to create smart contracts on multiple different blockchains on ethereum or bitcoin with no coding necessary. You need to use a tool, kind of like how Gmail allows people to send and receive emails and Google allows you to search for things on the internet. Etherparty will allow anybody to launch customized smart contracts that fit their needs. Whether it’s peer-to-peer contracts, token creation, escrow, supply chain management, or legally binding contracts; users will be able to navigate through a typically coding-intensive process within minutes.

Can you talk about the challenges in this industry?

Since this industry is new, finding talents is a challenge. Finding people who understand blockchain and understand how to develop in blockchain coding languages is probably the biggest challenge we have faced. Furthermore, market entry is also a key struggle. There are not many blockchain products on the market yet and we are trying to be one of the first to launch it in the market this year.

Vanbex Mission and Strategy

“Our mission is to further the education and adoption of Blockchain, DLT, and Smart contract technology into everyday real-world applications. We believe these technologies will change our current digital infrastructure and processes the way the internet changed how we communicate.”

“Our strategy is direct; we work with companies who have already considered the potential for blockchain technology to innovate the way they do business. This means that we work hands-on with companies to communicate their message and achieve their goals. We work with companies in all stages of their development in all aspects of the industry from grassroots to high-level achievement.”

Discuss the key attribute that makes Vanbex stand out among its competitors.

Our experience; we have been in this industry for a couple of years now and have worked with over 70 companies. We have built a track record of helping client build their blockchain companies. We are a company that offers everything from marketing, branding to development. Clients can come to us and feel at ease that their specific needs will be addressed. Additionally, we build products specifically for industries that have come to us looking for solutions.

Clients Rave About Vanbex

“Vanbex helped us get great online exposure, including multiple large engagements through Reddit and blogs. We would highly recommend them to anyone else.” - Shawn Wilkinson, Lead Developer & Founder,

“Vanbex really knows their audience and is great at using the right platforms to reach the right people. It would have been impossible for us to have gottenup to speed so quickly without them.”

- Brennen Byrne, CEO, Clef.

“Vanbex provided the personalized support and expertise Factom needed to spread the word about its technology and become one of the most recognizedbrands in the blockchain space.”

- David A. Johnston: Factom, Chairman of the Board.

Greet the Founding Duo

Kevin Hobbs, CEO: Kevin is a technology founder, CEO and recognized a leader in the Blockchain ecosystem. He brings over a decade of management experience to the Firm after working in a variety of professional roles. His blockchain expertise, combined with over a decade of management experience as a professional and entrepreneur has allowed Kevin to grow the Vanbex Group of companies into one of the largest blockchain solutions providers in Vancouver.

Lisa Cheng, Head of R&D: Lisa Cheng is the Founder and Head of R&D of the Vanbex Group. She currently serves as an Advisor for emerging tech startups and has an expertise in Business Development and Product Strategy. Her background includes Fortune 500 companies, Enterprise Sales, Big Data, and SaaS.

“We have become hyper-specialized in building out the elements of a successful client strategy: a compelling product use case, a clear demonstration of the technology, and a robust and engaged community.”