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White Label Social Networking Software with Full Suite of APIs: ONEsite


“We are always building with the future in mind.”

ONEsite was founded in 2005 as a subsidiary of, Inc. as a provider of single sign-on and social networking software for websites. ONEsite was the original pioneer of White Label Social Networking Software and Social Login and has patents pending. Single Sign On is the key strength of ONEsite and provides the foundation for its integrated Social Networking Software and Hosting Platform. This cross domain single sign-on software was enhanced to provide a comprehensive social networking software platform which includes: Forums, Comment Widget, Live Chat, Profiles and Groups, Video and Photo Community Galleries.

As Community and Social Networking matured, ONEsite evolved and now offers a world class hosted cloud platform that includes: Digital Asset management, eCommerce Single Sign On across multiple platforms and Enterprise hosting. A key strength of ONEsite its service focus and professional services that allow us to create a customized experience for its clients.

Most of ONEsites employees are located in Oklahoma, and partners with Rack59, Amazon Cloud Services to provide world-wide social enabling software. ONEsite has operated its own Class A datacenters but is moving everything to an IPX datacenter and AWS. ONEsite draws upon the rich 23year history of innovation of, Inc. and is committed to provide value to our customers. It looks forward to working with you to increase sign ups, user participation and overall success of the web properties.

“We will make ONEsite, a Talent Hub”, says Bob Crull, CEO
“We recently did an employee session aimed at aligning employee personal goals with business goals. Universally, employees would like to work remote and improve their lifestyle while at the same time work on exciting and challenging technical projects. We made the decision to eliminate all offices and are working on using technology to streamline processes and communication. We will still have quarterly face to face meetings for planning and team building sessions. The costs savings gained by eliminating office space and moving all our servers and applications to the cloud is significant. We will use this money to invest in improving the application and growing the business.”

“Personally as the CEO, I moved to a small town in Southern Oklahoma. I live on the golf course. My day is very efficient. I can get up in the morning and work then go for a run, work some more, play a quick 9 holes of golf at lunch and work again. I don’t drive anywhere that takes over 10 minutes. I would like to see everyone in the company living a similar lifestyle. I find that the time working is much more productive and efficient. We are using and IP based phone system and with GoToMeeting and skype, communication is much more efficient and productive.”

The “ONE” Technology
The ONEsite platform is a robust and scalable enterprise software platform developed over a period of 11years and leveraging 23years of operational expertise in Internet software, services and datacenters. The platform is continually updated with new feature enhancements and serves up billions of page views and API hits every month from its origin datacenters.

At ONEsite, the team firmly believes in open source software, and it uses and contribute back to as many open source projects as possible. It has invested heavily in next generation technologies such as Apache Cassandra and Elastic Search in order to build next-generate data storage and search subsystems. The company’s engineers continue to enhance the platform with performance and user accessibility improvements and push the envelope in performance and accessibility.

Key to the ONEsite platform is its ability to create solutions that are accessible from any device and any platform. Its features are written so that they may be loaded as a web page, a mobile page or mobile application, an embedded widget, or an API call. By building its software with extensibility and interoperability in mind, it is able to ensure that features are accessible in everything from mobile phones to Facebook applications.

Reliable Services
The ONEsite platform is really a Content Management System CMS for user assets including photos, videos, PDF’s and blogs as well as providing general community and social networking functions. It benefits the clients by providing a way to engage there product and services with their clients or customers. ONEsite differentiates itself by doing custom projects for Enterprises utilizing its platform that require specific integration with the companies business model and user base.

“The biggest challenge is retaining top talent, including development and sales talent. By moving to an all virtual company, it is easier to attract talent and let them live where they want.”

Meet the Executive

Bob Crull, Founder & CEO: graduated from Oklahoma State in 1985 with a degree in Management Science and Computer Systems. He worked for EDS as a System Engineer and then went through prestigious Marketing Development Program at which point he moved into business development. Mr. Crull was an early employee at Perot Systems where he helped build the commercial business. Mr. Crull led Oracle’s program to put its training online in 1995. At the same time, he founded Dallas Internet from which and ONEsite evolved.

“We have over 3MM lines of code that is designed to be customized for each client giving a unique experience.”