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50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2016

With Crownpeak, it’s fast and easy to build digital experiences


“Not only does our technology go deeper, so does our thinking.”

ActiveStandards, Crownpeak becomes the only cloud-first Digital Experience Management (DXM) platform with native Digital Quality Management (DQM).

Crownpeak’s DXM platform, along with fully integrated DQM, works with nearly any technology, enabling companies to launch complex, dynamic, enterprise-scale sites in as little as six weeks. This human-centered approach to technology is a whole new way to delight not just IT and marketing teams, but customers as well.

In addition, Crownpeak is the only enterprise DXM platform purpose-built to scale as a company grows, simplifying the management and deployment of global sites by any size team, across all digital touchpoints.

Founded in 2001, Crownpeak is a privately-held corporation with locations in Los Angeles, Denver and London. Crownpeak has been recognized by Gartner as a Web Content Management “Visionary” for its commitment cloud delivery, been named to EContent’s 100 Most Influential Companies list, has won eWeek’s prestigious Analysts Choice Award and InfoWorld’s Product of the Year award.

“We stand tall,” says J.J. Gorsuch, VP of Product.

  • We pride ourselves in strategic points – fastest time to value, simple integration, low cost solution.

Get a handle on your marketing and technology strategy with Crownpeak’s platform
Be it a consulting firm or an e-commerce platform, all ventures today are transforming their businesses digitally to offer great marketing opportunities to connect with customers. It is undoubtedly more feasible to spend money on services than to individually invest in software, capital and other aspects of management.

Amidst such a scenario, talking about what sets Crownpeak apart from its competitors in the market, VP of Product, J.J. Gorsuch said, “We were the first to offer a cloud-based Digital Experience Management platform as a service unlike other companies who offered it as software. Our platform can be used by any company and we can help shape their businesses flexibility. We make sure that our customers’ get rapid implementation opportunities at scale. We focus on our client’s specific needs and leverage the key capabilities of the clientele and these serve as our key success criteria to help our clients provide quality digital experiences for their customers.”

“The real challenge in today’s market is to continue to differentiate ourselves by anticipating the needs of our customers and to help them delight theirs. We are very committed to building a strong culture and therefore we focus on people and always putting the customer experience first. It is not a difficult thing to do but extremely challenging and interesting as well. The demands of our clients are ever growing and it is important that we keep our solution as flexible as possible and that is what we strive to do,” he added.

That said, Crownpeak merged with ActiveStandards, to provide clients with the only cloud-first Web Content Management platform that features built-in Digital Quality Management. The advancement is sure to continue making news in the days to come with its innovative ways for global enterprises to undergo a transformation in digital marketing.

Industry Recognition
The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management (WCM) provides an in-depth analysis of leading vendors, designed to help guide companies that are in the process of evaluating a Web Content Management solution for their business. For the third year in a row, Gartner has recognized Crownpeak as a “Visionary” on its 2016 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management. The report is an invaluable tool for gaining a better understanding of the industry’s leading WCM solutions and their strengths.

Crownpeak recently added Digital Quality Management to its platform, making the company the only WCM with automated monitoring for flagging errors and inconsistencies.

This is how a High-Profile Pharma Company Gained Centralized Control of Its Web Presence
Marketers at an international pharmaceutical company confronted a critical challenge. Facing an upcoming global branding initiative, IT pressure to depart from on-premise solutions and a push to reduce development costs, they could no longer rely on—or afford—the unwieldy custom solution they had built to manage digital experiences across 50 countries.

They selected Crownpeak as their new enterprise solution because it satisfied both marketing and IT’s comprehensive requirements and allowed the organization to meet tight rebranding timelines.

“Standardizing on Crownpeak allowed our client to modernize their global brand and bring sites to market faster and cheaper than they ever could have done with their legacy platform.” – J.J. Gorsuch, VP of Product

Developing High Value to Customers, in J.J. Gorsuch’s words

Do you invest in R&D regularly?
Yes. We reinvest upwards of 30% of our revenues back to R&D. Our DXM-as-a-Service has an open and flexible architecture that not only enables integration with other best-of-breed technologies in our customers’ ecosystems, but allows us to innovate quickly thanks to our decoupled modularity. We also have some outside development partners, but often co-develop products with our technology partners such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). For example, with respect to secure web hosting and delivery, as a leading partner of AWS in this space we are able to provide the best combination of their capabilities and our expertise for the benefit of our customers’ peace of mind.

“Across 50 countries, Crownpeak’s global WCM empowers marketers to launch digital experiences while ensuring compliance needs are met.”

Meet the Team

As Vice President of Product, J.J. Gorsuch, is responsible for product strategy and its success in the market. JJ and his innovative team evaluate the market and Crownpeak’s position in it, refining the product roadmap to maintain Crownpeak’s position as a leader in the SaaS DXM industry.