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30 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2016

Worldwide Chain Stores: A Dedicated Provider of Supply Chain Execution Technology, Services and Solutions


“The best supply chains aren’t just fast and cost-effective. They are also agile and adaptable, and they ensure that all their companies’ interests stay aligned.” – Hau L. Lee

The last 2 years across the supply chain industry has been about change. Organizations are faced with a number of challenges managing their supply chains – counting on the operations to not only deliver goods on time, but to tailor and respond to customers who want to order when they want and deliver where they want, and on top of that faced with supplier expectations regarding pricing and packages. Worldwide Chain Stores (WCS) provides global customers with innovative Retail and Supply Chain solutions that optimize the supply chain and help in achieving competitive advantage for their businesses.

Worldwide Chain Stores was founded in 1969 by Charlie Fitzmorris, the pioneer and the visionary of supply chain. The company is a dedicated provider of comprehensive supply chain execution technology warehouse management system, CSnx. A next generation platform, CSnx offers organizations easy-to-use, flexible, scalable and relevant out-of-the-box capability to automate, diagnose and seamlessly manage the supply chain from procurement of inventory through to management of the warehouse. CSnx is a compelling proposition for businesses faced with the challenges of multi-channel operations.

WCS has been a pioneer on multiple technologies; like stockless warehouses and the first to implement Voice in both the UK and US territories. The business of WCS is focused on technological innovation. The company will be making lots of mobile adaption and continuing to make functionality more real-time and automated. Allowing visibility across the business is the key, so that those outside of the warehouse can easily measure performance and effect.

Delivering Supply Chain Expertise
WCS is a dedicated provider of comprehensive supply chain execution technology, services and solutions that range from warehouse management, billing, procurement, through to voice, labor management, POD, asset management and analytics. Engineered to be future proof, the company’s flagship product CSnx is a next generation warehouse management platform that offers organizations easy-to-use, flexible, scalable out of the box capability that will automate, diagnose and seamlessly manage today’s complex omni-channel supply chain operations.

In 2015, CSnx Purchasing was launched which starts with the best of legacy applications and expands from there. It has been built upon the same open, real time strong Java foundation, enabling it to be seamlessly integrated with the Warehouse Management System. Additionally, it will be available as a standalone package, which can be easily integrated with other third-party applications.

In addition to launching its next generation CSnx product offering to market and expanding WCS’ existing offerings, this year has also seen the launch of Bright Track an intuitive, in-application eLearning product. Customers see this as a solution that not only has the same rich functionality, to which they are accustomed to, but because it has the benefit of being real-time, giving them a true picture of inventory. The modern design allows for easier integration with ancillary systems and completely removes the need for costly down-time for daily/weekly processing.

Labor management is also at the heart of WCS’ technology and built into the core logic, meaning the system is always determining the most efficient way to perform work in the warehouse. With the company’s integrated end to end warehouse voice solutions, WCS has also saved customers millions of pounds with a paperless workforce. Voice technology allows operators to use both hands to perform tasks, resulting in fewer injuries and a reduction in damaged product.

Key Clientele
WCS primarily focuses on grocery wholesale distribution and retail sectors however it also supports pharmaceutical, DIY and manufacturing operations. The company’s customers range from those with virtually no internal expertise who need a high level of support to those who have large, experienced teams who need only occasional support. In all cases, it offers implementation services, business and technical consultancy and all on-going support required for customers to successfully manage their operations.

The US customers of WCS include the likes of Bozzuto’s Inc., Basha’s Inc., Affiliated Foods Inc., and Kent Building Supplies; UK customers include the likes of Musgrave Retail Partner Ireland, Nisa Retail Limited and East of England Co-operative Society Limited.

Clients Speak
“In 15 years we have quadrupled in sales volumes and have quadrupled again in SKU product ranges. Within a few years we have gone from a $1.7bn business to a $2.1 billion operation from the same sized DC. The only way we could achieve that was through the implementation of smart technology from WCS.” – Jamie Wright, Director of Industrial Engineering at Bozzuto’s Inc

“We have developed strong working relationships with the WCS team, and they have been central to our systems and growth of our business in recent years.” – Michael Kiely, Head of IT Service Operations

Looking at the Future
WCS is planning to have a presence at all the major trade shows in 2016 and continue growing its customer base.

Knowing the Key Executive
Joshila Makan, CEO
Joshila joined WCS in 2006. She has 19 years of experience in Production, Retail and Supply Chain Industries. With a post graduate degree in industrial engineering, a diploma in production management and a PMI certification, Joshila has a deep knowledge of business process and process design and a wealth of experience in program management. Joshila has an excellent understanding of technology and has experience in managing large complex software product developments, implementations and operations for Retail and Manufacturing organizations across the UK, US and South Africa. She is an extremely capable executive with excellent commercial and business development experience.

“Our solutions are engineered to help you meet supply chain management challenges in today’s complex global market-place.”

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