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XIPHIAS: Leading the Modernized Technological World

xiphias-ceo-rohit-kumarSince its inception in 2005, XIPHIAS Software Technologies is one of the leading technology providers in India. They offer a vast portfolio of innovative products and services in the hardware and software division.

A key player in the today’s ‘tech’ world, XIPHIAS Software Technologies holds an expertise in offshore software development and hardware manufacturing.

India’s No 1 interactive KIOSK manufacturer and application provider, XIPHIAS offers a sophisticated range of customized kiosks within industry standards and specifications for their clientele. In fact over the years, the company has developed ERP and CRM solutions for various verticals such as education, government, healthcare, energy, retail, rural development, travel & logistics, engineering & construction, manufacturing and etc.

However XIPHIAS, being recently emerged as a leading professional website designing company in India by offering website designing & development services, e-commerce web designing, Search Engine Optimization, E- media, pay per click advertising and graphics designing services, XIPHIAS has successfully worked on over 5000 websites reflecting their expertise in creating and winning a corporate presence on the web.

Today, the Bangalore headquartered company also lugs its business operations in Melbourne, Hongkong, London, Canada, Ranchi, Ahemdabad, Jaipur, and Delhi. Providers of modernized education system, XIPHIAS aims to digitalize teaching in all the schools in India.

Manufacturers of High- Precision Interactive Kiosk Systems
India’s No 1 interactive KIOSK manufacturer and application provider, XIPHIAS offers a sophisticated range of customized kiosks within industry standards. Their products consist of algorithms, software solutions and in-house engineered hardware completely assuring a superior performance. XIPHIAS provides Kiosks to sectors like:

  • Retail Kiosk Application
  • Banking Kiosk Application
  • Telecom Kiosk Application
  • Hospitality Kiosk Application
  • Healthcare Kiosk Application
  • Exhibition Kiosk Application
  • Hr/Corporate Kiosk Application
  • Education Kiosk Application
  • E-Governance Kiosk Application

Making a difference with its exclusive outcome- ATSI (Any Time Student Information)
XIPHIAS’s latest product offering, is a world class Cloud based education automation system (A.T.S.I- Any Time Student Information), engineered to be the best ERP solution for handling student information. Working dedicatedly on A.T.S.I, Mr. Rohit came up with more features every year and the latest version of it works in cloud platform with features of integrating various Kiosks. A.T.S.I was first successfully implemented in many schools in North India. “I developed this software when I was completing my studies keeping in mind all the aspects of what teachers, parents, administrators and students had told me. Later in 2005 I launched the software with the help of my colleagues at XIPHIAS Software Technology and commercialized it”, adds Founder, Rohit Kumar.

Catering to the Client’s needs
Offering a vast portfolio of innovative products and services in the hardware and software division, XIPHIAS Software Technologies has been regarded as leading technology provider among its clients since 2005. In these From years they have gained trusts of clients which includes MediHope, Hindu Today, Brains Off, Telugu News, etc and Kiosks clients including Accenture, Hero Honda, State Bank of India, Moserbaer, IRCTC, Tata, etc.

Solutions Offered
XIPHIAS’s focuses on providing end-to end solutions to its clients. Its solutions include:-

  • Kiosk Solutions
  • Web Solutions
  • ERP/ CRM School Software
  • Media Automation
  • Security Solutions
  • Mobile Application App Development
  • Hand Held Devices
  • Custom Software’s Technology Solutions

Products Offered

  • School Automation Software
  • Hospital Management System
  • Online Examination System
  • Library Management System
  • Visitor Management System
  • HR & Payroll Management System
  • Bill Generation System
  • Dairy Automation Software


XIPHIAS GROUP has extensive solutions for all with having XIPHIAS SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES operating completely with software stuffs like software development, E-Commerce Web Design, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization and lot more. Moving ahead we have “True Global Solution” a recognized leading brand in providing global education. XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION helping people to excel professionally worldwide by making them to immigrate to their desired locations. XIPHIAS Business Immigration, making people to explore around the globe for meeting their goals and prospective efficiently. Next to it we have XIPHIAS CONNECT for advertisement bookings. Moreover we are recently going to lunch SILKSAREE, XIPHIAS MINES, XIPHIAS TASSAR REELING.

Client Testimonial

“I thank Team XIPHIAS from the core of my heart for fulfilling my desires successfully & every aspects in an accomplished way. On the whole their various improved products like A.T.S.I(Any Time Student Information Software)providing information’s and managing piles of data in fraction of seconds. Including they provide 12 different types of kiosk like retail kiosk, information kiosk, Banking Kiosk and lots more which helped me to assist in various diversified platforms. In addition it is impressive how XIPHIAS Group have managed to make this complex task so simple. At each step they were there to help me for my every queries faced at each and every step on my way. But for their high level of professionalism all my works got processed on a handy way. Thanks XIPHIAS and God Speed to them in their entire endeavor. I will never hesitate to recommend anyone to XIPHIAS!” – Suchi Grace

Meet the Master Mind

Rohit Kumar, CEO & CMD
For Mr.Rohit, Degree is just a word until you are capable of utilizing your competence in changing lives. An Information Technology Engineering Student, Rohit always dreamt big and had the capability to fulfill all his dreams. After completing his Entrepreneur Management Course from Harvard Business School Executive Education, Mr.Rohit then gained Associate’s Degree from University of Oxford, Department for Continuing Education. Earlier in 2005, this young lad came up with a dream of developing a web based application that possessed the capability to bring all the stakeholders of an education system through a universal platform.

Amongst the hurdles in his way, web was strictly 1.0, among all the big hurdles, having problems with Google was too small among them. But Rohit, taking the risk and overcoming the hurdles came up with the idea of bringing up enterprise software that became the first version of India’s one of the widely used ERP software in the education sector named as – Any Time Student Information (ATSI).