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Yethi Consulting: Bringing Integrated and Comprehensive Approach to Clients

thesiliconreview-yethi-consulting“Our chosen mission is to make each client engagement a success by -Focus on ROI, Domain expertise, Quality and Commitment.”

Yethi Consulting is a software solutions firm focusing on quality assurance of large enterprise applications. Yethi plans to take customer empowerment, domain expertise and global reach to new levels. Ever since their inception, they’ve been guided by three principles: customer focus, domain expertise and global reach. These principles have guided their every new initiative. The circle in their logo symbolizes the integrated and comprehensive approach that they at Yethi bring to their clients. But, above all, it signifies their abiding and lasting commitment to their customers, investors, partners and employees.  

At the heart of their ideology is their customers’ success. The insights they derive from each success story encourages them to innovate and create cutting-edge solutions. In the long run they will continue to invest in the requisite domain expertise and intellectual property, thereby leveraging business understanding to add value to customers’ businesses.

The company pledges to dedicate them to total customer satisfaction – achieved with uncompromising integrity. In the years ahead, their customers will benefit from the many opportunities that they will open up for them with technology solutions, the strong values they uphold, and solutions that carry the essential imprints of value and quality.

Founded by seasoned senior professionals, Yethi bring years of domain expertise and global experiences to play. The founders collectively represent over 100 yrs of experience across financial services, business advisory and technology consulting industries. The practitioners who wish to leverage their experiences to support financial institutions globally in overcoming operational and technology challenges, the team at Yethi investing in building the next generation of tools and solutions to improve the quality of digital technologies being adopted within enterprises. 

Unique Portfolio

Tenjin- Sophisticated, Intuitive & Scriptless, the Tenjin Automation Suite has been designed and built to comprehensively address the complex and challenging needs of testing multiple integrated enterprise applications. Being a true 5th Generation Scriptless Automated Testing application, it is conceptualized to ensure ease of use, rapid deployment and reusability.

B.I.M.S.- Decisive and descriptive analytics, transparent and flexible, BIMS was built to address the diverse needs of these two categories, while leveraging a single source of data, thereby simplifying technology infrastructure stacks and providing category relevant functionality.

B.I.M.S. (Bank Information Management System) is a solution developed to meet the varying requirements of both statutory and management reporting.  BIMS is an easy to use solution packed with powerful features for Reporting and Analytics.

Quality Advisory- Mature processes, competent team and pragmatic approach, the direct cost of testing software applications is estimated to be as high as 25% of an IT project’s cost. Indirect costs can be staggering if they consider the loss of revenue, reputation or customer confidence. A structured and informed approach to testing can therefore reduce direct and indirect costs while significantly improving the ROI of IT investments. 

Analytics & Reporting- Leverage facts, unlock potential and drive profits, Business Reporting has been an area demanding constant attention because of the ephemeral nature of its requirements. Be it a scenario of vendor provided Banking solution or a scenario of reporting from multiple applications, there has been a constant pressure on Bank’s IT team to understand the objectives of the requirement, understand the intricate data model and to develop reports accordingly.

Core Banking Services- Insight, innovation and collaboration, vendor provided Core banking adoption has risen to be the dominant model in the last decade. The company provides comprehensive services to ensure you continue to extract maximum value from your chosen core banking solution. They could help you review the system deployed in order to reduce operational and process complexity and/or help extract data and build reports.

Knowing the Masterminds

Narasimhan R, Managing Director - R. Narasimhan (RN) is the chief executive officer at Yethi. With his global vision, focused mentoring and passionate entrepreneurial spirit, RN is responsible for defining the vision, strategy and governance within Yethi and steering the direction of the company. He brings 30 years of experience across Products Consulting Services and Business Planning & Operations.

Under his leadership, Yethi has grown from 0 to +100 employees, acquired marquee customers such as Barclays, State Bank of Mauritius, RBL (India), Equitas Small Finance Bank (India) and also expanded from India to MENA and APAC markets.

Nagaraj Savanur, CTO -Nagaraj Savanur (Nagu) is the chief technology officer and leads the company’s Solutions Delivery and Technology Strategy & Innovation. He leads a group of sharp minds comprising of development, quality, and systems engineering professionals. Nagu brings in 20+ years of leadership experience across the strategic IT functions including Quality Assurance & Testing, Global Implementation Support and Product Development. He is the brain behind the Yethi’s flagship product Tenjin.

A techie at heart, Nagu’s key skills lie in mentoring developers, solving complex engineering problems and ideating the next-best features.

Srirang Srikantha, COO - As the chief operating officer and head of sales, Srirang (Sri) is a a man with multiple hats. He is an aggressive sales hunter with 15+ years of IT Sales & Business Development experience.
He brings in a wealth of knowledge & know-how in handling customers across India, Middle East, Asia & Europe. He has been instrumental in building new logos & winning large deals for Yethi through his leadership & aggressive selling skills.
In his capacity as the COO, Sri also oversees Yethi’s operations, Finance, Infrastructure, HR, Process and Information System functions.

Sri is passionate about professional excellence and continuous learning.

“Our close partnerships with clients, unique methodology, subject matter expertise, global experience and unique set of tools help us deliver innovative, effective and executable solutions.”

“Our entrepreneurial spirit helps us to continually discover better ways to address our clients'​needs.”

“Founded by seasoned senior fin-tech professionals, we bring years of domain expertise and global experiences to play.”