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Youforma: Student Admissions Simplified!

thesiliconreview-sharan-y-madawal-founder-ceo-madvish-technologiesThe education market in India is booming at an unprecedented pace. There are various factors for this positive wind in India and its biggest opportunity is being the youngest nation, where approximately 28.1 per cent of population is in the range of 0-14 years as of 2015. The education industry in India is estimated to reach a gargantuan USD 144 billion by 2020. Indian market currently has the largest higher education segment in the world which is estimated to jump by 17.5% CAGR within the next decade and the Government is fully aware and supportive of the needs of the sector.

These statistics have excited many who are looking at India with anticipation and excitement. However, the education sector in India is struggling with problems of its own and desperately trying to sustain itself. India ranks second in terms of student enrolment in higher education globally but the admissions process makes it difficult both for students and educational institutions.

With over 762 universities and 48000 colleges in India, the admission process becomes chaotic as students run from pillar to post and are under the pressure to apply to multiple colleges/universities just to ensure that they have a seat. While looking at the same problem from the perspective of institutions, many institutions end up having vacant seats at the end of admissions cycle due to poor management of admissions process. This results in a huge revenue loss for the institutions.

In addition to this, students are not able to receive right scholarships, which are present in plethora for want of information.

This is where will make a difference to students as well as Institutions, and is taking huge strides in the direction of facilitating smooth admissions to the right institutions for students. Just as in Facebook- personal profile and LinkedIn- The professional profile, Youforma aims to be the student’s academic profile holder! A student can create his/her own academic profile based on individual interests, academic goals & preferences. The intelligent engine on directs them to relevant institutions, courses and examinations, which matches his/her criteria. What’s more? The platform also provides significant information about the millions of scholarships available and in turn matches it against the students profile to recommend the appropriate one. It also allows parents to create the profile of their wards.

For the institutions, Youforma provides a single window to present their credentials and attract millions of students in an instant. It also helps institutions in reducing the cost of administrative work through the PAPER-LESS APPLICATION PROCESS AND ADMISSIONS SHORTLISTING. Moreover, it also aids institutions to manage their vacant seats better leading to enhanced ROI. It also empowers the institution to launch campaigns and applications in Real time through interactive tools provided by the platform. The tools and the dashboard provide insightful analytics to the institutions helping them manage the process in a simple and effective manner! Leading education groups like Jain Institution, KLE Institution, Nitte Institutions are using Youforma for their admissions.

All this is made possible by advanced technology, which is being upgraded from time to time to meet the demands of the market.

Youforma has embarked upon an ambitious campus ambassador program as it believes that the real change in the system should come from the people who are effected the most-STUDENTS. The programs aims at sharing relevant information on Education trends and various happenings that get listed on through the network of ambassadors who are essentially students at various colleges across the country.

thesiliconreview-graphic-madvish-technologies is the flagship initiative of Madvish Technologies Pvt. Ltd and is led by the Founder & CEO Mr. Sharan Madawal and COO-Savitha B. Both Sharan and Savitha have decades of experience in the education support technology areas and have successfully launched products in the domain. OPTRA, a product they launched to track students performance has won laurels from educational institutions and is a leader in its segment. It is also backed by eminent industry professionals like Mr. Vipin Prasad, Founder of Joining Dots Inc, a leading Go to Market Consulting firm. Mr. Amit Singh, Founder of Wow Labz- a leading technology company and HeadStart- India’s biggest startup enablement ecosystem famous for its Startup Saturdays and Mr. Pradeep Naik, Founder & CEO of Fuel India, a leading activation firm in the educational segment.

Mission of

  • Leverage Technology and Data to deliver quality admissions
  • Drive Paradigm shift in the admissions process
  • Deliver a seamless experience for institutions and students

12 Hours - Average time spent standing in Queues to submit applications. With, it can become a one-click activity!

A student applies to at least 4 colleges on an average!

"Youforma combines cloud technology, big data and easy to use form builder to make the admission process friction-free, efficient and transparent for both applicants and institutions.”