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Your Backbone for Continuous Delivery at Enterprise Scale for Cloud, Container, and Legacy Environments: XebiaLabs

thesiliconreview-derek-langone-ceo-xebialabs-cover-18Software Delivery is the process of getting a software product to market and over the years, faster software delivery has expanded beyond the startup to every major industry and organization. But unlike a startup, large enterprises across all sectors have to implement DevOps practices while considering their old legacy platforms, cloud environments, regulatory requirements, security, scale and much more.

Today, even the most established industry leaders have seen their business models challenged. Delivering software applications to production faster and more reliably has become imperative to the future success of any business.

Founded in the early days of DevOps, XebiaLabs help large companies accelerate their software releases with more reliability - no matter how diverse the infrastructure or how complex the processes. It develops Continuous Delivery and DevOps software, providing companies with the visibility, automation, and control.

Since inception, XebiaLabs’ release orchestration and application delivery software have been adopted by the largest and most demanding companies in the world. Today, Global market leaders rely on XebiaLabs to meet the increasing demand for accelerated and more reliable software releases.

XebiaLabs DevOps Platform: Scaling Enterprise Software Delivery for Cloud, Container, and Legacy Environments

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform provides the intelligence, automation, and control that technical and business teams need for Continuous Delivery at enterprise scale. It’s the backbone for comprehensive release orchestration, managing your end-to-end DevOps toolchain and delivering full visibility into the entire software delivery process.

DevOps Intelligence: Measure and optimize DevOps performance with goal-based KPIs

Is your team implementing DevOps but struggling to fully understand the impact of your initiatives? Are you making decisions “in the dark,” based on incomplete and subjective data? Do you need guidance and recommended actions to help optimize delivery processes according to DevOps best practices?

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform offers the first goal-based DevOps Intelligence solution that delivers integrated KPIs to show the health of your Continuous Delivery pipeline. It combines DevOps best practices with historical analysis, machine learning, and data from across your toolchain to show trends, predict outcomes, and recommend actions. With XebiaLabs, you can optimize your software delivery value stream, drive ROI, and mitigate risk.

Release Orchestration: Manage the most advanced release pipelines with ease

Do you release software fast enough to meet your business’s demands? With the quality you want and the consistency you need? Are you on top of release dependencies? Or do you scramble to keep everyone apprised of ever-changing release status and slip release dates with painful regularity?

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform empowers you to orchestrate, automate, control and visualize your Continuous Delivery pipelines from end to end. It creates standardized release processes and automatically captures the data you need to meet the stringent governance requirements that haunt most enterprises today. Even better, its “your mode” design makes it ideal for members of all teams, from business users to programmers. Give everyone detailed visibility into release progress, so teams can find and fix problems early, mitigate risk, and optimize the delivery process across your organization!

Deployment Automation: Automate and standardize complex application deployments

Is your deployment process manual, error-prone, and way too slow? Do you want to enable your developers to release their own code, but still maintain control? Are you containerizing applications and moving them to the cloud?

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform automates application deployments to any environment so your releases can occur in a repeatable, standard and efficient way, whether you have legacy apps, mainframe resources, cloud deployments, container architectures, or any combination. The end result? Higher quality software delivered faster — at enterprise scale.

XebiaLabs Release: Automate, Orchestrate And Get Visibility Into Your Release Pipelines — At Enterprise Scale

End-to-end release dashboards

Monitor your entire release pipeline to get a clear view and up-to-date status information across tools and systems, from code to production. Customize dashboards to highlight the most important information for each release process.

Complex pipeline orchestration

Model diverse processes using reusable release templates that help you map and standardize your process.

Automate risk evaluation and proactive alerts

Automatically assesses the failure risk of each release based on multiple factors and fully customizable risk profiles. Identify and prevent release failures before they happen with proactive alerts for everyone involved in the software delivery process.

Automation that scales

Add automated pipeline steps at your own pace and continue to orchestrate manual steps as needed along the way.

In-depth analytics and reports

Reporting and data analytics capabilities let you make data-driven decisions about processes. Historic release data is captured automatically so it’s easy to meet audit and governance requirements. Integrate with other tools to get a single, customizable view of your data.

Predictive analytics and KPIs for driving continuous improvement

DevOps-specific Key Performance Indicators help you identify bottlenecks and improve processes. Tune your processes for highest efficiency. Anticipate delays and take action before they turn into failures. Automate release activities to optimize delivery. 

Easy to adaptto new technologies

Shift applications to the cloud, scale containers across the enterprise and manage complex release dependencies with ease. See results fast and then extend processes to other applications, platforms, and teams.

Enterprise auditability and controls

Collaboration infrastructure that provides complete auditability, enforces controls and ensures the right access for the right people... across all teams in the enterprise.

Easy for everyone to use

Work in the mode that you prefer. Business users can enjoy a friendly user interface, while tech gurus can take advantage of powerful APIs and, build pipelines in code, and manage pipelines in source control.

XebiaLabs Deploy: Enterprise-Scale Application Release Automation for Any Environment

Model-based, highly scalable approach

Changes are simple to make and propagate to all environments. No need to maintain complicated scripts or workflows for each deployment instance. 

Visual status dashboards

Easily see deployment status across teams, applications, and environments.

Deployment analytics and reports

Capture metrics, generate reportsand analyze the deployment process so you can continuously improve.

Enterprise security and centralized audit capabilities

Get role-based access for different groups — such as development, operations, and management — to support compliance and governance requirements. With one central tool to manage all processes and automatically capture logs, audit requirements are easy to meet.

Agentless architecture

The only Application Release Automation solution that is agentless across all target platforms. Easily configure firewalls and security appliances, routers, mobile devices, and all the target systems you could not normally reach without installing a proprietary agent.

Easy to adaptto new technologies

Shift applications to the cloud, scale enterprise deployment of containers and manage complex deployments with ease. Adopt new technologies and manage hybrid environments while retaining control over deployment processes.

Reliable deployments for global enterprises

Satellite executes deployments at remote data centers reliably and securely, at scale. It ensures smooth and stable deployments to globally distributed environments, even in the face of unreliable network connections.

Automated rollback

XL Deploy keeps track of all changes made to your environment, so you can automatically roll back or un-deploy at any point; just a few simple clicks to execute fully-automated recovery and rollback policies.

Jenkins integration to automate deployments to all environments

Deploy complex releases at scale, more quickly and with fewer errors. Configure only one Jenkins plugin and get a standardized deployment process that works with all of your target platforms.

Software to Bridge the Gap between Dev & Ops

Developer freedom. Ops control.

Bridging development and operations to deliver software isn’t easy. Developers want the freedom to innovate. Operations teams want to mitigate risk. Together, development and operations are tasked with building and releasing software fast, predictably, with high quality, securely, efficiently, and more. For them, DevOps is the Promised Land.

Using DevOps tools like Puppet, Chef, and Jenkins to automate specific software development tasks is only the first step in a DevOps approach. Each tool solves distinct point problems. But, not anyone manages and automates the entire software delivery process. How do you make the most of your favorite tools to deliver on the DevOps doctrine?

Unify all your DevOps tools

An Enterprise DevOps approach calls for a framework to organize and control your software delivery pipeline. XebiaLabs DevOps Platform unifies all your DevOps tools into a single interface, where you can orchestrate, and automate the entire software delivery and deployment process. Your developers, ops staff, release engineers, and managers can collaborate to deliver software releases in a defined, predictable, and repeatable way.

Software releases that took months, now take weeks. Tasks that took days, take hours or minutes. 
And XebiaLabs can prove it.

Customer Case Study

Expedia, Inc.

The Challenge: To continue their market dominance, Expedia, Inc. wanted to increase software deployment speeds and streamline processes, while operating at scale across 1,000 machines. The Operations team wanted to give their 220 developers self-service deployment capabilities so that Operations could focus on other work.

The Solution: The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform delivered Speed up deployment time while greatly reducing errors and failed deployments, dependency management and self-scheduled deployments for developers.


  • Release velocity increased 20% in the first month, 33% by the second month and later reached 50%
  • Manage on average over 2,500 deployments per month
  • End-to-end automation and control
  • Seamless, self-service deployments for developers
  • Operations team members are no longer required for deployment activities, so they have more time to excel in other work
  • The standardized and defined release process
  • Ability to assign permissions, roles, and controls to granular aspects of the pipeline as needed
  • Consistent steps across all environments
  • A process that guides developers to adopt coding best practices for all environments


thesiliconreview-it-services-companies-us-cover-18Expedia.com launched in 1996 as an online application that gave people a new way to easily research and book travel. Now, Expedia, Inc. is one of the world’s leading travel companies, with an extensive brand portfolio that includes some of the world’s most trusted online travel brands.

Supporting manual deployments, managing dependencies and manually patching code were taking more time than they wanted, and the Operations team knew they could improve and automate. They sought to streamline their use of multiple tools and manual processes.

Using Chef to manage deployment services resulted in too much script-related maintenance. Whenever they needed to update their services, or make changes, they manually edited each script and then redeployed their applications to each environment separately. The Operations team knew there was a better way. Rather than spending time manually executing or maintaining deployments, Operations wanted to give developers self-service, schedulable, automated deployments.

Developers Deploy Twice as Fast

Expedia considered a range of tools to automate their deployments, including Puppet, Chef, Microsoft Orchestrator SCCM and the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform. They chose XebiaLabs XL Deploy because it manages dependencies, has model-based, low maintenance architecture and does not require copious custom scripts. Today, over 200 developers at Expedia use XL Deploy to manage on average over 2,500 deployments per month.

Greet the Chief

Derek Langone, Chief Executive Officer: Derek brings to XebiaLabs over 20 years of experience in executive leadership roles. As Chief Executive Officer, he is responsible for setting the company’s vision, executing on its strategy and driving its growth as the recognized market leader in Enterprise DevOps. Before joining XebiaLabs, Derek served as EVP of Sales at Telerik through their acquisition by Progress Software, COO of SmartBear Software, acquired by Francisco Partners, and VP of Sales at IMCEDA, acquired by DELL.

“We have you covered from mainframes to containers. XebiaLabs seamlessly works with what you already have and brings together your entire software delivery toolchain.”