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Zen Cloud Technologies: Dedicated to Designing and Developing Web-based Mobile Salesforce Applications for Businesses


“We love our India based operations and together we’re constantly refining and upgrading our Zen Cloud Way set of processes, tools and best practices to deliver reliable quality and better serve our clients.”– Barbara Smith, Zen Cloud Technologies COO

Technology creates business advantages. Streamlining logistics, opening omnichannel sales routes, improving productivity and dozens of operational functions all depend on increasingly complex software platforms. Selecting, deploying and using these technologies is crucial to on-going success. And often, it’s more difficult than it appears. Trying to arrange all IT solutions in-house gets expensive in time, resources, and money.

In view of the above-mentioned scenario, we’re thrilled to present Zen Cloud Technologies.

The company is a software development consulting firm specializing in building customized and dedicated offshore development and QA teams for companies.

Zen Cloud is solving all the problems, issues and challenges that have plagued onshore/offshore relations and have kept us all from realizing the original dream and promise of offshore: around the clock support, development and delivery.

The company was incorporated in 2015 andis headquartered in San Francisco. It has additional offices in Los Angeles and Bangalore (India).

The Company Synopsis | Zen Cloud Technologies

Zen Cloud Technologies:‘Accelerating Clients’ Development Goals’

Zen Cloud Technologies provides the highest quality, most reliable offshore resources in the industry.

When you work with the company, your firm bypasses the common challenges of offshore development: hiring, training, communications, finding the right skills, and local management. Instead, Zen Cloud partners with you to provide exactly what you need: talented and dedicated developers who quickly become part of your blended team.

By working with the company’sagile offshore team, you accelerate your development goals, reduce resource costs, and have the flexibility to quickly upscale your development capacity and grow your business.

Zen Cloud Technologies:‘Salesforce is a Powerful Platform’

Zen Cloud Technologies believes in customizing technology to grow beyond any limitations to push the boundaries of where your business can reach.

The company designs and develops platforms and solutions that rise up and align with its clients’ unique business processes, people and values. And because Zen Cloud listens to what matters most to its clients, they are empowered with clear communication, clean code bases, and an affordable partner they can trust to reliably deliver impeccable results.

Salesforce is a powerful platform.

To get it right you need the right people with the right experience and right knowledge. You want a partner who wants to understand your business and people in and out, a partner with a dedication to exceptional service, an advisor to guide you in difficult decisions that will have a profound impact across your organization.

Zen Cloud specializes in Salesforce areas of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Platform, Marketing Cloud and MuleSoft. The company takes pride in its work and the relationships it builds during mission-critical projects.

Testimonials: Elevating Client Relationships

Darren Bordeaux, Invitation Homes/CTO –

“Zen Cloud Technologies has been a fantastic and critical partner in re-engineering our investment platform on Salesforce. Our platform had grown piecemeal and was far from optimal. Zen Cloud team came onsite, were extremely thorough as well as great to work with. Their expertise and communication has been invaluable as we’ve designed a 2.0 system that is a game changer for our platform. And everyone loves the new system!”

Sam Goldman, Smart Vision Labs/Technical Lead –

“Zen Cloud Technologies made it possible for Smart Vision Labs to build out our first cloud application. From the very beginning, Zen Cloud integrated with our engineering staff to build a highly secure, scalable application environment and continues to maintain it as we move forward and grow as a company. It is an asset to be working with Zen Cloud, as they are always committed to our changing needs.”

Sarah Bryson, Genentech/Salesforce Architect –

“I absolutely love working with Zen Cloud. They are dedicated to the success of their clients and their administrators do not miss a beat. I have had nothing but positive experiences with them and highly recommend their services.”

Zen Cloud Technologies | Leadership

Chris Fellows: Chris Fellows is the Chief Executive Officer of Zen Cloud Technologies.

Barbara Smith:Barbara Smith is the Chief Operating Officer of Zen Cloud Technologies.

Deepish Adwani:Deepish Adwani is the Director of Zen Cloud Technologies (India).

“Our team is a blended with a Project Manager onshore and the technical team offshore in our India office to increase development speed, provide exceptional service and mitigate cost expenditures.” – Chris Fellows, Zen Cloud Technologies CEO