Taste Analytics launches Signals to help deal with Unstructured Data

siliconreview Taste Analytics launches Signals to help deal with Unstructured Data

Startups are sprouting up in tremendous numbers across the globe. Every startup has a specific business idea that it banks on. Coming up with solutions to solve problems around you seems to be the mantra for every aspiring startup company. In the corporate world, companies have to deal with massive amounts of data. The data can be structured and unstructured. Handling unstructured data is a pain and takes time and effort. The startup firm Taste Analytics has launched a textual analytics tool called Signals which can help users in dealing with unstructured data.

The Signals tool can be used to crunch a wide variety of data without having to rely on highly trained data scientists or IT experts for help. It is designed to process large volumes of unstructured and structured textual data from sources including emails, chat sessions, text files from Word and Evernote, blog posts, app reviews, social media and more. The tool is aimed at marketers, business analysts and customer-care teams.

The tool is cloud based and its dashboard offers drag-and-drop data importing and drill-down options such as temporal trends, category overview, or buzzword and geospatial analysis. The Signals platform taps technology such as machine learning, predictive modeling and robust statistical natural language processing algorithms to create visualizations of behavior communities, trends, patterns and outlying themes. The main objective is to help business users quickly visualize key patterns and behaviors so they can better anticipate and refine strategies and best practices in real-time.

The company has been operating the new platform in limited commercial deployments in several companies and government agencies over the past year. No complex IT integration is required by the tool, and can be accessed from anywhere. Pay-as-you-go pricing and monthly subscriptions are available.