Truecaller app updatd new features

Truecaller app updatd new features
The Siliconreview
10 March, 2016

The popular Swedish company Truecaller has recently added a series of new features such as Smart Call History, Availability, and a brand new dialler. Smart Call History will replace unknown numbers with real names and faces in your call history, even for numbers that are not saved in your contacts. This means users now don’t need to save contacts on their phonebooks.

The Availability feature will show if your friends and contacts are busy another call. This means users can avoid getting that busy signal or have interrupt someone during a call. Built-in dialler allows users to make all calls directly from Truecaller.


Shedding more light on the all new additions, Alan Mamedi, Truecaller co-founder & CEO, said “Truecaller has become a necessity for hundreds of millions of people in their daily communication by always knowing who’s calling them and protecting them against spam calls. We are now taking this to the next level by changing the way people make phone calls with our integrated dialer and adding more context to your contacts that has never been seen before. Now, you can completely replace your existing dialer and only use Truecaller for all your calls. We are also very pleased to see our OEM partners being so supportive of our mission.”

In 2014, Truecaller launched Truedialer to bring similar improvements to the dialler.

The latest update has started rolling out to users on Android, and is expected to reach all users in the coming weeks.